If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re secretly a genius

You’ve heard the term ‘genius’ before, but what really is a genius?

A genius is someone with intellectual or creative ability above the average, in a particular area or skill. 

Although we often think a genius has to be a famous world-changer, a lot of geniuses don’t gain the recognition that they could. 

This may be because they don’t put their skills out there for the world to see, or feel the need to. Maybe their genius hasn’t fully been tapped into, or hasn’t been cultivated or encouraged. 

Either way, it’s essential to remember that genius comes in various forms and may not always be immediately apparent. 

In fact, there are subtle signs that suggest you might be secretly a genius yourself. Let’s explore some of the 7 biggest signs that you might be a genius:

1) You are naturally creative

You may be a genius if, ever since you were young, you always loved to think outside of the box

Maybe you thrived in finding solutions to problems nobody could resolve, because you saw a different path to resolving them than was presented. 

You are great at accessing your creative brain, and expressing your thoughts and opinions in ways that are uniquely yours.

Why is creativity so important as a sign of genius?

Creativity indicates an ability to innovate, an ability to connect ideas, adaptability, as well as pushing boundaries. 

Although creativity alone doesn’t guarantee genius, it can be one of the greatest indicators of it! 

So if you’re a natural creative, make sure to nurture your creative thinking by engaging in activities that encourage it, such as brainstorming, journaling, art, or problem-solving exercises. 

Also, collaborate with like-minded individuals to generate new ideas and perspectives.

So what else can help you know if you’re secretly a genius?

Read on to find out…

2) You have an insatiable curiosity

Insatiable curiosity is the second mark of genius. 

Being a curious individual shows that you enjoy learning about anything and everything – no topic is too big or small. 

People with an insatiable curiosity tend to seek and hold onto knowledge most people would overlook as irrelevant. 

But in truth, curiosity is the driving force behind intellectual growth and innovation!

So if you constantly find yourself asking questions, seeking new knowledge, and delving into diverse subjects just for the sheer joy of learning, you might have a hidden genius within you. 

Even if you’re unsure of the value of your curiosity, trust that it will lead you exactly where you need to be. Nurture your curiosity by reading books on various topics, engaging in meaningful discussions, and seeking out more knowledge in the areas that spark your passion. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amazing places that following your curiosity will bring you. 

3) You love solving problems

Being a human come with a lot of limitations and obstacles. 

What sets a genius apart from your average joe is that they’re able to encounter an problem or an obstacle, and enjoy approaching it as a challenge. 

They may consistently push through the boundaries of what’s in front of them, always finding new frontiers beyond what was believed possible. 

So do you relate to enjoying problem-solving? Where others see a hindrance, do you see potential?

You just might be secretly a genius if you answered ‘yes’. 

In fact, the most brilliant people I’ve ever met all share this trait. 

But you know, a true genius would read on before making a conclusion!

4) You have a sharp memory

Do you remember very specific details about an event that happened 15 years ago? 

Or, are you able to memorize a telephone number or piece of writing after reading it once?

Whether it’s recalling intricate details from your past, effortlessly memorizing complex information, or having a photographic memory, a sharp memory is a valuable trait of genius.

A good memory is often linked with intelligence, because it indicates that you can retain knowledge.

However – don’t rest on your laurels with this one. 

Simply memorizing things doesn’t necessarily mean intelligence or genius – you need to actually be able to apply the knowledge as wisdom.

But still, practicing memory exercises can help you keep your intellect sharp and build your genius. So don’t be scared to memorize quotes, poems, or other memory exercises to strengthen this muscle. 

5) You’re emotionally intelligent

pic1016 1 If you recognize these 7 signs, you're secretly a genius

Intellectual prowess is just one half of potential genius available. 

The other half? Emotional intelligence.

Yes, unfortunately many well-known historical geniuses were famous for lacking in this department. And, some may even believe that they were geniuses because they weren’t concerned with the realm of emotions. 

But, just consider the idea that it doesn’t hurt to have or cultivate emotional intelligence as well. 

Why? Well, being an intellectual genius who is detached from being able to cultivate strong interpersonal relationships seems incredibly lonely and sad. 

We are social creatures, we need other people to thrive – and knowing how to treat people well would help to propel you even further in your pursuits. 

But I’m no genius, so I could be wrong. Although, I do have this next trait… 

6) Unconventional Thinking

Geniuses often challenge the status quo with their thoughts and ideas. 

Reflect on this: many people who changed the world were rejected by their community or society at the time, because they went against what was widely believed.

Think about Galileo Galilei, the famous astronomer who discovered that the Earth was spherical and not flat! Nobody believed him until long after he was dead. 

It is sad that he never lived to find out he was right… but he probably knew it deep down, because he stood by his calculations until the very end.

So if you find yourself naturally inclined to question established norms, your genius might lie in your unconventional thinking!

So if you’re one of those people, it’s important to keep believing in yourself even when others don’t. You could be the next Galileo, and everyone else is just stuck in an old way of thinking.

7) You were excellent at a specific hobby from a young age

A lot of geniuses gravitated towards a certain art form or hobby from a young age, and excelled beyond their peers at this pursuit. 

So were you remarkable at the piano, painting, or at solving the Rubik’s cube? 

Did you gain recognition for this pursuit since you were a child? 

If so, you’re much more likely to be a genius. 


So what’s the conclusion here?

I believe it’s that a genius isn’t necessarily defined by being a world-renowned figure who reshapes society.

In fact, many geniuses walk among us, quietly contributing to their fields or simply enriching their lives and those around them with their unique abilities. 

Their genius may not be celebrated on a grand stage, but it is no less valuable.

So, if you recognize these signs within yourself, take them as seeds you can plant to explore your potential further

Cultivate your creativity, feed your curiosity, and don’t shy away from unconventional thinking or the unique talents you’ve had since childhood. 

Also, embrace emotional intelligence. Cherish your ability to tackle challenges with enthusiasm.

Remember, it’s not necessarily about striving to become the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, it’s about recognizing and celebrating the genius that already resides within you. 

It may seem like it is sometimes, but trust me – fame and acknowledgment is not directly tied to your abilities or worth. 

Fame (as we know it) is a very new phenomenon that has come with the birth of mainstream media.

Remind yourself that your contributions, however small or profound, are important and meaningful. 

So keep exploring, keep learning, and keep nurturing your unique genius. Who knows what remarkable discoveries and insights you might uncover along the way?

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