If you recognize these 9 signs, being married brings out the best in you

Marriage, a journey of companionship and love, can be a mirror reflecting the best parts of ourselves.

When we find that special someone, life becomes all about growing individually and bringing out the best in each other.

Observing married couples around me, from friends to family members, I’ve seen firsthand how a nurturing and supportive marriage can foster personal growth and positive transformation.

In this article, we’ll explore 9 signs that being married brings out the best in you.

Whether you’re married, planning to be, or simply curious about how such a close relationship impacts an individual, you’ll learn how marriage can influence our growth.

1) Your communication has improved

Ever noticed how you’ve become more articulate and patient in expressing your thoughts and feelings since getting married?

That’s often a telltale sign that marriage is bringing out the best in you.

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful relationship, and marriage is no exception.

You’re learning to navigate through disagreements, share your needs, and understand your partner’s perspective.

Still, there’s one thing you should know:

It doesn’t mean you’re turning into a professional negotiator or a mind reader overnight.

It simply signifies that you’re growing as a person, becoming more considerate and understanding.

So, if you find yourself handling conversations and disagreements with more grace and empathy than before, it’s not odd or surprising.

You’re merely experiencing one of the beautiful ways marriage can enhance your character – by improving your communication skills.

2) You’re more resilient

Marriage, like any other relationship, comes with its share of ups and downs.

In my observations of married couples, I’ve seen how these challenges often lead to increased resilience.

Let’s consider how facing difficulties together can strengthen not just the relationship, but each individual within it.

When we navigate the rough patches of life with a partner, we’re not just surviving these moments — we’re learning and growing from them.

To be honest, I’ve noticed that couples who work through their problems together develop a kind of toughness and adaptability that’s hard to come by when facing challenges alone.

It’s like they’re leaning on each other, drawing strength from the partnership, and emerging stronger.

Sounds fascinating?

Well, this resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from tough times. It’s about growing together in the process.

And marriage indeed presents a unique opportunity to develop this resilience.

3) You feel greater empathy

There’s something raw and honest about the way marriage can deepen our capacity for empathy.

Living so closely with another person, we’re not just witnesses to their life — we’re active participants.

This shared journey fosters a deeper understanding and emotional connection that can significantly heighten our empathy.

Wondering how?

The thing is that in marriage, we’re exposed to the full spectrum of our partner’s emotions – their joys, fears, frustrations, and hopes.

We’re there for the moments of triumph and the times of despair. And guess what?

This constant, intimate exposure naturally leads to a more profound understanding of their emotional world. 

Greater empathy in marriage also comes from the necessity of compromise and negotiation.

In simple terms, we learn to put ourselves in our partner’s shoes, not only to keep the peace but to genuinely understand their point of view.

This kind of empathy extends beyond our partner. It spills over into our interactions with others, making us more sensitive, compassionate, and understanding individuals.

4) Your physical health has improved

I know it’s not the easiest thing to believe, but the truth is, marriage can significantly contribute to improved health.

It’s quite astonishing how our emotional connections can manifest in physical well-being.

Research has indeed shown that those in happy and stable marriages often experience better overall health compared to their single counterparts.

Now, how impressive is that?

This boost in health can be attributed to several factors.

For starters, having a partner often leads to better lifestyle choices.

Whether it’s adopting healthier eating habits, staying active, or reducing harmful behaviors like excessive drinking or smoking, having someone by your side can be a strong motivator for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, the emotional support that comes with a committed relationship can play a crucial role in stress management.

Chronic stress is a known risk factor for numerous health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

Either way, this companionship and understanding in a marriage can help alleviate stress, thereby improving overall health.

5) You feel a deepened capacity for love

pic1564 If you recognize these 9 signs, being married brings out the best in you

One of the most beautiful transformations marriage can bring about is a deepened capacity for love.

Marriage is a journey of learning how to love another person in their entirety – their strengths, their flaws, their quirks, everything.

