If you recognize these 12 signs, you’re ready for a major life change

We live in a world where we conflate material wealth, follower count, or arbitrary bucket lists with happiness. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to strive for those things. 

But if you haven’t achieved the goals you’ve set for yourself, it doesn’t mean you never will. 

There is no such thing as too late—everyone moves at their own pace. And big changes in life happen when they’re supposed to.

So, read on, and if you recognize these 12 signs, you’re ready for a major life change.

You’ll start looking at things through a fundamentally different lens—and maybe, just maybe, you’re about to start reaching your dreams, too. 

1) Things are becoming unstable

If things are getting quite shaky—whether that’s your relationship, career, or whatever it may be—then things are probably about to change.

Some things just aren’t meant to be or have simply run their course.

It’s scary, for sure. But know that these changes can bring about a new beginning for you.

For example, if you’re about to break up with your partner, it might just mean you’re closer to finding “the one,” right?

Treat major life upheavals as invitations to reflect on what you really want in life. 

2) You feel afraid

And don’t feel bad for feeling scared!

If you really think about it, life is pretty scary. We all strive to appear confident and composed in public, but we all have our own fears and insecurities.

We’re afraid of losing loved ones. We’re anxious about our job security. We doubt if we’ve made the right choices.

It’s a totally human thing. What matters is how you react to this fear.

As the famous saying goes, “Being brave isn’t about having no fear whatsoever, but rather pushing through despite it.”

Truth be told, feeling scared about something indicates that you’re taking risks or are challenging yourself in a significant way.

And this is a great thing! 

This is how you grow and achieve things that were not possible before.

3) You feel compelled towards something

Many of us go through life with a mundane routine, unsure of what our life purpose is. 

We wake up, go to work, go back home, and enjoy maybe a couple of hours to ourselves before sleeping and repeating it all tomorrow. Throw in the occasional hanging out with friends and some dates.

But if you feel drawn towards something or someone…

Whether that be a special person, a career path, a passion, a movement…

Anything that you feel called to and fills your heart, then you need to start pursuing it relentlessly.

This is how you live a fulfilled, meaningful life.

4) You’re stressed out

Another sign of growth and progress is being stressed. While experiencing stress typically has a negative connotation, it’s also a natural—and necessary—part of life.

Of course, if you’re too stressed, then that’s a different conversation. Too much of anything literally kills people.

But a normal amount of stress is not a bad thing. By learning how to deal with stress in a healthy, productive way, you learn how to solve problems.

You also learn which things are worth stressing over and putting effort into and which things will simply waste your time and energy.

Either way, being stressed right now can mean either of two things:

  • You realize that the thing you’re stressing over isn’t worth it OR;
  • All your efforts will now bear fruit.

Regardless, big changes will come soon!

5) You embrace change

pic1230 If you recognize these 12 signs, you’re ready for a major life change

Life is a roller coaster, with changes, surprises, and new struggles at every turn. Some changes you’ll be happy about. And some changes—well, you won’t be too pleased to have.

But here’s the thing: Change will occur even if you don’t embrace it.

The unexpected and the undesired can always happen. It’s best to prepare yourself for these at all times.

Change can indeed be scary. But take comfort in the fact that change can also be exciting!

6) You feel bored

Now, I’m not talking about feeling bored from time to time. We all get bored sometimes. 

I’m talking about feeling bored in a broader sense.

I’m not asking if you’re bored right now or on a random Sunday morning—but are you bored with your life?

If you don’t find any fun in your job, friends, or usual hobbies, it’s likely time to check in with yourself.

Perhaps you feel depressed and haven’t realized it yet. Failing to find joy in things you used to is one of depression’s classic signs.

Or maybe you’re just starting to grow into a new person.

7) You’re craving for more

In the same vein, you may feel unstimulated or unchallenged as well. You feel unfulfilled.

If this is the case, your life is about to change. After all, you probably want it to change.

You may be ready to take on bigger responsibilities in your career. 

Or you want to take your hobby more seriously and join a relevant competition.

