If you recognize these 10 behaviors, your partner has fallen out of love with you

Do you feel that there’s something amiss in your relationship? Your partner just doesn’t seem that into you anymore.

There’s a shift in the dynamics of the relationship and you’ve noticed changes to the way the both of you interact. Over time, you can sense that there’s something…wrong.

Today we’ll list out 10 behaviors that indicate your partner may have fallen out of love with you. 

1) Emotional distance

Your partner may be present physically, but when you speak or interact with them, they don’t seem to be mentally or emotionally present.

Perhaps you’ve tried sharing about your day or your struggles, but all you received were lukewarm responses. They may have nodded, given one-word responses, or were simply distracted the whole time.

Activities that were once enjoyed together seem less enjoyable now, as your partner may start to show less interest in these. Another clear sign of emotional distance is that they start losing interest in your life.

They may have stopped asking about your day and this feels more apparent when daily conversations start dwindling to forced interactions.

This is usually the clearest sign that your partner may have fallen out of love with you.

2) Increased irritability 

Another sign is increased irritability – even at the smallest things.

Their patience seems to have thinned considerably and you find that your interactions end up in arguments.

They snap at you more easily and frequently, and you’re not sure if the next thing you say will trigger a negative response. And this has caused you a lot of stress, which you have been tolerating all this while. 

Relationships should provide comfort and security, so if it’s the cause of your stress and unhappiness, this may be a sign that there are issues that need to be sorted out with your partner.

3) They avoid conflict resolution

Is your partner no longer interested in resolving conflicts that arise in the relationship together?

They’re indifferent to the outcome and would rather end the conversation than work together to solve the issue.

On the other hand, couples in healthy relationships value the relationship over the problem and strive to resolve it together – no matter how difficult the process may be.

If you sense that your partner doesn’t seem to care about what happens after an argument – even though they weren’t in the wrong – this could be a sign that they’re falling out of love with you.

4) They start to forget things about you.

Remember when your partner knew your coffee order without you having to tell them? They know how you like your eggs done in the morning and know what’ll perk you up when you’re having a bad day.

But recently, you may have noticed that they’ve started forgetting things.

They forget the two sugars you like in your coffee, the way you prefer your toothbrush placed at the side of the bathroom, and how you enjoy waking up to good morning texts to begin the day.

5) Lack of communication

In addition to forgetting things, they stop communicating. They stop sharing their feelings, don’t tell you about their day, and ultimately shut you out – albeit slowly. 

They may still be talking to you, but it’s just not the same as before. They avoid meaningful conversations and mainly chat with you about the weather or mundane topics. 

When you have meals together, it feels more like two acquaintances or friends talking, rather than two people in a loving relationship eating together. 

The lack of communication can be a sign that there’s something amiss in the relationship.

pic1970 If you recognize these 10 behaviors, your partner has fallen out of love with you

6) Reduced affection and intimacy 

When someone falls out of love with another, one clear sign is reduced affection and intimacy. Even when they’re together with you, it feels as if they’re going through the motions.

They may avoid eye contact or appear as if they want to get it over and done with – without being attentive or engaged, as they once were previously.

If you’re experiencing this in your relationship, this could be a sign that the two of you are no longer as connected as before.

7) They prioritize other activities.

Instead, your partner seems to be prioritizing other activities. Spending time with you feels like an item to be checked off a to-do list.

They go through the motions of what a partner should do in a relationship, and then focus their attention elsewhere. They’d rather spend time on their own, working on their hobbies, passions, work, or even hanging out with friends.

Quality time with you is no longer their priority and usually, you would be able to sense the difference in what it was like before they started losing interest.

8) They stop including you in their future plans

Have you ever tried bringing up discussions about the future, only to have your partner avoid the topic altogether? They don’t seem interested at all in this topic, and may even appear uncomfortable.

This could involve talk of future vacations, life goals, or even progressing to the next step of the relationship, such as moving in together or marriage.

This is because their future may no longer have you in it. They don’t wish to invest additional time or effort in the relationship because they’ve checked out of it.

This is a clear signal that they are no longer keen on working together with you to make the relationship work

9) They seem happier with other people

This, I think, is one of the signs that hurts the most. 

The person who once thought the world of you now seems happier when they’re not around you. When you’re with them, it’s as if they’re obligated to spend time with you and are imprisoned by your presence. 

But when they’re with everyone else, they talk freely, smile more, and generally seem to light up.

They’re no longer emotionally fulfilled from the relationship and are now seeking alternative ways and people to fill this gap.

10) They start having doubts about the relationship

Have you heard these repeated in your relationship? 

“I think we’re moving too fast” or “I think we should reconsider things.”

Maybe you find that your partner has started getting cold feet and are no longer sure you’re the right one for them. 

If things have been progressing really fast, it’s worth hearing your partner out as they may be uncomfortable with the pace of things. 

However, if things have been steady for some time, it may feel as if your relationship may be taking the wrong turn.

Either way, it’s good to find out more from your partner and better understand where their concerns lie. 

If they’re suddenly unsure about you after things seem to have been going well, this could be a problem.

Final thoughts

Relationships are rarely smooth sailing.

There’ll be periods where the two of you will be blissfully happy, and times when things can hit rock bottom. But it takes both parties to put in the effort to make things work.

If you recognize nearly all the signs in this article in your current relationship, you could try raising your concerns with your partner and sharing with them how you feel.

Depending on their response, you can then determine what’s your next step. If they’re willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work, then fight for it together. 

But if they’ve stopped caring altogether, at least you know that it’s time to leave. 

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