If you do these 8 things, you’re definitely an old soul

No, you weren’t born in the wrong era. 

In fact, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

That sense of nostalgia you feel for times you’ve never lived, the profound wisdom you carry, and the way you find beauty in the simplest of moments—it’s all part of being an old soul in a modern world.

But what exactly does it mean to be an old soul, and how can you tell if you’re one of them?

In this article, we’ll explore eight distinctive behaviors that suggest you might just be one.

1) You approach everything with a level of maturity that’s far beyond your years

You might be relatively young, but you embody the wisdom and grace that usually come with age. You’re always the one who gets it together while everyone else is still figuring things out. 

It’s almost as if you’ve been through it all before, even if you haven’t. You make sound decisions, even when faced with peer pressure or the temptation to make impulsive choices.

However, you might also struggle with relating to people your own age because your interests and priorities are often different. While they’re all about the latest trends and gossip, you’re more focused on long-term goals and personal growth.

Sure, it can be a bit isolating at times, but you’re often seen as the voice of reason, the one people turn to for advice, and someone who’s dependable.

Plus, drama is simply not your thing. 

Maybe because you’ve witnessed enough of it within your own family to recognize that most of the things people stress over aren’t even worth it.

Which is why…

2) You choose your battles wisely

The thing about being an old soul is that you don’t just play the game of life; you master it. 

This means having a strategy and not getting tangled up in every little disagreement or conflict that comes your way, but instead focusing your energy where it really matters. 

Let me give you some examples.

On social media, someone posts something you strongly disagree with. You could engage in a lengthy and heated debate, or you can take a deep breath and decide to scroll past, saving your energy for more meaningful conversations. 

Here’s another one: During a family gathering, your cousin makes a snarky comment. You could turn your dinner into a full-blown family feud, or you could chuckle it off and enjoy your mashed potatoes. See? 

Choosing your battles wisely isn’t about being passive or avoiding conflict altogether. It’s about understanding the difference between the battles you can win and the ones that are better left alone. 

And sometimes, the best way to win a battle is not to fight it at all, especially when…

3) You feel things deeply

In other words, you’re highly sensitive.

A beautiful sunset can leave you in awe for hours. A heartfelt compliment can make your day. And a hug from a loved one can feel like a warm blanket for your soul.

But here’s the catch: big and difficult emotions can hit you hard, too. Rejection or criticism can easily affect you, and you might find yourself dwelling on these things longer than most people.

As an old soul who feels things deeply, you’re also more susceptible to overwhelm and stress. 

You might even identify as an empath. 

This means that you have the ability to sense and absorb the emotions of others. On the upside, people feel comfortable opening up to you because you just “get” them. On the other hand, you can soak up the energy of others and make it your own. 

Either way, it’s a gift. 

When you learn to fully embrace your sensitivity and set firm boundaries, your ability to feel things deeply is what adds color, depth, and meaning to your life’s experiences. No wonder…

4) You give great advice

pic1061 1 If you do these 8 things, you’re definitely an old soul

People turn to you because they value your perspective and insights. You always seem to understand where they’re coming from, even if you haven’t walked in their exact shoes. 

You have the powerful gift to not only discern the spoken word but also hear what’s not being said. What’s more, you recognize that life is complex and that what worked for you might not always work for someone else. 

Humbly, you admit that your guidance might not always lead to the desired outcome, but that’s okay, because your goal is not to control others’ lives but to help them gain insight, make better choices, or find comfort in your words.

But you know what really makes you a great advisor? You don’t strive to find the answer to everything, but you help others find their own. 

People also feel safe opening up to you because…

5) You practice non-judgement

One key trait of an old soul is being an unbiased observer, and this could manifest as: 

  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Listening to others without immediately forming opinions about what they’re saying, or
  • Silencing your inner critic that loves to categorize and criticize

You might find yourself asking questions like, “I wonder what led them to do that?” or “What kind of day are they having?”

No, this doesn’t make you a saint. 

You simply understand that we all have our own unique upbringing and experiences that shape our actions. This also includes being kind to yourself in every chapter of your life. You recognize that you’re always doing the best you can according to the level of consciousness you have. 

So you live each day with the conscious choice to approach yourself and other people with a compassionate heart, and in doing so…

6) You hold forgiveness in high regard without repressing your emotions

Forgiveness is not always easy, but your ability to choose it over grudges, even when difficult, makes you an old and wise soul.

However, you deeply understand that forgiveness can’t be rushed. It’s a process. 

According to The Holistic Psychologist, “Forgiveness culture runs so deep that we suppress people’s natural emotions and responses. It’s not a switch we can switch on. To (actually) forgive, we have to go through different stages and process different levels of emotion. Many people mistakenly think repression is forgiveness.”

You give yourself permission to grieve, be angry, or feel betrayed without judgment. You know the healing journey requires rest, self-care, and nurturing.

Eventually, you’ll be ready to put down the baggage and move forward. This doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning the hurt, but it signifies your commitment to release its hold on your life.

It also means that you acknowledge the human capacity for growth and change. 

You see the world as a place of possibility and potential, so it’s natural that…

7) You find meaning in almost everything

pic1248 If you do these 8 things, you’re definitely an old soul

You see life as a journey of learning and growth, and you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to expand your knowledge and understanding.

Even as a child, you were known for your curiosity. You would ask endless questions about the world around you, and you were always eager to try new things.

This perspective can make even the mundane seem magical. A cup of coffee becomes a ritual of comfort and mindfulness. A clear night sky filled with stars makes you feel small, but in a good way.

But it’s not all sunshine and enlightenment. 

Sometimes, you might analyze things to the point where it becomes exhausting, or you might struggle with accepting the randomness of life. 

After all, how can you find meaning in everything if some things are simply beyond your control?

Nonetheless, everything becomes a potential source of insight and inspiration.

So it’s no surprise that…

8) You take pleasure in the simple things

Being an old soul means you’ve seen the world change and evolve, so you find happiness in the small, often overlooked moments.

You’re the kind of person who can sit on a porch swing and feel a profound sense of contentment while watching the day go by. You recognize that joy isn’t just found in grand achievements but in the everyday magic that surrounds us. 

As an old soul, you’re often drawn to ordinary yet timeless activities, like:

  • Gathering around the dinner table to share a meal with loved ones
  • Receiving a handwritten letter from someone special
  • Sitting around a campfire or a cozy living room and sharing stories with others 

You might also stop to watch a ladybug crawl on a leaf or feel a sense of wonder when you see a rainbow after the rain.

By taking pleasure in the simple things, you build a sense of inner peace that you can tap into whenever you need it. 

Final thoughts

So, you think you might be an old soul

If you find yourself doing these eight things, there’s no denying it.

Yet, part of the journey is recognizing that you’re multifaceted.

You’re not just one thing; you’re a complex and ever-evolving human being.

So embrace your layers and live in the now

This is how you truly honor your soul. 

Julienne Merza

Julienne Merza

Hey, I'm Julienne - a freelance writer with a passion for all things spiritual, wellness, and personal growth. I practice slow living in the countryside, where I have constant access to trees, wildflowers, and bodies of water. I love romanticizing the mundane and finding magic in life's simple moments. Through my work, I aspire to share my stories of healing and overcoming. If you feel aligned with my energy, please say hi to me on Instagram: @irishjulienne

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