Or maybe you want to start a family or just want to finally start going to the gym regularly.

You feel like you’ve outgrown your current life and want something more meaningful. Something more challenging but also more exciting.

All that’s left for you to do is just to go out there and do it.

8) You’re willing to risk things

But of course, trying to change your life isn’t exactly simple. It’s a risk, and your actions will likely result in at least a few negative consequences.

And, of course, you know this.

But it’s okay for you!

You know that it won’t be a smooth road to the life you want. You’re hoping for the best, but you’re also anticipating the worst

This is the best way to prepare. In fact, you’re so prepared that you understand that, sometimes, risks don’t pan out. That’s why you have backup plans, too.

9) You’re just itching for it

Speaking of changing things—maybe you’ve actually been wanting and planning to make changes for a while now.

You’ve just been bogged down by the daily grind or small distractions that keep creeping up.

But now, you’re at your limit. You’ve been feeling incredibly unsatisfied and frustrated, and you just want to make the changes you’ve been itching to implement.

It goes without saying that you’re on the brink of finally acting. Maybe you’ve already begun!

A new page has just turned. The next page is blank, and it’s up to you to write on it.

10) People support you

pic1205 1 If you recognize these 12 signs, you’re ready for a major life change

And it’s not just you who’s been wanting to make changes. If your friends, colleagues, family members, and partner are in support of your desires, then there’s nothing holding you back!

Or maybe they aren’t saying anything per se, but you see them making crazy changes in their own lives, like:

  • They’re moving abroad;
  • Or changing careers;
  • Getting married or starting a family;
  • Or breaking up with their partner of 8 years;
  • Pursuing their passion;
  • Or getting a second degree;

Whatever it is, you can’t help but feel that the world and the people around you are changing—and that now is your turn to make that change.

11) You’re constantly daydreaming

Maybe you don’t have any concrete plans yet, but you are constantly daydreaming of a different life. 

Something more colorful than the life you have right now.

You’re starting to get burnt out or fed up with the mundane life you’ve been living.

You imagine yourself with a fitter body. Or a better job. Or living in a different place. Or living with someone else.

Heck, it can even be as simple as owning a dog or trying out a new hobby.

Remember that nothing’s stopping you! The world is yours for the taking. 

12) You’ve changed

Perhaps the biggest sign that your life is about to change is that you yourself have changed.

Now, maybe your life hasn’t changed. But your values, your dispositions, your personality, your beliefs, your temperament—you’ve changed as a person.

Perhaps it was once your dream to climb the corporate ladder and make tons of money. 

And sure, maybe you’re on the right track for that now, but what if you don’t want that anymore?

Or what about the opposite? 

What if your dream was to become a traveling artist, but you just don’t have the flame for it anymore? 

What if all you want is a nice, quiet, stable life with a family, a dog, and a car?

What you do in life is based on how you see it. And if your perspectives change, then your actions are bound to change in time.

The final note

I hope this article made one thing clear: your intuition is king.

The truth is that there’s no science behind what you should do in life. It’s all intuition and instinct.

These complex, uneasy feelings you might have can contain profound revelations if you really sit with them. 

Then, you might have a better understanding of how your life can or should change.

And if you’re sure that you’re ready to make some changes, keep these things in mind:

  • Take it slow;
  • Always act in alignment with your values;
  • Have concrete plans.

As I said in the beginning, it’s going to be scary. But it’s also going to be incredibly exciting. 

Good luck!

Picture of Anna Dovbysh

Anna Dovbysh

With 8 years of writing experience and a deep interest in psychology, relationship advice, and spirituality, Anna’s here to shine a light on the most interesting self-development topics and share some life advice. She's got a Master's Degree in International Information and is a life-long learner of writing and storytelling. In the past, she worked on a radio station and a TV channel as a journalist and even tought English in Cambodia to local kids. Currently, she's freelancing and traveling around the globe, exploring new places, and getting inspired by the people she meets and the stories they tell. Subscribe to her posts and get in touch with her on her social media: Facebook & LinkedIn

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