If you really want to get your life in order, start doing these 9 things everyday

Feeling out of sorts is something we’ve all experienced at one point or another in our lives. 

It may come in different forms – it could feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or it could feel like everything is chaotic and aimless. 

But the bottomline is, there’s a sense of “I’ve got to get my sh*t together.”

If getting your life in order is something you want to do right now, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, I’ll share 9 things you can do everyday to give your life a sense of direction and organization, and hopefully get you moving forward with a clearer head. 

1) Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday

First things first – a life that’s in order is a life that has some sort of system and structure. 

Your sleep schedule is the perfect place to start. Why?

First, it keeps your circadian rhythm on track. This is your body’s basic system around which so many physiological and cognitive functions work. Think of it like a clock that keeps your body running smoothly. 

So, if you have an inconsistent sleep schedule, you tend to have poor sleep quality. Which then translates to poor: 

  • Concentration
  • Long-term memory skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Mood and disposition

Life is unpredictable, but still, you can handle it all better with this one simple change. 

2) Have a solid morning routine

You’ve probably heard or read of how successful people make the most out of their mornings with a solid morning routine

Oprah Winfrey’s includes meditation, a cardio workout, and a healthy breakfast. 

Barack Obama gets some reading done in the first few hours of his day. 

Dwayne Johnson does a gratitude practice and goal-setting. 

At the risk of sounding like a CEO myself, I’d like to point out what the morning routine really is for in one word – optimization. 

It’s for prepping and priming yourself so that you’ll start your day feeling your best. (Spoiler alert: it most definitely does not include hitting the snooze button repeatedly!)

Listen to your body and mind. Identify what makes you feel energized, calm, centered, and so on, and include those in your routine. 

And don’t forget to edit, too. All too often we do so many things in the morning that just add clutter to our mind, like scrolling through social media or watching the news. 

Leave those behind – to get your life in order, you need to be picky with the activities you engage in. 

That said, I do hope you’ll include this next one in your set of activities…

3) Get into journaling

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was famous for sitting down and starting his day with his journal? 

He started at the age of 20 because he wanted to focus on his character development. It was through his journal that he came to develop his list of the 13 Virtues to “attain moral perfection”. 

As an avid journal keeper myself, I can’t say I’m close to anything like moral perfection. But this much I can say – it’s a powerful tool for: 

  • Clearing the mind
  • Articulating my thoughts, feelings, and desires
  • Setting goals
  • Seeing my strengths and weaknesses

In other words, it’s a powerful self-awareness tool. And if you want to get your life in order, you’ll need self-awareness (lots of it!). 

Plus, journaling helps you create order when your world feels a little too chaotic for comfort. 

4) Declutter and simplify

simple changes to make when youve stopped growing as a person If you really want to get your life in order, start doing these 9 things everyday

So, we’ve talked about how important decluttering the mind is. What about your environment? Does it also matter what it looks like? 

Yes, it does. In fact, recent research in psychology has found that cluttered spaces cause stress and anxiety. It can even lead to more procrastination, poorer impulse control, and a poorer sense of well-being. 

All of that adds up to the overall feeling that your life really isn’t in order! 

This probably explains why, when I was a teenager, I always had this urge to clean my room whenever I felt chaotic inside. 

I never stopped to wonder why I had this habit (I wasn’t very self-aware back then), but now I know that decluttering and simplifying my life was my unconscious way of calming my mind. 

So make the decision to let go of the unnecessary. You don’t need as much as you think you do. Once you’ve made things simpler, you’d be surprised how free and calm you’ll feel.

This brings me to my next point… 

5) Say “no” to what doesn’t serve you

If you haven’t noticed by now, getting your life in order requires a lot of curating. It’s a lot like what the interior designers on those home renovation shows do to breathe new life into a space – 

First, they get rid of clutter. They take stock of what needs to go and what can stay. The goal is to make the house not just livable, but in complete service to the owner’s lifestyle and needs. 

