If you do these 10 things, you’re definitely an introvert

We often hear about the loud and outgoing characteristics of extroverts. 

If anything, it’s difficult not to hear over their loud chatter and buzz, as they tend so much to thrive in the spotlight.

But what about those on the other side of the scale; the quieter, more introspective traits of introverts?

A less studied, less seen species (who tend to relish residing within the safe comforts of their own homes), introverts also deserve an occasional slot in the spotlight.

And with awareness comes the ability to better understand and support others, and perhaps also yourself.

So let’s dive in and uncover these 10 signs that indicate you definitely live on the introverted side of life:

1) You’re a big fan of your own company

As an introvert, there’s a good chance that you’re perfectly content spending time alone. 

In fact, sometimes the days fly by without you speaking to anyone (bar perhaps your resident dog, cat or hamster.)

Now, it’s not that you don’t enjoy the company of others. There are some people whose company you simply adore. 

However, you just do find that more often than not, your own company is often more than enough. 

And whether it’s reading an engrossing book, working studiously, or simply taking a stroll, you just have no issues with hanging out with yourself. 

Unlike many others, you don’t feel the need to constantly be surrounded by other people to feel fulfilled or happy. 

Rather, you cherish the moments of quiet and tranquility that being alone can provide.

2) Your social battery runs out quickly

Like a Duracell bunny, you only have so much to give when it comes to social situations.

There comes a point in the night, or at the dinner party, or on a group holiday, when you just seem to fizzle out.

Your feet feel heavy, your lips sealed. 

People ask you if everything is okay – and it is. 

You just need that recharge time, sequestered away in your own company.

And it’s not that you don’t like people or enjoy social events. You can be social and chatter away and dance ‘til the sun comes up, but inevitably there comes a point where you expire. 

These activities just take a lot out of you. 

But give it a few hours reading in bed or a solo-swim in the sea and you’ll be up and ready to socialize again. 

At least until the battery next depletes…

3) You’re a fantastic listener

Introverts can find themselves rather misunderstood. 

Their quiet natures and lack of forceful conversation can lead others to believe them disinterested or detached. 

But in reality, they’re probably absorbing every word. Like a sponge. Thoughtfully processing the information far more than anyone more extroverted, who prefers talking.

And you’re not just hearing either; you’re actively listening.

A strong empath, you take the time to understand others’ perspectives and feelings. This makes you an excellent friend and confidante when people do take the time to get to know you better and allow you to open up.

These active listening skills also mean that when you do speak up, your words are well thought out, cover every possible perspective, and are full of insight.

4) You’re incredibly self aware

Live in your head, perchance? 

As an introvert, you’re probably very aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This self-awareness allows you to understand yourself on a deep level. 

You’re likely to be in tune with your inner world, which often expands from overthinking (and a tad of anxiety) to a rich and complex dreamscape in which you love to immerse yourself.

Particularly on long and boring commuter journeys.

Your self-awareness means you also prefer to navigate situations based on your internal compass rather than external influences, so you’re not one to fall to peer-pressure easily.

This introspective nature often extends towards that heightened sense of empathy for others, as you tend to understand different viewpoints and emotions and be cordial towards everyone.

5) You prefer a close-knit circle of friends over a bunch of acquaintances

Rather than having a massive social circle of people you hardly know, you much prefer deep and meaningful relationships.

You enjoy having a few close friends who truly understand you, who you can call upon in need, and who never judge you.

You’ve also built these great relationships because you invest time and energy into building them, and equally appreciate those who provide you with the same energy in exchange. 

And yes, whilst you may not be the life of the party, your loyal, thoughtful nature makes you a cherished friend to those lucky enough to know you well.

6) You think before you speak

phrases narcissistic use If you do these 10 things, you’re definitely an introvert

Now, I know you. You probably aren’t one to blurt out the first thought that comes to mind. 

Instead, you take your time; processing your thoughts internally before sharing them with others. This means that when you do choose to share your thoughts, they’re no doubt well thought out and constructed in a cohesive manner. 

Your words are meaningful and well-articulated…even if you do occasionally stumble or stammer in points of anxiety or stress.

This ability to think ahead and cover all options can make you an excellent problem-solver, as you take the time to consider all angles before making an informed decision.

7) You cherish deep connections and conversations

Surface-level chatter doesn’t cut it. No, not at all.

You yearn for depth and meaning in your interactions

You crave conversations that go beyond the weather being a little gloomy today, or gossip about the lady downstairs.

No, you’d far rather delve into dreams, fears, passions, and the mysteries of life. 

These deep connections nourish your soul and help you feel understood and valued. 

And whilst it’s true that you may not open up to everyone, you do love it when you find that special someone who understands and appreciates your depth and can bounce the most intricate of topics off you.

8) Crowded places overwhelm you

Crowded, noisy places can lead quickly to a sensory overload. 

The noises, the smells, the feeling of being packed like sardines…it can be all too much. 

You might well also fall into the category of a highly sensitive person, too.

It’s not that you’re antisocial or shy, but these environments can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed.

You often prefer quieter, more intimate settings to loud and bustling ones. 

Sure, you’ll pull up your boots and head out clubbing once in a while, but you’d far prefer the quiet serenity of a peaceful beach or cozy coffee shop.

9) You’re often in your own head

Daydreaming, pondering, analyzing – your inner world can be a busy place. There’s a lot going on in there.

You often find yourself lost in thought, even when you’re in a crowded room surrounded by loads of other people.

This introspective nature means you’re often thinking about and processing information more than you might outwardly express. 

And yes, this can make you seem distant or preoccupied (or at times rude) to others who don’t understand you so well.

However, it’s simply a part of your thoughtful and contemplative nature.

10) You prefer writing over talking

If you’re anything like me, the written words flow…even if the spoken ones don’t.

It’s not uncommon that introverts express themselves better in writing than in conversation. 

You much prefer taking time to gather your thoughts and find that emotions do flow when written with an old school pen and paper, or even a keyboard and screen.

Writing allows you to carefully craft your words, edit your thoughts, and convey your message in a way that feels most authentic to you

You know that people do appreciate an in-person discussion (especially when it comes to controversial topics or disagreements

Whether it’s a heartfelt letter, an insightful blog post, or even just a thoughtful text message, written communication is where you shine.

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