If you display these 11 behaviors, you’re starting to change your life

Waiting for life to change can feel like watching paint dry. 

Not because it’s boring, but because the real change is happening inside you.

So if you really want to know if you’re starting to change in a way that matters, look in the mirror.

Here are 11 behaviors that you’ll display when you’re starting to change your life.

1) You’re not as worried

Whatever it is that you’re trying to change, the fear of change itself can cause us to feel anxious.

I think it’s because it makes us think about failure, as well as feel overwhelmed by all the potential risks involved.

But as you lean into the way your life begins to transform, these challenges pose less as mountains, but as the trees that surround you.

Think of it as being caught in the eye of the storm versus watching it loom upon you.

So you might have more confidence in your abilities as you go from embodying fear to acceptance.

Because you know it’s better to feel scared temporarily, than live your life in the comfort of ignorance.

2) You see your challenges as opportunities

The best part about change is that it teaches us how difficulties only make you stronger.

And sometimes, things are only difficult because it’s new.

Therefore, the more comfortable you get pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, the easier these kinds of challenges will become.

Sure, life should be more than just about becoming stronger. Which is why it’s best experienced as a byproduct of something else that you’re trying to change.

For example if you’re trying to become better at managing your emotions, becoming more resilient will be a part of you broadening your coping skills.

So this will be a shift in your perspective where you know that living an easy life means you’re living just like everyone else.

3) You’re are more authentic than ever

Change requires you to look inwards and decide who you want to be outside of everyone’s expectations.

It requires you to be decisive about what you want, not just what you don’t like. 

Standing up for yourself will be more than knowing how to say “no.” You’ll understand the power of your yeses too.

You won’t be as affected by what people think of you and there’s a sense of pride in being who you truly are. 

Even if that’s still a work-in-progress.

So being authentic will make everything you do feel more meaningful without it being too serious. 

It’ll be effortless.

4) You’re genuinely grateful

Gratitude can be something a lot of people only remember when they realize how ungrateful they’ve been.

That happens when you become too comfortable in your life.

No matter what your religion is, when you’re in the midst of change, your life will become a moving prayer. 

Which is a fancy way of saying that you’re becoming more intentional. 

All the points above indicate a person who sees the bigger picture. And how it is only colorful when you believe in yourself.

So if you want to stay grateful, keep believing in yourself.

And be grateful for all the challenges and seemingly insignificant events that got you to where you are now.

Along with a birds eye view, you’ll look at the trees with more appreciation – literally and figuratively.

5) You’re able to observe your emotions

pic1057 1 If you display these 11 behaviors, you're starting to change your life

Remember back to who you were when you first wanted to change. 

All those emotions served their purpose to let you in on some VIP insights about yourself.

Like how your anxiety told you that you were at the brink of something new. Or how your anger taught you to change what you allowed in your life.

Repressing your feelings is the same as processing them with shame. It will cloud your perspective by making yourself responsible for all the wrong things.

That’s how a lot of people play victim instead of focusing on what is in their control.

So it’s like your emotions are compasses! Learn to use them and you’ll never be truly lost.

6) You’re able to identify self-sabotage

What’s change’s #1 enemy?

If you guessed self-sabotage, you’re correct!

Change is scary and there’s no shame in admitting that you fought your need for it before you committed to it.

There are a lot of thoughts and unconscious beliefs we might subscribe to that keep us stagnant. 

For example, I became extremely paranoid every time I thought of what I truly desired. And not going forward with what I wanted was my way of keeping myself safe.

These thoughts weren’t present when I was living a predictable life. When really, there are potential dangers everywhere!

Not self-sabotaging will feel like you’re going against the grain because a lot of people aren’t aware that they do it. 

So this is where you really need to think for yourself, no one knows you better than you do.

7) You’re asking for help

Weeding through what your needs are in order to be open to change will allow you to know how to ask for help in a way that will benefit you differently.

For example, you might start asking for advice from people who are living a lifestyle that you admire

Or asking for more support at work or your environment so you can focus on yourself.

Who you want to become is your responsibility and you have to put in the work to make it happen. 

But I find that asking for help in this way is a way to externalize change and keep yourself accountable.

Almost like you’re soft-launching your new life.

8) You’re becoming more independent

Which isn’t about absolving yourself of responsibilities or isolating yourself. In fact, it’s the opposite!

Independence comes in to help you see how you can change on your own time.

For instance, taking care of yourself like cooking, cleaning and living! Knowing how to support yourself forces you to take your power back.

This will be the hardest practical change because you have to learn how to stay disciplined. But the truth is that change goes hand in hand with growing up. 

Especially if you’re a young adult, there’s always plenty of room to grow up. 

Watching yourself become more independent will also help you see yourself differently. 

You’ll become the source of your inspiration no matter how much progress you seem to be making on the outside.

9) You know how to motivate yourself

pic1091 If you display these 11 behaviors, you're starting to change your life

Perhaps the greatest blessing that change brought me involved how I saw myself. 

It happens right after you confront your fear of failure and see how you’re still alive. 

The feeling of conquering yourself becomes a lot more satisfying than your need to control everything around you.

From then on, your perception of success won’t rely so heavily on if everything went as planned. But rather how you were left changed by trying.

I think this was the biggest sign that I had changed because I felt like my goals became more realistic.

So not only did crushing them become easier, but noticing how far I had come wasn’t as difficult. 

Like the training wheels came off and I no longer needed everyone else to tell me that I’ve grown to believe it.

Not to mention, not being bogged down by illusions of inadequacy because of rejection definitely helps you preserve your energy.

10) You’re not as affected by rejection

The point isn’t to eradicate disappointment from your life. That’s just a part of being human.

But not being as affected by rejection is about not reacting to your disappointment in a way that makes you believe you’re inferior.

That will just make you go backwards and influence your future decisions when all you needed to do was try again!

Being undefined by your rejections will express itself as a desire to try new things, along with a general sense of calmness that you exude.

So your goal is less to get the most yeses as possible, but to find opportunities that deserve to have your eggs in their baskets.

It’s amazing how an abundance mindset can help you not exhaust yourself at the expense of other people’s decisions.

11) You can handle more responsibilities

A lot of people feel drained by their responsibilities because they’re stuck doing things that they don’t want to do.

Of course life isn’t all about doing things you want to do all the time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to manage your time and energy better.

Again, it doesn’t matter how you’re changing your life

Becoming more responsible just means you don’t feel as intimidated by what you ask of yourself in order to become who you want to be.

It happens with time and patience so you might not even notice this gradual growth in your threshold.

You’ll just feel like you’re going with the flow as you take things one day at a time – and you’re not complaining.

Changing your life doesn’t come with any guarantees.

Just because you commit to it, doesn’t mean you’ll always know where you’ll end up.

But by the time you notice how you’ve changed, the destination won’t matter. Because you know that the path you’re on is your own.

And there’s nothing better than knowing everything is as it should be.

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