If you recognize these 9 signs, you’re happier being single

Once you’re of a certain age, it seems as if everyone else is in a relationship or trying to find a suitable partner.

If you’re single, the people around you may try to comfort you, as if singlehood is an undesirable state to be in (and if you’re from an Asian family, your family will never let you forget it.)

But for some, being single is a choice, and they’re perfectly happy with this. In fact, people who are single may even be happier than those in a relationship. 

If you’re still unsure of where you stand, read on to find out if you exhibit these 9 signs that suggest you may be happier being single.

1) You value your independence

There’s no need for you to compromise with another person or consult them when you make decisions. 

You plan out your schedule, finances, and activities based entirely on your own desires.

You’re happy for your friends who are coupled up or who have children but you’re secretly relieved that you don’t have to factor other people into your plans.

If you’re going on a holiday, there’s no need to keep track of school holidays or if your partner has any impending deadlines at work; moving abroad to pursue a new job just depends on your comfort levels and making simple decisions like what to eat for dinner is entirely up to you.

The best part is that you don’t need to give up anything to live your life.

This ability to prioritize your needs and desires is something you don’t want to let go of. 

2) You prefer having complete control of your finances

One of the bigger things couples have to navigate is finances, especially for those looking to embark on a long-term relationship. 

Is there a need for a joint account? Can we both afford this? Who’ll fork out more to cover this expense? Do we want to save up for a kid?

You love that you don’t need to worry about all that.

You have the freedom to manage your own finances without having to consider anyone else (aside from future you).

3) You prioritize your personal and professional growth

While it’s true that people in relationships do also pursue these, the thing about you is that you can spend your time and energy solely on attaining growth. 

You find that relationships will only distract you from achieving what you want: your dream career, a new skill or hobby, or just generally growing to be the person you want to be. 

You may also be on a journey of self-discovery to better understand your passions, hobbies, and interests.

By being single, you’re able to focus on discovering who you are, without having to devote your attention and energy elsewhere.

4) You have a strong support network

You don’t need to find another person to ‘complete’ you because you see yourself as already whole. And this is supported by the close relationships that you have with friends and family. 

These are the people who have your back. You know they’ll be there celebrating your achievements alongside you and will be with you through the toughest of times.  

You probably also have a very active social life.

Being single means that you can hang out with whoever you want, see different groups of friends regularly, and even meet new people.

You enjoy this because your time is spent the way you want to.

5) You don’t want to settle

You’re not pressured to settle either. 

Sure, if the right one comes around you may change your mind.

But until then, you’re unwilling to settle for someone who, in your eyes, is not good enough.

You prefer living life by your own choices – leaving whenever you want to and going wherever you want to. 

The idea of spending the rest of your life with one person doesn’t seem enticing.

You may even see this as losing your freedom to do whatever you want.

6) You rarely feel lonely

In addition to spending time with everyone else, you also enjoy your own company.

You often take yourself out on solo dates to discover new places or to just do things that you enjoy at your own pace.

While others may find spending time alone uncomfortable, you thoroughly enjoy your own company. 

Whether it is a quiet walk in the park, dinner at your favorite restaurant, or even a concert – the best person to do these with is yourself!

7) You’re very content with life

While others need relationships or a partner to feel fulfilled, you’re content with what you have

You’re able to find contentment and joy through the activities you’re embarking on, the people around you, and the experiences you’ve had.

When you’re going through challenges, you’re usually able to tackle them head-on and can manage the emotional stress on your own.

If you find that you need some support, you have a circle of friends who’ll be there to help you through whatever you’re facing.

8) You don’t see singlehood as a negative thing

Friends around you who are attached may tease you about being single. They may even try introducing you to other people just so that you can ‘finally’ be in a relationship.

But you don’t see singlehood as a negative thing. Instead, you see this as an opportunity to live life on your own terms.

You can discover more about yourself, deepen relationships with the people around you, and make spontaneous and exciting decisions.

9) You’re happy that you don’t need to deal with relationship drama

You’re there for the gossip that your friends or co-workers share at gatherings, and while you’re amused by their stories, you’re so glad that you don’t have to deal with all this drama.

Life is already stressful enough and adding relationship drama into the mix just isn’t what you want to involve yourself with. 

You appreciate the peace that comes with singlehood and cannot imagine how you’d have the energy to deal with the numerous issues that crop up in a relationship. 


And there you have it! If you relate to most of these, you may want to stay single for a while longer.

No matter what you decide to do, you define your happiness, because it’s your life! If it means being single for this season, why not?

Live life on your own terms and discover more about yourself!

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