And in this process, you often discover an ability to love in a way you never knew possible.

This love isn’t just about romance or attraction, right?

It’s about friendship, partnership, patience, and forgiveness. It’s about loving even when things are tough, even when your partner isn’t at their best.

The best part is that in a way, marriage teaches us what it truly means to love someone.

It’s a continuous process of giving, understanding, and supporting, which in turn enriches our emotional experience and enhances our capacity to love not just our partner, but others in our lives.

6) Your sense of responsibility has evolved

We all know that marriage often brings with it an evolved sense of responsibility.

And it’s not only the daily duties or shared chores. It’s a deeper transformation in how we view our role in life and in another person’s life.

Here are a few ways this sense of responsibility manifests:

  • Mutual support: You recognize the importance of supporting each other, not just in words but through actions.
  • Long-term planning: Decisions are no longer made in isolation. You think about the future, from financial planning to life goals.
  • Personal accountability: There’s a heightened awareness of how your actions and decisions affect your partner.

Sounds familiar?

Well, this evolved responsibility reflects a shift from individualism to a partnership mindset.

This means that you’re not just looking out for yourself anymore — you’re part of a team.

This change can be empowering, as it encourages a more mature, considerate approach to life and decision-making.

7) You better understand yourself

Have you ever noticed how being in a close relationship like marriage can act like a mirror, reflecting parts of yourself you never knew existed?

Or how your interactions with your partner can reveal aspects of your personality that were previously hidden or ignored?

One thing I’ve noticed is that marriage often leads to a deeper understanding of oneself.

It’s like you’re exposed to your strengths and weaknesses, your triggers and comforts, your deepest fears, and highest hopes.

All this is due to the dynamics of a close and intimate relationship.

It’s true that this process of self-discovery can be challenging, but it’s incredibly valuable.


Because it can lead to insights about your communication style, emotional needs, and even your values and beliefs.

8) You’re better at compromising

Now, let me ask you a question:

Do you realize how your approach to disagreements and decision-making has changed since you got married?

Believe it or not, being better at compromising is a clear sign that marriage is bringing out the best in you.

In the give and take of a marriage, learning to compromise is key.

This skill is vital not only for the harmony of your relationship but also for your personal growth. It teaches adaptability, empathy, and the value of seeing things from another perspective.

And most importantly, that’s how you can craft solutions that respect both you and your partner’s needs.

Improving your ability to compromise involves:

  • Finding solutions that work for both you and your partner.
  • Letting go of the need to win every argument.
  • Genuinely understanding and valuing your partner’s point of view.

In either case, if you find yourself becoming more adept at finding common ground, know that it’s a clear indication of the positive impact your marriage has on your personal development.

9) You can give and receive unconditional love

Finally, let’s talk about perhaps the most profound transformation that marriage can inspire:

Unconditional love – the purest form of love – is not based on what you can gain or lose, but on a deep appreciation and acceptance of each other, flaws and all.

Think about it.

When was the last time you loved without expectation or received love without conditions?

In a marriage that brings out the best in you, this kind of love isn’t just a lofty ideal — it’s a daily reality.

It’s in the small acts of kindness, the forgiveness after disagreements, and the unwavering support through life’s ups and downs.

This ability to love unconditionally is a sign of true emotional maturity.

It shows a deep understanding of what it means to be human and an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of your partner.

It’s a rare and beautiful thing that not only enriches your relationship but also transforms you as an individual.

Final thoughts

Before you leave, it’s worth pondering a fundamental question:

Is your marriage unlocking your greatest potential?

This journey through the various signs isn’t just about recognizing the positive changes marriage can bring. It’s about appreciating the transformative power of a deeply committed relationship.

Marriage, in its essence, is more than a partnership or a shared life journey.

It’s a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of profound emotional and interpersonal skills.

In the end, marriage is not just about finding the right partner — it’s about being the right partner.

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