If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re genuinely content with your life

Happiness has never been about accumulating wealth or ticking off items on your checklist. 

And although it helps, genuine contentment comes from something deeper within. 

I know success and material stuff often takes center stage. But you need to be able to let go of that and still be happy.

If you’ve been trying, but you’re still a little unsure about where you stand, the X signs in this article might give you some clarity. 

Being truly content with life is an eye-opener. You’ll start looking at the world like never before. 

Ready to find out if you’re genuinely content or at least on your way there? Or maybe you just want to start living a more fulfilled life…

Whatever the case, these unmistakable signs are markers of a truly fulfilled existence:

First, you’ll notice that…

1) Comparison takes a backseat.

One of the first things that disappear when you’re starting to feel more content with your life is comparison. 

People who find genuine contentment release the need to measure their worth against others and what they achieve. 

Does someone’s perfect summer bod inspire you to exercise instead of triggering envy?

Can you cheer your friend on when they land their dream job instead of moaning about not having yours yet?

Embracing the imperfections of your life is a massive sign of contentment. 

And it doesn’t mean you gave up or don’t have dreams for a different future anymore. It simply shows you’re okay with where you are in your journey. 

Relentlessly chasing life makes you miss what you’re supposed to experience right now. 

Everything about you and your life now is like a brushstroke that will blend into what’s to come to create a masterpiece of your life story. 

If you understand that the imperfections of your life are the raw materials you need to 

work with to weave together your future, you’re pretty content. 

Still comparing on the daily? Try this:

Turn envy and comparison into inspiration and motivation. If you compare yourself to someone, you probably want to be like them too. Put them on your vision board!

Clearly identifying what you want in life will help you get it.

And remember:

Learning to appreciate where you are now will help you know when you’ve reached where you want to be. 

If you already appreciate what you have, you’re probably also someone who finds that…

2) Gratitude comes naturally. 

Do you wake up finding joy in the sunrise? Are little surprises a huge deal for you? Do you cherish the mundane?

Contentment helps you develop a heightened awareness of life’s small blessings – a steaming cup of coffee on a chilly morning, the laughter of a loved one, or the tranquility of a peaceful evening. 

If gratitude is the lens through which you view the world, it’s a sign that you’re becoming genuinely content with life. 

And hey, I know we can’t be cheerful all the time. Life can feel gloomy.

But if you generally feel okay, happy, and grateful for what you have and where you are, you’re in a pretty good place. 

It’s all about focusing more on what you have rather than what’s lacking. 

Not there yet? Try this:

Create a gratitude journal and take 5 minutes each morning to write down what you like about your life. This habit could change your perspective!

Already doing this? Then…

3) Mindfulness is your superpower.

doing great in life If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re genuinely content with your life

Mindfulness and gratitude are intertwined. If you’re feeling grateful for your life, you’re probably mindful or really close to becoming someone who is. 

The ability to immerse yourself in the present moment is a telltale sign of contentment. 

When you’re genuinely happy with your life, you cherish the beauty of everyday experiencing. 

Now, this is different from simply being grateful for the little things. 

Here’s an explanation:

  • Gratitude is all about appreciating the positive things in your life. It’s about focusing on the good stuff and trying your best to find the good in everything. 
  • Mindfulness involves being present and engaged in the moments you experience. It’s about paying attention to your thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and what you’re experiencing without getting caught up in them or acting impulsively. 

It’s about really tasting that home-cooked meal…

Feeling the sun on your skin…

Hearing the words of a song, and not just the beat…

Mindfulness allows you to savor the moment and find joy in the simplicity of life.

Want to be more mindful? Try this:

Unplug for 10 minutes. Set a timer and just sit outside. Listen to the sounds, smell the air, and focus on how you breathe. 

Do this once on twice a week – or even daily. 

It’ll help you learn to truly experience your existence. 

Already doing this?

Then you’re more content with life than you think

And you know what I think the best part is?

When you’re this mindful,…

4) Time feels abundant.

I’m sure we all get those days where time drags. But usually, this isn’t in a good way. 

At other times, it flies by. 

