If you possess these 12 qualities, you’re probably an old soul

The concept of an old soul is a tenet of reincarnation that teaches that our bodies are meat suits acting as containers for our essence, our spirit. An old soul continues to reincarnate in order to learn necessary life lessons and complete karmic agreements.

Like everything else, being an old soul is a mixed bag. There are many benefits to being an old soul, and numerous downsides as well.

For example, you have an intuitive understanding of life, and things that escape other people are crystal clear to you. This is definitely one for the ‘win’ column.

But you’re also driven to make sense out of everything, and I mean everything, which can cause scads of frustration, which kind of sucks.

Being an old soul on Planet Earth is no cakewalk. We live in a world that revolves around greed-driven values like power and money, things that old souls hold little regard for. 

Old souls are in search of peace, not material possessions. You are probably homesick for a place you’ve never been but come tantalizingly close to in your dreams. Yet your spiritual home remains elusive – just out of reach. 

I don’t know if I’m an old soul, but the longing for an unknown home hits hard. 

1) You’re curious 

Old souls are motivated by wisdom and searching for the truth. You are insatiably curious about what’s happening both in the world-at-large and your inner social circle. 

Your interest is genuine and deep, without a hint of superficiality. You are driven by your need to know and learn new life lessons. 

2) An outsider

Being an old soul can make it hard to connect with others, especially if you’re an old soul and are still chronologically young.

You’re not interested in what’s popular or trendy. You like what you like and make no apologies for it. Other people’s judgments and opinions don’t even blip on your radar.

If you’re an old soul but are chronologically young, it could take you a while to find your tribe. They’re out there, though, so just be patient. 

3) You recognize other old souls

Old souls are very proficient at attracting their fellow kindred spirits. All the old souls are seeking each other out so they can make a meaningful connection. 

These are those precious relationships that begin with an instantaneous soul connection between two old souls that runs very deep.

4) Weird kid

Let’s face it. If you’re an old soul, you were probably the weird kid, too.

Childhood was most likely not a comfortable experience for you. The grownups probably found your maturity unsettling, but the kids were more outspoken about your quirks and made sure you knew you were the weird kid. 

This probably won’t phase you too much, as other kids generally bore you with their idiotic pettiness. You’d rather go read some Dorothy Parker than play Truth or Dare. Or maybe that was just me. 

5) The simple life

Along with your old soul maturity comes an appreciation of the simple life. You probably have a few cherished possessions, most likely family heirlooms, but you don’t associate contentment with money or material objects.

Instead of chasing wealth and being a slave to the grind, old souls only require enough money for their needs, maybe with a little extra left over.

You probably don’t bother regularly replacing a phone or laptop that is still serviceable just because a newer model is available. Old souls tend to use things until they die in the saddle.

Keeping up with current fashion and trends doesn’t interest you. Your focus is on the priceless intangibles money can’t buy, such as intangibles like wisdom, empathy, or peace.

6) Small social circle

Which zodiacs have the friendliest personalities If you possess these 12 qualities, you’re probably an old soul

Old souls and other emotionally sensitive people generally have small social circles. This is definitely a function of quality over quantity. Your friend group is also eclectic with people from all age groups and different backgrounds.

Since old souls have such finely honed intuition, you probably can recognize a great friend right off the bat.

During childhood, you may have struggled to relate to kids your age and preferred the company of people older than you. 


Because you craved more substance from your connections than your contemporaries could provide, so your peers may have thought you were snobby or socially awkward

You have been the target of teasing and bullying. So tiresome, but it’s the price you pay for that old soul.

7) Alone time 

If you are an old soul, you’re more attuned to the emotions of those in your environment. Higher emotional sensitivity means you need alone time to decompress from people-ing and to recharge your social batteries for next time.

Generally speaking, most old souls prefer observing to participating. When you’re required to do a group participation project, you’ll settle on the outskirts of the action to avoid being overwhelmed, both by the literal noise you hear and the psychic noise you inevitably absorb.

Many old souls are also big book lovers and read as a way to destress. History could appeal to you most, as you are very adept at imagining yourself in different time periods.

Old souls range from the extremely extroverted to the deeply introverted. But one thing all old souls have in common is that they enjoy their own company, even over the company of others. 

And why is that?

Because old souls have vivid imaginations and a rich inner life. Whether you’re a bookworm, writer, or artist, your brain is the most interesting hangout spot you have. 

8) Intuition

Most people struggle to find and hear their intuition, or inner voice, but for old souls that ability is second nature. They’re attuned to their intuition and can trust their own judgment.

If you’re an old soul, follow your intuition and let it guide you to where you need to be. Just listen with your heart, it won’t let you down.

9) Perspective

Old souls are well aware that there’s always more than one perspective in any situation and can put themselves in someone else’s shoes with ease. This is thanks to your copious store of empathy. 

Of course, this in no way suggests that you agree with the person you’re talking to—just that you find it easy to see and understand their perspective. 

The old soul’s ability to see both sides of the story makes you incredibly fair-minded.

10) Connection over division

One reason old souls excel at appreciating multiple points of view is they understand that most people have more in common than they’re aware of. While the majority first sees the differences between people, old souls see the similarities instead. 

You’re probably used to playing the role of peacemaker for your family, friends, and coworkers. Your ability to objectively analyze an issue from every angle makes you a natural, if often reluctant, diplomat.

11) Acts of service

When you’re an old soul, offering yourself in service to others is an automatic response for you. You don’t stop to rationalize taking positive action, you just do it.

Most of the time, these aren’t large-scale gestures. They’re often in the form of small, kind deeds during your everyday interactions. 

12) Patience

Old souls recognize that all things happen in their own time in accordance with universal synchronicity. So you don’t get caught up in the frenetic smash-and-grab vibe of modern culture. Delaying gratification isn’t a hardship for you, it’s a strategy to meet your goals.

You carefully plant your seeds and watch them germinate into beautiful experiences that enrich every facet of your life.

That’s what old souls find most gratifying- the end product of your efforts.

Final thoughts

Your character doesn’t mean you’re socially inept – far from it. You’re just at a different stage of your soul’s development, so you’re looking at life through a different lens than most.  

Being an old soul is a long journey through many lifetimes and countless lessons. To be an old soul means more than just an advanced emotional maturity. It’s about knowing who you are and forging your own path in the world.

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Kathy Copeland Padden

Kathy Copeland Padden lives in a New England forest paradise with her cats, kid, and trusty laptop. She has been writing since age 8 and is such a pack rat she can back that up with physical evidence. Music is her solace and words are her drug, so her house is strewn with records and books. Watch your step.

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