If you want to attract an intellectual woman, say goodbye to these 13 behaviors

If you want to attract an intellectual woman, it’s no piece of cake. 

She’s already used to men who fall short of her standards and betray a less-than-brilliant mindset. 

If you want her attention you need to set yourself apart. 

The question is how…

In building up a romantic or sexual connection with a smart woman, every situation is different and it’s important to let your intellect shine. 

But there are certain things that you should never do. Here’s the “do-not-do” list when it comes to attracting an intelligent female. 

Avoid the following! 

1) Looking down on intellectuals and education

I myself had a subpar experience in university and found it to be somewhat pretentious overall. 

Nonetheless, in desiring to attract an intelligent woman I’ve had to scale back some of my more virulent criticisms of academia.

Let’s face it:

Smart women can be found in absolutely every walk of life, but they do tend to be highly educated in many cases or at least have a strong appetite for knowledge

Avoid dismissing intellectual pursuits or expressing disdain for education and knowledge.

2) Closed-minded views of new ideas and concepts

If you want to attract an intellectual and intelligent woman, it’s important to be open to new ideas and concepts. 

You may find some of them ridiculous or flimsy. You may find others simply confusing or want to know more. 

You may agree with other ideas and dive into books that get recommended to you. 

Remember, you don’t need to agree with Karl Marx or Friedrich Hayek to read them, and you don’t need to adhere to a specific religion or spiritual path in order to do a deep dive on its beliefs and ideas.

Steer clear of rigid thinking and be open to new ideas, perspectives, and intellectual discussions.

3) Intellectual arrogance and boasting 

Let’s be real:

Some people are intellectually much smarter than others. This doesn’t make them superior, but it does make them more insightful and quick at understanding things. 

There are many different kinds of intelligence, and being smart isn’t just about book smarts or knowing facts and figures. 

Refrain from belittling others based on their level of education or intellectual interests.

Respect education? Yes! But don’t judge people too quickly and let them show their intelligence piece by piece…

4) Lack of curiosity and little desire to learn

An intellectual woman may have any variety of interests, and they may be different than your interests. 

But by being curious and showing a desire to learn, you counteract this gap. 

Having no curiosity and not really wanting to learn more will quickly drive her off, since she’ll perceive that lack of curiosity as a wooden demeanor and anti-intellectual approach. 

Demonstrate curiosity and a genuine interest in learning about a variety of topics.

5) Shallow conversations and trivial subjects

There’s a time for small talk, but that time is not when you’re out on a date with a smart woman. 

It doesn’t need to be all discussions of the theory of relativity or the literary theories of Roland Barthes. 

But some of it can be. Or any other heady subject. 

Avoid engaging in superficial or trivial conversations that don’t stimulate intellectual engagement.

6) Inability to listen or respond much to what’s said

Cultivate good listening skills and avoid dominating conversations with your own opinions.

The intellectual woman will appreciate your listening skills and the fact that you actually hear what’s being said and respond. 

This skill is rarer than many of us realize and is highly appreciated. 

An intellectual woman will notice your listening skills and be attracted in kind. 

7) Ignorance about current events and topical subjects 

What is Aleppo?” libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson famously said in the summer of 2016, immediately sinking his campaign and spawning thousands of GIFs.

Even if you’re not running for president, you’re in the running for an intelligent woman’s heart. 

She wants to know that you’re following current affairs and that you care about subjects that are important and topical. If you show that you’re not informed, it can be a big turn-off. 

Stay informed about current events and global issues to contribute meaningfully to discussions.

8) Intellectual sloppiness and factual apathy

pic2151 If you want to attract an intellectual woman, say goodbye to these 13 behaviors

A lack of interest in facts, studies, and statistics can cause a smart woman to quickly lose interest

Showing that you care about what’s true and investigative and analytical rigor will go a long way toward attracting a woman who does the same. 

Facts matter, and intellectual rigor is a sign of maturity and accountability. 

Show initiative in pursuing intellectual activities and avoid a passive approach to learning.

9) Disrespect for different points of view

Whether the opinions are hers or other thinkers and friends, it’s helpful to respect different points of view. 

You may not agree and you may have a very different worldview, but this can be expressed with grace and subtlety. 

An intellectual woman will appreciate that you stand up for your beliefs while also still appreciating nuance and remaining respectful to varying perspectives. 

Embrace diversity of thought and avoid dismissing viewpoints that differ from your own.

10) Sexist or anti-woman attitudes and jokes

An intellectual, intelligent woman can hold her own. You don’t need to walk on eggshells around her by any means. 

But there’s still the possibility of turning her off if you repeat cliches about women as well as jokes or attitudes which she takes to be reductionist or sexist.

Even if it seems like harmless fun, try your best not to engage in jokes and commentary that could be seen as sexist or anti-woman. 

Refrain from making derogatory comments about women or expressing sexist attitudes.

11) A lack of goals and ambition for the future 

There’s no way to attract an intellectual woman without having real ambition for the future. 

What do you want?

It can be one of the hardest questions to answer, but it’s really a prerequisite to so much in life. 

This includes attracting an intellectual woman. She wants to know what you plan for the future and what matters most to you in life. 

She wants to know what idea and ambition drives you and how you plan to put that into action alone or collaborating with others. 

Demonstrate ambition in your personal and professional life, showing that you are intellectually driven.

12) Poor communication skills and self-expression

Intelligent women appreciate a man who can phrase his thoughts well and express himself. 

It isn’t always easy to talk well, and not all of us are born with the gift of the gab. 

But that’s something that can also be improved and changed with the right approach and learning.

It’s key to work on effective communication, including articulating your thoughts clearly and respectfully.

This will go a long way to attracting an intelligent and educated woman. 

13) Transactional behavior and self-interested ploys

Some element of transactional behavior is inevitable. We all have needs and try to fill them, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But being transparently self-interested is a big turn-off, and a smart woman will spot it immediately. 

Double down on your deeper self and she’ll appreciate it. 

Avoid shallow or transactional interactions; instead, strive for meaningful and authentic connections.

A note on knowing what you’re looking for

Knowing what you’re looking for is vital in life, when it comes to career, love and future plans. 

You may fall short of the mark, but at least it’s necessary to have a mark to aim for! 

If you’re attracted to intellectual women, it’s a savvy idea to cultivate behaviors of being intellectual and letting your smart side shine. 

Avoid the behaviors above and you’ll be golden. 

Paul Brian

Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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