If you don’t worry about these 10 things, you’ve found true contentment

I realized early on that people who’ve won in life were those who’ve found true contentment. 

They’re some of the happiest people out there.

Even when things don’t go their way, they’ve learnt how to focus on the good instead.

When you’re truly contented, you stop worrying about these 10 things.

Are you one of them? Read on to find out. 

1) The future

You fully accept that you’ll never be certain about what the future holds.

You know that the decisions you make now may not end up with the ideal result that you envisioned for yourself. And that’s okay.

Because anything can happen between now and then.

As a result, you’re more focused on the present. You find that worrying about the future will rob you of your current state of happiness and joy.

You don’t leave everything to chance though. You still prepare and plan for the future, but you’re not overly worried about the outcome.

What matters most is that you’ll try your best and let things fall into place.

2) What others think of you

True contentment also looks like this: living life on your own terms without trying to please everyone around you.

Life’s too short to care about what other people think. It’s emotionally exhausting and extremely stressful because you end up second-guessing and doubting everything you do.

If you’re truly contented in life, you’ll prioritize yourself. You set boundaries and don’t concern yourself with what others say about you.

This is not to say that you completely disregard any and all comments about yourself though. If the feedback that you’re receiving is constructive and genuine, you’ll heed their advice, especially if it helps you become a better version of yourself.

But ultimately, you’re doing this for you and not for anyone else.

3) Gaining more possessions

One thing the world is caught up with is gaining more things. This could be money, luxury goods, or titles.

We equate having more possessions with increased wealth and social status, and this belief is constantly reinforced on social media.

But this doesn’t affect you at all.

You’re content with what you have. And this is something that not everyone can achieve in their lifetime.

Sure, you wouldn’t mind if you struck the lottery one day or if you were suddenly gifted an expensive car. But you wouldn’t mind not having either of these as well. 

What matters to you is the present; whatever you have now. 

The next thing that you probably don’t worry about is…

4) Competing with others

You’re so over this.

You may have spent a lifetime trying to outdo people, and this is also a very common thing to do as we find ourselves constantly comparing our lives with those on social media. 

But you’re way past that now.

Instead, you find yourself feeling happy for others when they’ve achieved what they want.

Maybe it’s a promotion or a life partner. Whatever it is, you’re not jealous of their success.

You try your best in what you do. If others do better, then great for them.

It doesn’t affect you at all as you’re living life on your own terms.

5) Winning arguments all the time

When you’re in conflict with another person, you try to find a compromise that would suit both parties.

You’d rather not fight or argue, because it’s truly a waste of effort and emotions.

If the other person refuses to listen or continues to be stubborn, you’d rather let the whole thing go. So what if they get the last word in?

You’re at peace knowing that you tried your best. The ball is in the other person’s court now.

It’s up to them to make a decision based on whatever was said. 

6) Whether they’re in a relationship or not

pic1041 1 If you don’t worry about these 10 things, you’ve found true contentment

For some, their relationship status is a big part of their identity.

It may even be the source of their happiness

Some would rather be attached – regardless of how well or how badly the relationship is going – because to them, it’s better than being single.

But those who are truly content don’t need a partner to fulfill themselves or define who they are. 

If you’re someone like this, you have a strong sense of self-worth. You place your identity on things that matter; like your values and beliefs.

And these are the things that allow you to remain rooted in being content with whatever you have

7) Career advancement or accolades

When I began working full-time, my career became a big part of my life. 

I found myself chasing after a higher salary, another promotion, and more recognition at work because I thought these were what what would satisfy me.

But after I attained a higher salary, or climbed further up the corporate ladder, I found myself wanting more. It was like a black hole of desire that never seemed to be filled. 

If you’re truly contented, the things you’d be chasing after would be aligned with what you believe in. And this extends to the decisions you make in your career.

Your career may not be glamorous and doesn’t pay much, but you’re there because it’s what you want. 

8) Attaining perfection

You also realize that attaining perfection is like chasing a rainbow. 

You can see it but no matter how hard you run after it, it constantly eludes you. 

That’s because a lot of the time, our idea of perfection is shaped by societal trends and expectations that are ever-evolving. 

A contented person knows that what’s more important is their peace and happiness. It’s about accepting who they are and acknowledging that they may not be the best in some things. 

But they’ll definitely put in the effort to improve in the areas that matter to them. 

9) The ‘could have’s and the ‘should have been’s

A lot of us spend time wondering how our lives would look like if we took a different path. 

If only we said yes to this opportunity; if only we hadn’t settled down so early; if only we had met this person sooner than later.

Some of us can spend hours imagining the possibilities of a reality that never happened. We become so caught up with regret and disappointment that we lose sight of the present.

But those who are truly content have learned how to focus on the now

They may reflect on the choices they’ve made so far, but at the end of it all, they strive to make the most of where they are.

10) Not having full control over everything 

We’d like to think that if we try hard enough, we can control the outcomes of a lot of things in our lives.

We eat right for better health, work hard at school or work so we can get a better job or gain more recognition – we even save and invest dutifully so we can retire in peace.

But no one is truly in control, and a multitude of factors can alter the course of our lives.

If you’re truly contented, no matter where life takes you, what matters is that you try your best in every situation and treasure the people closest to you. 


While it’s very normal to have moments of disappointment or worry, pursuing contentment will result in an overall improvement in your well-being.

Achieving contentment is a personal journey and no matter where you’re at in this, just keep going.

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