If you do these 7 things daily, you’re more ambitious than you realize

Have you been wondering, “Am I ambitious enough to reach my goals?” 

Do you want to learn what makes someone ambitious and what doesn’t?

Well, I’ve got the insider scoop!

And I’m going to share it with you. 

Yup, you guessed it. 

You’re about to find out if you, yes YOU, are cut from the ambitious cloth.

Sound good?

Let’s not waste time.

If you’re more likely to reach your dreams and rise above the rest, then… 

1) You set clear goals and prioritize

Do you have a roadmap and focus? Then you’re way more ambitious than you think!

You see, ambitious people are all about setting clear goals and prioritizing. They know they can’t make progress without doing this. 

Does it feel like setting goals gives you direction? A sense of purpose?

Do you feel more motivated and excited to do things when it sits like a target in front of you?

Ambitious people like this too. It helps them track progress and celebrate successes along the way. 

And if you’re setting goals, chances are you’re prioritizing the things you need to do to reach them. 

I know how life can feel like a juggling act. My list of opportunities, tasks, and distractions can sometimes feel endless. And when I try to do everything at once, I feel overwhelmed and fail at everything.

If you can’t relate, or you’ve been there but prioritize now, then you’re ambitious. For sure!

Being savvy enough to sort out what’s most important to you, what aligns with your long-term vision, and what deserves your time and energy is a huge skill. 

And if you’re setting those goals and prioritizing, it’s also likely that…

2) You plan everything and make lists

Imagine this scenario:

You have all your goals listed, and you’re ready to start. But wait – where exactly should you start?

If your response is something like, “I’ll make a list!” you’re more ambitious than you realize. 

Planning and making lists is a great way to sort out everything you need to do to reach your goals. 

Ambitious people like to organize their thoughts, tasks, and ideas. It’s like putting a roadmap together that will help them stay on course.

Plus, it can feel pretty good to check things off that list one by one – like leveling up in a video game, except it’s real life!

So, if you ever…

  • Make to-do lists
  • Time block
  • Use planners and apps
  • Keep goal journals
  • Create mind maps

Then you’re more ambitious than most. 

And while you love plans and lists, you’re probably still open to spontaneity and the occasional detour. 

Life can be unpredictable, and ambitious people know this. Sometimes we have to adapt. 

Being ambitious doesn’t mean you never venture and take risks. You could do this a lot! 

The difference is in the risk. 

While most people dive in without thought,…

3) You take calculated risks

If you know that taking risks is often a necessary part of your journey toward your goals, you’re ambitious – without a doubt!

Here’s the thing: 

Life is full of opportunities, and some of the best rewards come after stepping outside your comfort zone. 

Take me, for example.

I used to tell myself that becoming a freelancer was way unrealistic. Truth is, I was comfortable in my office job. Having that security felt good. 

But I knew that I would hate myself if I stayed there forever.

So, I took a huge risk and quit. 

Sure, I had a few gigs lined up and the determination to never go back, but it was still scary as hell!

I had to step outside the safe zone and take that calculated risk. If not, I’d probably still be stuck putting in the labor for someone else’s dream. 

So, if you know that always staying inside your comfort zone doesn’t get you anywhere, you’re more ambitious than you think. 

This isn’t about being a reckless gambler. More like playing poker with a strategic face…

It’s about weighing the pros and cons, researching, turning to experts, having a contingency plan, and trusting your instincts

4) You start your day with a routine

Do you have a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of your day? Do you believe it helps you start on the right foot and be more focused, energized, and in control?

If you’ve been nodding your head, you have way more ambition than most.

Morning routines are like a secret weapon for ambitious people. For them, it’s not about being set in their ways but about setting the stage for success!

Your routine could look however you’d like it to. 

There aren’t any rules.

But generally, most morning routines include:

  • Waking up early.
  • Taking a few moments for mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Exercising.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Spending a few minutes reading articles or listening to a podcast.
  • Setting priorities for the day.

If you don’t have a routine yet, try some of these and see how they work for you. Just remember to avoid distractions and be a little flexible. 

5) You take short courses

habits of a lifelong learner If you do these 7 things daily, you're more ambitious than you realize

Another thing ambitious people love is learning. And taking short courses is right up their alley!

If you’re drawn to short courses, you’re probably more ambitious than you think. Here’s why:

  • Short courses are time-efficient. Because they’re shorter, they can fit nicely into your already busy schedule, which means you choose them because you know how important prioritizing your time is.
  • Short courses narrow in on specific skills, and as an ambitious person, you know how vital developing these skills are for your career and personal goals. 
  • Most short courses are available online. If you’re opting for these, it’s a clear sign that you’re ambitious! 

The flexibility of online short courses perfectly aligns with your ever-changing lifestyle. 

Short courses also bring together like-minded people that can help you expand your network. If you’re taking these, you’re putting yourself one step ahead of competitors. 

And, of course, learning comes in many forms. 

If you prefer reading books, attending workshops, or getting hands-on experience, you’re ambitious too! 

The main takeaway here is that you like learning. And with your thirst for knowledge, it’s likely that…

6) You don’t procrastinate

It’s not that you’re immune to distractions or never fall into the procrastination trap. You’re human too!

But when you find yourself stuck, you have some tricks up your sleeve that help you get going again.

Sound familiar?

Then you’re ambitious!

Truth is, ambitious people have big goals and high standards. Sometimes this develops into a yearning for perfectionism which can lead to overwhelm. 

Eventually, you could get stuck, not knowing where to start. 

Procrastination occasionally rears its head, but if you’re truly ambitious your mindset helps you tackle it head-on!

You might be someone who…

  • Breaks down tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Sets deadlines and creates external accountability.
  • Minimizes distractions when it feels like your focus is swaying. 

Whatever it is, know that most people stay stuck in their procrastination cycle. If you can break free, your ambition is the driving force. 

7) You find ways to stimulate your brain

Are you the brainy friend who always has your thinking cap on? Do you constantly look for brain gains? Is curiosity your middle name?

If you’re thinking a big yes, then you’re more ambitious than you realize. 

Ambitious people can’t resist the allure of learning new stuff. They’re always hungry for more knowledge, and their brains are like sponges, soaking it all in. 

Staying sharp and adaptable helps you reach your goals. You know that the world is constantly changing, and you’ll do whatever you have to keep your brain up to date. 

Oiling your mental gears makes you ready for any challenge. 

And you know what else?

It’s not just about book smarts. 

If you’re big on playing mentally stimulating games, gaining hands-on experience, and improving your critical thinking skills, you’re one of these people too. 

But here’s the best part:

Whether you’re already ticking off these ambitious traits or just starting to dip your toes into the world of big dreams, remember that every step counts. 

You have the power to embrace your ambition and soar to new heights

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be brave, bold, and relentless in your pursuit of greatness. 

Every small action you take today can lead to extraordinary achievements tomorrow. 

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Natasha Combrink

Nats is a writer who loves creating content for purposeful brands. She enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, and diving down rabbit holes. After rediscovering life, she wants to help others live to their full potential. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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