If you really want to achieve your goals in life, say goodbye to these 6 behaviors

We’ve all been there, right? Standing at the edge of a new beginning, we tell ourselves, “This time it’s going to be different.”

But let’s face it—sometimes our aspirations feel more like pipe dreams than possible realities.

Now, I’m all for a healthy dose of optimism. However, I’ve come to realize that there are certain behaviors—let’s call them pesky little habits—that sneakily sabotage our progress.

Think about it. How often have we set out determined, only to find ourselves derailed not by monumental obstacles, but by our own subtle, self-defeating actions? It’s like trying to sprint with your shoelaces tied together—sooner or later, you’re going to trip.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, it’s time to take a good, hard look at what you’re doing that might be holding you back. 

Trust me, we’ve all got these behaviors. But identifying them is the first step to moving past them.

In the spirit of self-improvement and keeping things short and sweet, let’s dive into what this article is about—bidding farewell to the habits that are keeping our goals just out of reach.  

Stick with me, and together we’ll clear out those roadblocks one by one.

1) Procrastination 

I think we’ve all gone the route of telling ourselves we’ll start on Monday, or we’ll wait until the New Year to chase a goal.

But let’s be real, procrastination is the silent dream killer that turns ‘later’ into ‘never.’

It starts innocently enough, with a “I’ll do it tomorrow,” then before you know it, days have turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Suddenly, that goal that once sparked a fire within you becomes a pile of ‘what ifs.’

Here’s a nugget of truth: time waits for no one. While you’re sitting around waiting for the perfect moment, opportunities are slipping through your fingers like grains of sand. 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to procrastination. Let’s swap out “later” for “now” and see just how much closer to our goals we get.

2) Doubting your own potential

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: Am I good/smart enough? Can I really do this? 

Here’s a personal confession: I once had a dream to start my own business, but the voice in my head kept asking, “Who are you to do this?” I let that doubt fester until it almost killed my ambition.

But then, a moment of clarity hit me. I asked myself, “What would happen if I actually believed in myself?”

Believe me, it was a game-changer. The moment I started to push back against that self-doubt, things began to shift.

Yes, it was scary and yes, it was hard. But the more I believed I could reach my goals, the more I started taking actions that aligned with that belief.

So take it from someone who used to struggle with self-doubt: wave goodbye to those self-defeating thoughts. When you start betting on yourself, you’ll be amazed at how the odds start to shift in your favor.

3) Neglecting self-care

There’s an old saying that goes, “Sleep is for the weak.” For a while, I took that to heart and kept my energy going through caffeine and quick naps.

But here’s what I didn’t realize: neglecting self-care doesn’t get you closer to your goals; it’s actually a sure-fire way to burnout – fast.

Logging in extra hours, skipping meals, and skimping on sleep won’t get you closer to your goals. They’re actually counterproductive.

Because sooner or later, your body and mind will suffer.

Which is exactly what happened to me. I crashed hard, and that’s what it took for me to understand that self-care isn’t selfish or indulgent—it’s necessary.

When I started to prioritize my well-being, not only did my health improve, but so did my productivity and creativity. It was like giving my dreams the nourishment they needed to grow.

So now, whenever I’m tempted to cut corners with my self-care, I remind myself that a well-rested, well-nourished me is the best weapon I have in achieving my goals. 

Take it from someone who learned the hard way: treat self-care as sacred, and watch your capacity to reach for the stars soar.

4) Avoiding risks

you want to be truly successful producivity killing habits 1 If you really want to achieve your goals in life, say goodbye to these 6 behaviors

Another habit that could keep you from achieving your goals is playing it safe.

This is closely connected to self-doubt and the fear of failure. Basically, we avoid risks because we’re afraid of failing. A part of us doesn’t believe we have what it takes to succeed.

But guess what? Growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone. 

And it took me watching peers leap and sometimes fall, but ultimately soar, to understand that avoiding risks was also avoiding success.

Embracing risk is like flexing a muscle; it gets stronger with use. 

Keep in mind, on the other side of risk lies opportunity—the chance to achieve those very goals we set for ourselves.

5) Getting distracted by the success of others

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through social media, envying the lives of others? I sure have.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s public victories. I used to look at friends launching businesses, traveling the world, or buying homes and think, “Why not me?”

Here’s the kicker: Studies suggest that frequent comparison with others can lead to feelings of envy, low self-confidence, and depression. And let’s be honest, that’s not exactly a recipe for success. 

When I found myself in this cycle of comparison, not only did it chip away at my happiness, but it also blurred my focus on my own goals.

So instead of being distracted by what others were doing, I channeled that energy into my own aspirations.

I turned my attention back to my path and celebrated my progress, no matter how small. This shift didn’t just improve my mental well-being—it supercharged my productivity.

By keeping your eyes on your own lane, you free up so much mental space and energy to invest in your journey. It’s not about ignoring the success of others; it’s about drawing inspiration from them without losing sight of your unique trajectory towards your goals.

6) Ignoring the power of persistence

If there’s one thing that’s become crystal clear to me, it’s that persistence is commonly overlooked when we talk about achievement.

We often hear tales of overnight successes, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find years of dedication behind that ‘sudden’ win.

I’ve seen my own goals come to fruition only after countless hours, days, and sometimes years of steadfast effort. It was persistence that pushed me through the doubts, the missteps, and the so-called failures.

Every time I thought about giving up, I remembered why I started and kept going.

This unrelenting commitment to a goal is what separates dreamers from doers. It’s easy to start with enthusiasm, but the true test is who keeps going when the excitement fades and challenges arise.

Keep in mind, too, that progress is rarely linear, and the road to any worthwhile destination is often winding. But with each step forward, you carve a path closer to your dreams.

So when the journey feels long and your spirit wavers, trust in the compounding power of persistence—it’s the ultimate key to unlocking your goals.

The bottom line

Acknowledging these behaviors is the first step toward change, and it’s commendable that you’ve made it this far.

Remember, these habits didn’t form overnight, and they won’t disappear instantly either.

That said, be gentle with yourself. Change is a process, one that requires persistence and self-compassion.

Celebrate each victory, no matter how small it may seem. Every time you choose to act against these limiting behaviors, you’re laying another brick on the path to your success.

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