If you recognize these 8 signs, you probably had an experience with a spirit guide

Some people believe that there’s an entity that provides guidance, wisdom, and support in their life journeys.

These entities, also known as spirit guides, may take on different forms across various cultures and belief systems. They’re also generally believed to be benevolent.

While they may not be tangible, people often sense their presence either through signs or unexplainable experiences.

If you suspect that you’ve interacted with a spirit guide, read on to find out if you recognize any of these 8 signs. 

1) You sense a presence around you.

Generally, you sense that you’re never alone.

The feeling isn’t one of dread or fear though. You’re comforted by this presence because deep inside, you know that there’s someone always watching over you.

Perhaps you’ve felt it as a gentle touch, a warm feeling within you, or even just a sense of assurance when you’re going through tough times.

When you’re feeling down or upset, that’s usually when this presence is felt more strongly. It may be akin to a comforting hug or a pat on the back. 

Whatever it may be, you know that you’re never alone, despite your circumstances. And this gives you the strength to press on.

2) You have a strong inclination towards certain choices.

Have you ever had this strong feeling in your gut about the choice that you’re about to make? Or maybe your intuition made you take a step back before you committed to something.

After the situation has passed, you may have realized that your gut was right. If so, you may just have listened to the prompting of your spirit guide.

They led you to a path that was right for you, even though you thought where you were headed was the right way. So, gently, they guided you away from it.

Spirit guides are known to take a soft, gentle approach. As you reflect on your life, you may have just realized that they were always looking out for you. 

Continue to trust in your intuition.

3) You generally feel at peace.

As the world grows increasingly chaotic day by day, you find yourself at peace. You are concerned about everything that’s going on out there, but internally, you somehow believe that your life is in good hands.

This does not mean that your life will be devoid of hardships.

But you’ve learned from past experiences that you were meant to undergo these hardships to become a better version of yourself.

And throughout these challenges, you were never alone. There was always someone guiding and supporting you.

Since then, you’ve watched yourself grow into who you are now and believe that you will continue to receive the same guidance in the future.

4) You feel very inspired.

happy person If you recognize these 8 signs, you probably had an experience with a spirit guide

During times of meditation or prayer, you may have received messages in the form of words, sounds, or just inner promptings. 

These have led to bouts of inspiration where you may suddenly figure out a solution to a problem that’s been plaguing you. Or perhaps you’ve been waiting to make a decision and suddenly, the answer is right in front of you. 

As you journal your experiences, you might have listed out thoughts, dreams, ambitions, and goals that now seemed so clear. 

These form the direction of your life (as of now), which leads me to my next point.

5) You have a purpose.

You may have always felt directionless and lost. Back then, life may not seem too exciting and worse, not worth living.

Upon asking for guidance, you have clarity in the direction you should go. You’re filled with a sense of purpose that you’re driven to achieve.

Maybe it’s something tangible, like a school, job, or person.

It could also be something more abstract, such as changing your mindset to be more thankful; to be less focused on worldly possessions; or to learn how to be at peace with whatever situation that comes your way.

Whatever it may be, it’s like the fog has lifted. 

The journey may not reveal itself entirely, but at least you know the next steps to take.

6) You have vivid dreams or visions.

Sometimes, spirit guides communicate through dreams and visions.

Have you ever had a dream so specific that when you woke up, you were certain that there was a message meant for you? 

Maybe you have been noticing a recurring sign in your dreams, like a number, theme, or even the same dream every night.

Your spirit guide likely has something to tell you about an area in your life that may happen soon.

It could be urging you to be prepared for something or to take action and make some changes. 

Remember that the feeling that comes with these dreams and visions should be one of assurance. 

You may feel scared or anxious if you sense that your guide may be warning you of something on the horizon, but deep down, you’re assured that whatever will happen is meant to be. 

7) You find that things just happen to align with your goals.

As you reflect on what has led you to where you are now, you may have realized that the path you have taken aligns with your goals.

Whether it was a rejection that led to a detour or an opportunity that landed you on the right track – you acknowledge that everything happened for a reason. It may be a sign of affirmation from your spirit guide that you’re on the correct path.

This could also shape your perspective on life. That no matter how much you prepare for something, the end of the journey may be something entirely different from what you were expecting.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a difference in the community you’re in, so you determine that this means landing a career in a particular role and industry. 

Instead of getting accepted into that role, you find yourself in another role that you never considered before.

But you realize that this role also enables you to contribute to your community. And in a more powerful way.

8) You seem to know what to do during times of need.

There are stories of people who found themselves in dire need of help; be it a close shave with death or a situation where there seems to be no way out, and at the last minute, they were saved.

Perhaps they had a sudden surge of strength to press on, or an idea that came out of nowhere, but helped them overcome whatever they were facing.

If you can relate to this, it could be because your spirit guide was watching over and protecting you.

Usually, these situations happen inexplicably. When you share it with the people around you, they may even doubt you or think that you’re lying.

But the important thing is that you know someone is watching out for you.

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