When you’re not content with your life, or even just whatever you’re doing, it can feel like time is not on your side

Content people experience time as abundant. 

Still confused? Okay, picture this:

A few weeks ago, we vacationed in Mauritius. The island is beautiful, the resort was fantastic, and we felt content. 

I’m not kidding when I say we forgot to check the time!

Mornings, evenings, and everything in between merged. The hours flew by while time stood still. 

There isn’t really any other way to explain it. 

When you’re content, it just feels like time is on your side. And it moves however you want it to. 

Sounds like something you want to experience? Try this:

Prioritize things that bring you joy, create memories with people you love, and set goals. 

Doing this will help you spend less time doing things that make you feel gloomy. 

If you’re already doing these things, you’re living life the happy way! 

Want to know what else you probably do? Well, if you’re prioritizing things that make you content, it’s also likely that…

5) You prioritize your well-being. 

I’m a big mental health fan, and for good reason. You’ll never be truly content if you don’t take care of your emotional well-being. 

Physical stuff fades. 

But what goes on inside your mind is a part of you forever. 

If you care for your mind and spirit, you’re moving toward contentment. 

And if not, you should make this a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. 

There are a bunch of ways to keep your mind nourished. Try these:

  • Meditating.
  • Setting time aside for relaxation.
  • Mastering emotional responses.
  • Being mindful.
  • Journaling.

These little acts of self-love can contribute greatly to your overall happiness. 

If you already do any of these or something similar that helps you maintain a great headspace, you’re more content than most people. 

6) Your home is your happy place.

signs youre actually living an enriching life even if you dont realize it 1 If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re genuinely content with your life

Whether you’re living alone, with a partner, your parents, or on the road in a van – if the place you use to unwind is somewhere you look forward to going, you’re more content than you think. 

Nothing sucks more than dreading the one place in this world where you’re supposed to feel safe. 

Abusive parents, manipulative partners, or trashy roommates can create a toxic environment. And if you’re living alone, your negative mindset can too. 

But if you like going home after a long day at work or vacation, it’s a place that makes you feel content. 

And in my books, that’s a win!

Your home should be your happy place. Your sad place. Your safe place. 

You should feel free to be whoever you are without fear. 

Of course, being your authentic self anywhere in public would be great. But let’s face it – this world is cruel. 

If you have a safe place to drop the masks or feel at peace, you’ve got contentment in the bag. 

Not there yet? Ty this:

Identify what’s draining your soul about home and seek ways to change your circumstances or environment. 

7) Your regrets are few. 

No matter how much you try to seize the moment, there will always be one or two things you wish you had done differently. 

Regrets are a normal part of life. 

But there’s no reason to beat yourself up about them. And if you’re genuinely happy with the life you’ve got, you won’t. 

You’ll look at regrets as growing pains. And remember them so you can make better choices. 

Falling into darkness because of regrets isn’t worth it. When you do, the cycle just continues, and you add more missed opportunities to the pile. 

Contentment is about finding peace in your choices

If you can…

Forget about the guy you never called back because you were trying to play hard to get.

Forget about that job offer you rejected because you thought something better would come.

Forget about the years you wasted not doing what you love. 

… you’ve learned to make peace with your past choices. 

And you’ll be happy to know that moving forward is easier because of it. 

Still holding on to past mistakes? Try this:

Write down what you regret not doing. 

Can you start doing it now

Can you send that old lover a message and rekindle that fire?

Can you still plan that trip, even if it looks slightly different now?

Can you apply for other jobs in the same field?

Ask yourself these types of questions and take it from there. Sometimes, all is not lost. 

And if it is, make peace and move forward. 

You see, contentment is really just about living in the moment

It’s about being okay with what you can’t change, changing what you can, and looking at life with a positive attitude.

I know it isn’t easy. But if you start appreciating small things about your life, you’ll see how much easier it is to turn everything you have into what you’ve always wanted. 

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Natasha Combrink

Nats is a writer who loves creating content for purposeful brands. She enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, and diving down rabbit holes. After rediscovering life, she wants to help others live to their full potential. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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