If you experience these 8 intense emotions, you’re probably an empath

Do you share the feelings of others when you’re around them?

You may also feel emotionally drained after a social event. If you relate to these, you might be an empath.

You’re quick to absorb the emotions of others and pick up the energies of the people you’re around with. 

Empaths are likely to experience intense emotions such as the ones listed below, so read on to find out if you’re truly one of them.

1) Anxiety

As an empath, you’re absorbing people’s energies all the time. You may be a people person whom everyone loves hanging out with because you seem to understand everything they’re going through.

But sometimes, when you’re in a stressful environment, you feel this stress more keenly than others.

Moreover, with the people around you feeling the same way, this adds to your discomfort.

Perhaps you’re sitting for an important examination or are about to present to a room full of senior executives with your team members.

Your nerves may get the best of you and you end up freezing, unable to think or speak clearly.

In times like these, take a step back, breathe, and recharge. 

2) Sadness and grief

Being an empath may feel like you’re bearing everyone’s burdens. Regardless of what people come to you with, you immediately sense if someone is down and absorb the sadness they’re facing.

This may feel overwhelming especially when you’re with a group of people. Perhaps they had just lost someone they loved and are in mourning. Or perhaps the company you’re with decided to let go of a group of people abruptly.

You may not be directly impacted, but you feel the sadness and disappointment of everyone around you.

Sometimes, these emotions arise when you’re watching a movie, listening to songs, or reading a book. If these are about something sad, you’ll get really upset.

It may even be just an advertisement, but you’ll feel this sadness intensely. 

3) Joy and happiness

Conversely, when you’re in a room filled with people who are celebrating someone or something, your spirits are lifted immediately.

You absorb the joy and elation around you and are filled with super positive energy.

It’s as if these emotions are magnified within you.

When someone experiences a personal achievement or when you witness people going through happy moments, you’ll also experience the same degree of euphoria.

However, it does get tiring at times to manage these intense emotions, regardless if they’re positive or negative.

4) Anger or hatred

When there’s an argument going on, or there’s the beginning of tensions in the air, you’ll sense it first.

As an empath, one thing you dread most is conflict, because you’ll absorb all the negative energies emanating from the situation. As a result, this can cause significant distress. 

Moreover, if you witness someone being mistreated or there’s any form of injustice taking place, you’ll not only feel an intense hatred toward the person who’s responsible but also the anger of those who are suffering.

This will spur you to action as you work towards trying to make things right. You won’t let go until you’ve solved this issue.

5) Hurt

pic1004 If you experience these 8 intense emotions, you’re probably an empath

As an empath, being the subject of conflict will also cause you significant distress and hurt. If someone is criticizing you or arguing with you, these cut much deeper. 

You know that you’re the cause of the other party’s distress, but you’re also torn between standing up for yourself and helping the other person navigate this conflict. 

Similarly, when the people around you have been hurt by others, you’ll feel their emotions intensely. You may even cry along with them as they share with you what’s causing them this pain. 

6) Compassion 

Because people are always eager to spend time with you, you’re often pressured to help. You want to address whatever it is that’s causing them to feel hurt and upset because you don’t just understand what they’re going through.

You’re actually feeling these emotions alongside them. 

As an empath, you’re filled with compassion for those around you. You care deeply and are sensitive to their needs. You’ll even stop at nothing to help guide your friends through any challenges they may face because you know how they feel.

Sometimes, this desire to help may come at the expense of your well-being. 

While others may find it easy to disconnect, you have a hard time letting go. You feel that you need to care. 

If someone is in need, you’ll be the first one there. 

7) Love

Empaths in relationships love fiercely. They have a deep personal connection with their partners and are fully aware of what the other party feels. They know how their partners want to be loved and love with much affection.

As an empath, you can read your partner’s body language, and understand the underlying meaning between pauses and the tone they use. You may even know when they’re lying. 

Outside relationships, you also tend to protect your family and friends, or the people closest to you. 

You’re always emotionally available for this group of people and are constantly telling and showing them how much you value them in your life.

8) Guilt

With the emotional load empaths have to take on, this can get overwhelming at times. You may feel drained and prefer to be alone after a long period of social interaction. You’ll need to recharge before socializing again.

This may mean taking time off from helping people. As such, you may feel overwhelmingly guilty. Not only do you feel the negative emotions of those who need help, but you also feel helpless because you’re low on energy.

Perhaps you are unable to set healthy boundaries and this causes you to feel responsible for what the other person is feeling. You feel that you need to do something – even though it may drain you further. 


If you recognize most or all of these emotions – you’re an empath. You relate to people at a profound level and as a result, people trust you.

But because you’re hyperaware of other people’s emotions and constantly absorbing the energies of everyone around you, this can become unbearable.

It’s exhausting to take on the emotions of the people you meet. You may also lack the boundaries to say no. You’re compelled to help because as an empath, you’d want to solve everyone’s problems even if it means disregarding your wellbeing.

If you want to avoid burnout, be conscious of emotional triggers and practice self-control. Understand that other people’s feelings are not your responsibility, and the first person you should be taking care of is yourself.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take time to be alone. Find a quiet place to recharge. Rest, and when you’re physically and mentally able to socialize again, then go out and talk to people.

Remember that having empathy is a gift! You’re able to connect deeply with the people you love and create a strong network that will remain by your side. Just be mindful to set boundaries for yourself.

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