If you regularly do these 5 things, you’re more like Elon Musk than you may think

Elon Musk is always in the news for some reason or other. Perhaps the latest is his canceling a deal with former CNN anchor Don Lemon over bringing his new show to Musk’s ‘X’ platform. 

The interview with the tech mogul is slated to be the debut episode of The Don Lemon Show, which was supposed to debut on ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter) and YouTube. The interview is still set to air on YouTube. 

Also recently, the third test of Musk’s futuristic spaceship—SpaceX—failed as contact was lost during re-entry to Earth. 

You don’t have to be a fan of the tech mogul Elon Musk to appreciate his drive, success, and his accomplishments. 

Despite the drama that surrounds him, Musk has many enviable qualities that have gotten him to where he is. The entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest people in the world. 

He may be wildly successful, but that doesn’t mean that Musk is an anomaly. In fact, you may be more like Musk than you think. 

If you believe in and regularly do these five things, you may be a lot more like Mr. Musk than you realize.

1) You don’t settle for the status quo 

Here’s an Elon Musk quote:

“Other advice I would give is not to blindly follow trends. Question and challenge the status quo. Make sure you understand the fundamental principles of what you’re trying to do before you get the details, otherwise you could be building on faulty ground.”

Change happens in life when people decide to go against the status quo. “If you settle for less than you deserve you will never realize what you can become,” says motivational speaker Bhule Dlamini

Successful people refuse to adopt the thinking of the status quo, says Dan Waldschmidt

“They do their own research and always think for themselves. Successful people refuse to ignore their own weaknesses and bad habits. They take steps to fix and improve them.”

2) You know that patience isn’t necessarily a virtue 

Elon musk is quoted as once saying:

“Stop being patient and start asking yourself, how do I accomplish my ten-year plan in six months? You will probably fail but you will be a lot further ahead of the person who simply accepted it was going to take ten years.”

While patience is certainly an amazing quality in that it can foster wonderful traits like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, there are scenarios where patience is not helpful, says Kyle Willkom from Medium

“Patience can be counterproductive, foolish, or flat-out detrimental to your success.”

We tend to over-glorify the idea of patience, adds Willkom. 

“I’ve seen examples of moments when being patient was producing no results, yet individuals have remained resolutely patient for tides to change.”

Waiting for things that are most likely not going to happen is not being patient—like Willkom says, it can be downright foolish. 

Patience is only a virtue when there is an end to the means. 

For example, when I had braces for two years I knew I had to be patient because it would take time for my teeth to straighten. It was kind of easy being patient because I knew that eventually they would come off. 

In other words, there was an end in sight.

When I decided to level-up my writing at the beginning of the pandemic, editors told me to wait until things “got back to normal” to pitch them ideas.

I decided that things might not ever truly get back to normal, so I might as well just keep going for it now. 

It didn’t take long: I began getting into many esteemed media outlets. 

Being patient would have kept me stuck in the same-old, same-old. 

Patience is good, but I think you have to have a happy medium about it. 

The Medium writer agrees: 

“At the end of the day, I am all for being patient. Things may not always work out the way we envision, and it’s a good idea to keep a level head.”

But patience for the sake of patience is simply playing the waiting game. 

This is why it’s important to pair your patience with action and intention. In Willkom’s words: “It’s the yin and the yang of this conundrum.”

Physical effort paired with mental resilience will deliver the best results in both a “tangible and intangible sense.”

In a nutshell, take action towards your goals. But just be patient with the results. 

To use my own example, whenever I’ve sent out a well-formed pitch or have put in an interview request for someone I would love to sit down with, I make the waiting game easier by distracting myself.

I’ll go for a walk, work on other projects, or hit up some Netflix to distract myself. 

“When working within this framework, patience becomes a virtue once again.”

3) Your work ethic—and desire to get in the trenches of your trade—is something to be envious about

zodiac signs who are natural leaders If you regularly do these 5 things, you're more like Elon Musk than you may think

The Elon Musk work ethic is famous, as he’s known for working late into the night to ensure that his team meets their demanding deadlines. 

In an interview posted on ‘X’, was seen walking though one hid his car factories where he showed the interviewer his desk. 

Musk is heard saying:

“I think it’s important for a leader to be at the front lines. The challenges are in ramping up production…It’s about being in the factory and understanding where the issues are, and I want the very opposite of being up in an ivory tower; I want to be in the middle of the battle, and so that means putting my desk in the middle of the factory.”

While we may certainly have our own personal opinions about Musk and his leadership style, including some questionable behaviors that have captured him as the center of attention in lawsuits over the past few years, Forbes writer Rachel Wells says one thing cannot be denied:

“Elon perfectly summed up the essence of true leadership within a 51-second video—[and that is] being a hands-on leader.

4) You believe in speaking your mind—even if it causes somewhat of a stir 

Musk is known for making controversial statements. This is what he has said about free speech in the past:

“I’ll say what I want to say, and if we lose money, so be it.”

He has also said variations of this many times in interviews:

“The point of freedom of speech is allowing those views you disagree with to express those views.”

It needs to be mentioned that Musk has been frequently accused of hypocrisy.

“Musk was once caught taking advice from rightwing online friends about which leftwing accounts to ban next,” says Trevor Timm from The Guardian.  

“At times, it seems he’s purposefully throttled links to news sites he doesn’t like. According to former Twitter employers, in the early days of his ownership, Musk did a 180 on his supposed principles when faced with pressure from advertisers, going from a leave-everything-up stance to a take-everything-down-one.”

Of course, speaking your mind doesn’t make you a hypocrite, but you have to make sure you’re speaking your mind in a way that is morally fair for all.

5) You know that taking risks is a prerequisite to success 

Here’s what Musk says about taking risks:

“This is how civilizations decline. They quit taking risks. And when they quit taking risks, their arteries harden. Every year there are more referees than doers.”

Musk has become almost as famous for his seemingly impulsive decisions and controversial statements on ‘X’, [but] that reckless streak can’t be separated out from Musk’s track record of innovation at companies like Tesla and SpaceX,” Walter Isaacson, who is Perella Weinberg advisor partner told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” last September. 

In an interview at the ONS 2022 Conference in Norway, Musk asked what his secret was to taking risks. Musk said that he thinks about the importance of the outcome and what he is risking to achieve that outcome. 

“If the outcome is important enough—even if the probability of success is low—one should still do it in my view.”

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