If you often contemplate these 8 things, you have an old soul

When you have an old soul, you have a different way of seeing the world.

It’s like you have a deeper understanding of the world and a sense of maturity that most people don’t seem to have.

And when you have those traits, you often wonder why people do the things they do.

Here are 8 things you probably contemplate when you have an old soul.

1) Why people rush around all the time

Something my nan always used to say to my mum was, “What’s the rush? X will still be there when you get there!”.

It used to frustrate my mum something terrible, but now I’m older, I get what she meant.

My mum was always rushed off her feet doing this and that. Even when she walked around the supermarket, she was rushing.

Yes, she had a lot to do. But most of the time, she’d put the pressure on herself, rather than have it come from anyone externally.

If you have an old soul, you probably don’t get why people rush around so much.

And if you ever question why someone is actually rushing, most of the time, they don’t really know themselves.

2) Why people feel stressed about certain things

Many things in life can cause us stress. From losing a job and buying a house – to doing exams and starting college.

But some things in life just aren’t worth the stress – at least, that’s what you think when you have an old soul.

You know that things will happen (and go wrong) regardless of whether you stress over them or not.

So what’s the point in stressing out about them?

You think about them, for sure. And you’ll do your best to plan something to prevent things from going wrong.

But you don’t often stress over things you can’t control – and you often contemplate why some people do it so often.

3) Why people worry so much when they’re late

We all have jobs to do or classes to attend. And those jobs or classes require us to be on time. Otherwise, we could lose our income or get kicked out of our studies.

So yes, being late is a serious thing.

But sometimes, when you’re late, you’re late. And there’s not a lot you can do about it. Worrying or stressing out about it won’t change the fact that you’re late.

Especially when the impact of running late isn’t such a big issue. Like if you’re not usually late or you’re just meeting a friend who will understand.

4) Why people intentionally treat others disrespectfully

We all know there are bad people in this world who don’t respect others.

But when you have an old soul, you have (what some people would consider) traditional values about respect.

You believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. You also believe in showing your respect in different ways depending on the person.

Like if someone was pregnant or elderly, you’d offer them a seat on the bus or would go out of your way to hold the door open for them.

And when you have an old soul, you often contemplate why some people don’t treat others in the way you consider to be respectful.

5) Why people crave popularity

dealing with incredibly selfish person If you often contemplate these 8 things, you have an old soul

Popularity is a concept we’ve created. In school and college, it feels (to most) like a major deal to be in with the “popular” crowd.

But when you have an old soul, you often wonder why people crave popularity so much. And why they sell their soul (i.e., sacrifice their true self or do humiliating things) to gain some sort of “status”.

Because for you, your own company and the company of a select few others is more than enough.

And you genuinely don’t get why some people would rather choose bad friends over good friends – just to be in with the “it” crowd.

6) Why people obsess over materialistic things

Another word that certainly doesn’t apply to you when you have an old soul is “materialistic”.

No one would ever describe you as someone who always has to own the latest thing “just because”. Or needing to have the “very best” in life to be happy.

Instead, you enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life. You’re happy when your most basic needs are met.

And you never feel the need to buy “stuff” just so you can say that you have it.

7) Why people show off or brag about what they have

Because you don’t relate to materialism, you also don’t understand why people brag about their possessions when you have an old soul.

You like to engage in discussions about things when it feels relevant to you. And you have “traditional” views about when you should talk about yourself – and when you shouldn’t.

You’d never feel the need to brag to someone poorer than you are about how much wealth you have.

Nor would you feel inspired to gloat about your job, grades, or achievements when you know someone else doesn’t have what you have.

Humbleness and humility are ingrained traits of yours – and you often contemplate what people truly gain from gloating so much, and whether they are even happy about what they have.

8) Why people want more money than they know what to do with

When you have an old soul, you have a different level of maturity compared to many others.

You see the value in money, for sure. But you don’t obsess over having lots of it.

You want to do well in life and earn enough money to live the life you want to lead. But you see no reason to become the next billionaire for the sake of it.

You often find yourself wondering if money really would solve all your issues – and why you want more money than you have now.

And whether billions would truly benefit your life – or just be a materialistic goal.

Because when you have an old soul, the value of life comes from things other than having “tons of money”.

And you truly don’t get why people strive to make millions and millions – when a reasonable amount could offer you all you ever need in life.  

Final thoughts

When you think about it, we are just living on a spinning ball that floats somewhere in a huge abyss that seems to go on forever.

Which makes stressing about the little things in life seem somewhat unnecessary – or, at least it does when you have an old soul.

Having an old soul is a unique thing to have. It often leads you to be more mature and humbler than the people around you. You’re also way less materialistic and greedy.

And it often makes you feel like you’re on your own with your thoughts, aspirations, and the things you ponder about.

But chances are, you’re not alone in the views you have. You just haven’t met the people who have an old soul like you have just yet!

Picture of Amy Reed

Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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