If you have these 9 daily habits, you probably lack a purpose in life

There’s a huge difference between living life aimlessly and living it with purpose.

The difference? Daily habits.

Living without purpose often manifests itself in the little things we do (or don’t do) everyday. These small habits can reveal whether we’re just drifting through days or if we’re driven by a sincere sense of purpose.

Having a purpose impacts everything – from how you wake up in the morning to how you spend your evenings.

And interestingly, there are certain daily habits that might suggest you’re lacking this crucial element in your life.

Let’s dive into these 9 daily habits. You never know, they might just shed some light on whether you’re living with purpose or merely existing day-to-day.

1) You’re not setting goals

There’s probably no area in life where having purpose matters more than when it comes to setting goals.

People who lack purpose often drift aimlessly, and this is reflected in their lack of goal setting.

Think about it. Goals give us something to aim for. They provide a roadmap for our lives. If you aren’t setting goals, it might be because you’re not sure where you’re heading.

Without purpose, setting goals can feel like a daunting, even pointless task. Why bother if you’re not driven by anything?

And that’s exactly where the danger lies.

If you find yourself going through the motions of life without any real direction or sense of what you want to achieve, it’s a clear sign that you’re lacking purpose.

Acknowledging this is the first step towards finding your purpose.

Don’t beat yourself up, instead use this realization as a stepping stone towards finding what truly matters to you.

2) You’re constantly procrastinating

Now this is a habit I can personally relate to. There was a period in my life when I found myself constantly pushing tasks to the next day, the next week, or even the next month.

At that time, I couldn’t understand why I was stuck in this cycle of procrastination. It was as if I was stuck in quicksand, the more I struggled, the deeper I sank into it.

But then it hit me. The root cause of my habitual procrastination wasn’t laziness or lack of discipline. It was a lack of purpose.

I realized that I had been filling my days with tasks that didn’t align with any meaningful goal or purpose. They were just things I felt I had to do, not things I wanted to do.

Once I understood this, it became clear why I was always putting things off. Because honestly, who wants to spend their time on something that doesn’t bring them any closer to their goals or aspirations?

If you’re like me and you find yourself constantly procrastinating, it might be a sign that you’re lacking a clear purpose in your life.

Don’t ignore it, embrace it and use it as a stepping stone to finding your true calling.

3) You’re frequently bored

Here’s something worth pondering: boredom is a luxury only afforded by the modern age. For the vast majority of human history, survival required constant vigilance and activity. There was simply no time to be bored.

Yet today, many of us find ourselves frequently succumbing to boredom. And while it’s easy to blame this on a lack of stimulating activities or a monotonous routine, there’s often a deeper issue at play.

Boredom is often a sign of disconnection from one’s purpose. When we’re engrossed in tasks that align with our personal or professional goals, we’re far less likely to experience boredom.

But when we lack purpose, even the most exciting activities can feel tedious and unfulfilling.

If you find yourself regularly feeling bored, consider it a wakeup call. It might be your subconscious telling you that it’s time to find your purpose and align your daily actions with it.

4) You’re not excited about the future

Feeling excited about the future is a clear sign you’re living a purpose-driven life. It means you have something to look forward to, a goal to strive for, or a vision that ignites your passion.

But when you lack purpose, the future can seem foggy, uncertain or even frightening. Instead of being filled with anticipation and excitement, it’s filled with apathy or anxiety.

If you find yourself dreading the future or feeling indifferent about what’s to come, it could be a sign that you’re lacking direction.

A purpose serves as a compass, giving you direction and making the future seem less daunting. Without it, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure about what lies ahead.

5) You’re stuck in a routine

Routine can be a good thing. It gives structure to our days and can help us manage our time more effectively. But there’s a fine line between a healthy routine and being stuck in a rut.

When you’re living with purpose, your routine is filled with tasks and activities that bring you closer to achieving your goals.

You’re not just going through the motions, you’re actively working towards something meaningful.

But without purpose, your routine can become monotonous and uninspiring. You might find yourself doing the same things day in and day out, without any real sense of fulfillment or satisfaction.

If this sounds familiar, it might be a sign that you’re living without purpose.

Life is not meant to be lived on autopilot. If your routine feels more like a rut, it’s time to reevaluate and find what truly drives you.

6) You’re constantly feeling unfulfilled

Feeling unfulfilled is often a silent cry from our inner self, yearning for something more. It’s that void you can’t seem to fill, no matter how much you achieve or how hard you try.

Often, we try to fill this void with external things like material possessions, recognition, or even relationships.

But no matter how much we acquire or how many people surround us, it never seems to be enough.

That’s because true fulfillment comes from within. It comes from knowing that you’re living your life in accordance with your true purpose.

Without purpose, it’s easy to feel unfulfilled. Because no matter what you do, if it’s not aligned with your true calling, it will always feel like something is missing.

If you’re constantly feeling unfulfilled, take a moment to listen to that inner voice. It’s trying to guide you towards your purpose. And once you find it, that feeling of fulfillment will come naturally.

7) You’re frequently overwhelmed

There was a time when I felt constantly overwhelmed. My to-do list seemed endless, my responsibilities were piling up, and I felt like I was juggling too many balls at once.

I believed that I was just bad at managing my time. But the truth was, my overwhelming schedule was a symptom of a deeper issue – a lack of purpose.

When you have a clear purpose, you have a better understanding of what’s important and what’s not. You’re able to prioritize tasks that align with your goals and say no to things that don’t.

But when you’re lacking purpose, everything seems important. You feel like you need to do it all, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of chaos and stress.

If you’re frequently feeling overwhelmed, it could be a sign that you’re missing purpose in your life.

Finding your purpose can help bring clarity and order to your life, making it easier to manage your responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.

8) You’re constantly seeking approval from others

Seeking validation from others is a common trait among those lacking a clear purpose in life. When you’re uncertain about your own path, it’s easy to look to others for approval or guidance.

But here’s the thing – while there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice or feedback, constantly relying on others for validation can be a sign of a deeper issue.

A strong sense of purpose gives you confidence in your choices. You’re less likely to seek approval because you believe in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

On the other hand, without purpose, you may doubt your decisions and rely heavily on the opinions of others to validate your actions.

If you find yourself frequently seeking approval, it could be a sign that you’re lacking purpose.

Your purpose should come from within, not from the approval of others.

9) You’re not living in the present

Living in the present moment is a key sign of a purpose-driven life. When you’re aligned with your purpose, you’re fully engaged with what you’re doing right now, because you know it’s taking you where you want to go.

But without purpose, it’s easy to get caught up in past regrets or future anxieties. You may find yourself constantly dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, while missing out on the present.

If you’re not living in the present, it could be a sign that you’re lacking purpose. A clear purpose can anchor you in the now, helping you to fully engage with your life as it’s happening.

In essence: It’s all about alignment

At the heart of our existence, there’s a deep-seated desire for alignment – alignment between our actions, our values, and our purpose.

Renowned psychologist Carl Rogers once said, “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”

This encapsulates the essence of purpose. It’s not a static end goal but a dynamic process that guides and shapes your journey.

When your daily habits are out of sync with your purpose, it can lead to feelings of unfulfillment, boredom, and even overwhelm. But when they’re aligned, every day becomes an opportunity to make progress towards your goals and aspirations.

If you find yourself exhibiting these 9 daily habits, don’t despair. Instead, see it as a call to action to reevaluate and realign your life with your true purpose.

After all, living with purpose isn’t about achieving something grand or impressive. It’s about finding meaning in the everyday and knowing that each step you take is a step in the right direction.

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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

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