The same principle applies to our lives. We too must evaluate our commitments, relationships, and habits. We need to identify what aligns with our values and what elements get in the way of growth. 

This, incidentally, is why I said self-awareness is necessary for getting your life in order. To be able to say “no” to something, we first need to be aware of how it negatively affects us. 

When we let go of what doesn’t serve us – toxic relationships, energy-sucking commitments, unhealthy habits – we then have more room for the things that will actually move us closer to who we want to become. 

6) Plan ahead

You know what they say – “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.”

Winging it might be fine from time to time, but if you want to get your life in order, you’ve got to have a more solid plan than that. 

Maybe you don’t have a big plan yet for the long term, and just thinking about it is overwhelming. That’s okay. You can start small and just plan the week ahead. 

In a Forbes article, EVP and Chief Intelligence Officer Mercedes Soria shares why weekly planning is so important: 

  • It increases your productivity
  • It improves time management
  • It reduces stress 

Soria further says:

“When you take the time to plan out your tasks and priorities for the week ahead, you are able to approach your work with a clear sense of purpose and direction. This can help you to stay focused and motivated throughout the week and avoid wasting time on tasks that are not essential to your goals.”

Again, it’s all about curating! 

7) Lean into your natural inclinations

That said, as you make plans and decide what needs to go and stay in your life, I hope you remember to factor in your natural inclinations. 

I remember back when I was feeling lost myself and I wanted to get my life in order. I followed all the self-help advice I read – I woke up early, exercised in the morning, tried to force myself into a rigid productivity routine that just didn’t suit me. 

It was exhausting and, frankly, demoralizing when I couldn’t keep up. I ended up feeling even more inadequate. 

That’s when I realized this one crucial thing: structure is important, but it has to be a structure that works for me. 

I took a step back and considered that as a night owl, I’m naturally more creative and productive in the later hours of the day. 

So, I decided to lean into that inclination instead of fighting it. I rearranged my schedule to start my workday later, and true enough, I got more done, and done well. 

My point is, your life will feel most in order when you work with your natural rhythms instead of against them. 

However, this next habit is important as well…

8) Choose activities that balance one another

simple ways to live a happy life If you really want to get your life in order, start doing these 9 things everyday

Too much of anything is bad. This is especially true when you’re trying to create an orderly and fulfilling life. 

That’s why I encourage you to strike a balance in the things you choose to engage in. 

For instance, if your job requires sitting down at a desk for long hours, counter it with some physical activity. 

A lot of social interaction? Carve some time for solitude

Tasks that involve a lot of brain power? Destress with creative hobbies that involve using your hands. 

Too much screen time? Unplug and go on a hike! 

Do you see where I’m going here? 

A contrasting variety of activities will make your life feel more even-keeled. Not to mention exciting and well-rounded! 

9) Outsource and automate what you can

Finally, remember that you don’t have to do it all. This is a huge part of why we feel overwhelmed and our life seems so chaotic

Think about this: not everything needs our personal touch, does it? Surely there are some tasks on your plate that someone else can handle. 

There are now so many tools you can use to automate many tasks, too, like paying bills, managing emails, etc. 

Technology has advanced to the point where many routine tasks can be automated and streamlined to make your life easier – so use it to your advantage! 

In any case, on the near-impossible chance that there’s truly no way you can outsource or automate tasks, you can hold on to this thought – you don’t need to do everything perfectly.  

Prioritize what’s truly important, and as for the rest…give yourself grace. Accept that “good enough” is often enough. 

Final thoughts

Getting our lives in order isn’t about being in control all the time. It’s a process of figuring out what really matters and letting go of the rest. 

And most of all, of accepting that you’re a flawed person who doesn’t have it together all the time, and that’s okay.

What’s important is that you’re making the best of what you’ve got and finding what works for you. Find your rhythm, lean into that, and get things humming your way!

Roselle Umlas

Roselle Umlas

I am a freelance writer with a lifelong interest in helping people become more reflective and self-aware so that they can communicate better and enjoy meaningful relationships.

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