If you find joy in these 9 simple pleasures, you’re probably an old soul

There’s something special about finding joy in the little things. These simple pleasures, often overlooked by many, can hold a profound meaning for those of us who consider ourselves to be old souls.

The term ‘old soul’ refers to someone who is wise beyond their years, often feeling detached from contemporary times and drawn towards the wisdom of the past.

The beauty of being an old soul? We see magic in places where others see mundane. Whether it’s a hot cup of tea on a cold day, or getting lost in a good book, we can’t help but appreciate these simple moments.

And believe it or not, there are certain small pleasures that can determine if you’re an old soul. Let’s explore them together in this article titled “If you find joy in these 9 simple pleasures, you’re probably an old soul”.

1) A quiet morning with a good book

As an old soul, you’re likely to find immense joy in the simple pleasure of a quiet morning paired with a good book.

There’s something quite magical about the stillness of the morning. The world hasn’t quite woken up, and there’s a peaceful tranquility that fills the air. For many, it’s a time of productivity. But for an old soul, it’s a cherished moment of solitude that can be beautifully paired with the captivating world of literature.

Books offer an escape into different worlds and perspectives, broadening our horizons and deepening our understanding of life. And what better way to immerse oneself than in the serenity of the early morning?

This preference for quiet moments and meaningful experiences over the hustle and bustle of modern life is a clear sign of an old soul. So if you find yourself yearning for these tranquil mornings, you might be more in tune with your old soul than you think.

2) The joy of handwritten letters

There’s something deeply touching about receiving a handwritten letter. In our digital age, such personal touches can feel like a breath of fresh air. I remember the first time I received a handwritten letter among the usual stack of bills and promotional mail. It was from my grandmother, whose delicate cursive writing filled the page with stories and well-wishes.

In that moment, I felt a connection that transcended the miles between us. That piece of paper held more than just words; it held her thoughts, her time, her effort. It was a tangible piece of her love that I could hold in my hands.

This appreciation for the heartfelt sincerity of handwritten letters is another sign of an old soul. If, like me, you find joy in this simple and traditional form of communication, you may indeed be an old soul at heart.

3) Walking over driving

The hustle and bustle of modern life often leaves us racing from one place to another, usually in the comfort of our vehicles. But for an old soul, the simple pleasure of a leisurely walk holds a special charm.

Walking not only allows us to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, but it also invites a certain mindfulness that’s often lost when we’re behind the wheel. It’s a chance to take in the sights, sounds, and scents of our surroundings in a way that driving doesn’t permit.

Interestingly, regular walking is also known to boost creativity and problem-solving ability, as suggested by Stanford researchers. This makes it doubly beneficial for those who enjoy thinking deeply and reflectively – traits commonly associated with old souls. If you prefer lacing up your shoes over revving up your engine, you might just be an old soul.

4) Savouring a home-cooked meal

In our fast-paced world, convenience often wins over quality. Fast food and pre-packaged meals have become the norm for many. But as an old soul, you’re more likely to find joy in the simple pleasure of a home-cooked meal.

Cooking at home allows us to connect with the food we eat. It’s more than just nourishment; it’s an experience. From the chopping of fresh ingredients, to the sizzle as they hit the pan, to the delightful aroma that fills the house – every step is a sensory journey.

Moreover, a home-cooked meal shared with loved ones can create memories that last a lifetime. The dining table becomes a place of connection, conversation, and shared laughter. If you’re someone who cherishes these moments, you’re likely an old soul.

5) Heartfelt conversations over small talk

Heartfelt conversations If you find joy in these 9 simple pleasures, you’re probably an old soul

For many of us, small talk can feel like a necessary evil in social situations. But if you’re an old soul, you probably crave deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Old souls are often introspective and thoughtful. We seek understanding and connection on a deeper level. We want to know what makes people tick, what their dreams are, what keeps them up at night.

While small talk about the weather or the latest TV show might suffice for some, old souls find joy in heartfelt conversations that dig beneath the surface.

6) Cherishing memories over material possessions

We live in a world that often values material possessions above all else. We’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us to buy the latest gadgets, the newest fashion, the flashiest car. But as an old soul, you likely find greater joy in cherishing memories over accumulating things.

A treasured family photo, a heartfelt letter, a memento from a special day – these simple items carry emotional value that cannot be measured in monetary terms. They are reminders of the people we love, the experiences we’ve had, and the moments that have shaped us.

There’s a certain warmth and comfort in revisiting these memories, a sense of connection to our past that keeps us grounded. If you’re someone who values these intangible treasures more than material possessions, you’re undoubtedly an old soul.

7) Appreciating solitude

If you, like me, find joy in your own company and value the quiet moments of reflection it offers, you might just be an old soul.

There was a time when I felt out of place for enjoying my own company. While others were out socializing, I found comfort in solitude. It provided a space to think, to dream, to simply be.

Solitude isn’t about isolation; it’s about self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to reflect on life, understand our feelings, and gain clarity about our desires and ambitions.

For an old soul, these quiet moments of solitude are not lonely but fulfilling. They allow us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and find peace within our own thoughts.

8) Love for nostalgia

Have you ever found yourself lost in the past, reminiscing about the good old days? Maybe it’s an old song that brings back memories, a black and white movie that transports you to a different era, or a childhood book that reminds you of simpler times.

Old souls often have a deep appreciation for nostalgia. They are drawn to the past and find comfort in the familiarity it offers. It’s not about living in the past, but rather enjoying the warm memories it evokes.

This love of nostalgia often extends to vintage items – old vinyl records, antique furniture, or classic literature. These items carry a history with them that fascinates old souls.

9) Valuing wisdom over knowledge

In a world that often prioritizes information and facts, old souls value wisdom above all else. Knowledge is about learning and understanding the world around us, but wisdom goes a step further. It involves insight, intuition, and the ability to apply knowledge in meaningful ways.

For an old soul, wisdom is the ultimate form of wealth. You might enjoy listening to the stories of your elders, seeking lessons from past experiences, or simply spending time reflecting on life’s complexities.

If you’re naturally inclined towards the profound insights and rich understanding that wisdom offers, welcome to the old soul club—I’m right there with you. Prioritizing wisdom over mere knowledge is, in my book, the true hallmark of an old soul. 

An old soul in a modern world

Being an old soul in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world might sometimes feel like being a fish out of water. But it’s important to remember that it’s these very qualities – your love for simple pleasures, your yearning for deeper connections, your appreciation of wisdom – that make you who you are.

And while society may sometimes fail to understand or appreciate this outlook, it’s essential to stay true to yourself. The world needs its old souls. They bring a level of empathy, understanding, and wisdom that is both rare and precious.

So, if you see yourself in these nine simple pleasures, embrace your old soul. Treasure it. Nurture it. You are part of a rich tapestry of thoughtfulness and depth that traces back through generations. And that is something truly special.

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