If you notice these 11 behaviors, you’re likely dating an emotionally mature man

Dating is often described as walking through a minefield. That’s why when you finally meet a man who’s compatible and attractive, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. 

But even then, you’d preferably date an emotionally mature man, right? One who can talk about what’s bothering them without getting defensive or shutting down. 

A man who’s not clueless about his own flaws and quirks and who takes the relationship seriously and doesn’t mess around with your feelings. 

So, let’s find out what behaviors show you’re likely dating an emotionally mature man.

1) He’s cool with sharing and hearing about feelings and thoughts

An emotionally mature man is like an open book in the sense that he’s never holding back on what’s on his mind or how he feels. 

From talking about his day to discussing something important, he’s not afraid to lay it all out there.

And when you tell him you had a really rough day, he doesn’t just nod along. Instead, he’s not afraid to dive deep into the messy stuff, the stuff that matters. 

If something’s bothering you, he wants to know. 

Now, this doesn’t mean he turns every chat into a therapy session, but when things get real, he doesn’t dodge the feels. 

Maybe you’re talking about your dreams, your fears, or just some random thoughts that popped into your head. 

He’s into it, soaking up every word you say like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

2) He gets that personal space is important

When your guy understands that personal space is important, it’s a clear sign of emotional maturity.

He totally gets that everyone needs their space and respects yours. He won’t crowd you or make you feel suffocated because he understands the importance of giving you room to breathe.

He’s not gonna cling to you like a barnacle on a boat. Nah, he gets it.

He respects the fact that you’re an individual with your own interests, hobbies, and need for downtime. 

He knows that personal space isn’t just about physical distance but about emotional boundaries, too. 

3) He doesn’t blow up or shut down during disagreements

When things get heated, he doesn’t go nuclear. Instead, he stays calm and tries to work things out like a mature adult, listening to your side and finding solutions that work for both of you.

Let’s say you suddenly felt like rearranging his Pokemon card collection alphabetically or something, but he likes to have them arranged by their value or color. 

Instead of resorting to the silent treatment or launching into a full-blown lecture about the benefits of his classification, he suggests settling it the old-fashioned way – Rock, Paper, Scissors! 

Suddenly, you’re engaged in an epic battle of hand gestures settling disputes with a side of fun and games.

And if you think that grown-ass men don’t collect Pokemon cards these days, you’re living under a rock, haha. 

4) He’s putting himself in your shoes

An emotionally mature man isn’t just sympathetic. He can truly put himself in your shoes and understand where you’re coming from. When you’re upset or going through a tough time, he’s there to support you and lend an understanding ear.

For example, you’ve had a rough day at work, and you come home feeling like you’ve been through the wringer. 

Instead of shrugging it off or telling you to “toughen up,” your emotionally mature guy listens to you vent and then says, “I totally get where you’re coming from.”

He’s not just saying it to be nice. He genuinely tries to see things from your perspective. He imagines what it must have been like for you – dealing with deadlines, handling difficult clients, or whatever else came your way. 

And guess what? He feels your pain (or at least tries to).

5) He owns up to his mistakes

Imagine this: He forgets your anniversary (oops!) or accidentally breaks your favorite mug (ouch!). 

Instead of making excuses or trying to shift the blame, he steps up and apologizes. Maybe he was swamped at work and under a lot of stress, or he’s been feeling under the weather lately.

He’s not too proud to admit when he’s wrong.

He’s not one to dodge the blame when he messes up. Instead, he owns his actions and apologizes sincerely, making things right without making excuses or pointing fingers.

But he’s not gonna stop there. He’s going to make amends and fix things by replacing the broken mug with an even cooler one or planning a surprise date night to make up for forgetting your anniversary. 

He’s absolutely committed to making things right.

6) He’s your supporter, not a roadblock

Men who find it easy to commit in relationships If you notice these 11 behaviors, you’re likely dating an emotionally mature man

You know, I’ve had many dreams in the last 15 years. Why 15 years? Because that’s how long I’ve been together with my SO and she was perhaps the only person ever to encourage these dreams and aspirations. 

But also vice versa.

When you’re with an emotionally mature partner, your dreams are his dreams, too. They’re your biggest advocate, always encouraging you to chase after what you want in life and offering their full support every step of the way.

7) He knows his strengths and weaknesses

A mature man knows himself inside and out. He’s not afraid to acknowledge what he’s good at and where he could use a little extra work.

Perhaps he’s the go-to guy when something needs fixing around the house. A leaky faucet, a squeaky door, or a blown fuse, he’s got the tools and know-how to tackle the job. 

However, he admits he’s not the most tech-savvy when it comes to troubleshooting computers, so he’s not afraid to ask for help.

8) He doesn’t let anger or sadness control him

Whether he’s feeling angry, sad, or happy, he knows how to handle his emotions in a healthy way. 

When things get tough, like being stuck in traffic or dealing with a frustrating situation, he doesn’t blow his top. 

Instead of getting all worked up, he finds ways to chill out. Maybe he cranks up the tunes, takes some deep breaths, or cracks a joke to lighten the mood.

And if he’s feeling down, he doesn’t let it ruin his whole day. He’ll go for a walk, call up a buddy for a chat, or dive into a hobby he loves. 

He recognizes his feelings but doesn’t let them drag him down.

9) He’s thankful for the good stuff in life

Most of the time, we’re caught up in the stress of our daily lives. The so-called rat race, right? But the adaptable people among us don’t let that get to them too much. 

They can still cherish and appreciate a nice moment as it’s happening. 

Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal, or just a quiet moment together, he doesn’t take the good stuff for granted. 

He’s all about enjoying the little moments that make life special, like sharing a laugh or enjoying a good cup of coffee together.

And that’s what we’re all looking for when dating, isn’t it? You don’t want someone who’s on a high horse all the time or someone who’s constantly stressed out or anxious. 

10) He doesn’t smother you

An emotionally mature man isn’t the clingy type. He understands that you’re your own person with your own life, and he respects your independence without feeling threatened or insecure.

He doesn’t try to control your every move or dictate how you spend your time. Instead, he respects your autonomy and encourages you to pursue the things that make you happy.

He also knows that everyone needs space to breathe and recharge, including you. He’s not constantly hovering over you or demanding your attention 24/7. 

Instead, he gives you the freedom to have your own time and space, whether it’s for solo activities, girl’s nights out, or just some quiet time alone.

11) He’s not always questioning your actions

And lastly, an emotionally balanced man is confident in your love and loyalty, so he doesn’t feel the need to constantly question or doubt you. 

He trusts you completely, knowing that you’ve got each other’s backs no matter what.

For example, let’s say you make plans to hang out with your friends on the weekend. Instead of questioning why you’re spending time with them or trying to change your plans, he respects your social life and encourages you to have fun with your friends.

Or let’s say you’re interested in a new hobby or career. Instead of questioning whether it’s the right decision or trying to talk you out of it, he listens to your aspirations, offers support and encouragement, and helps you explore your options.

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