If you display these 9 behaviors, you’re almost certainly an INFJ

Intuitive, creative, and misunderstood are only a few ways to describe INFJs. People with this personality are considered peculiar and unique in their habits, but I’m sure that the biggest question on your mind is, “What exactly is an INFJ?” 

An INFJ is someone who is intuitive, introverted, and sensitive to feeling and judging. In fact, these standout traits are why they’re called INFJs. 

They like to have things done a certain way, and while they come across as shy and introverted, they have a really big heart and like to lend a hand or an ear because they’re such good listeners. 

But their most distinguishing traits are their emotional intelligence and strong intuition. At times, it plays to their strengths of compassion and insight but can also lead to burnout and loneliness. 

Am I describing your personality? 

Well, if you display these 9 behaviors, you’re most certainly an INFJ, and it’s time to start embracing your uniqueness. 

1) You’re a perfectionist. 

True INFJs like to keep their lives and their things organized. They’re deep thinkers and like to make early plans because it gives them direction and eases their uncertainty. 

What this particular Myers-Briggs personality type doesn’t enjoy is when people let them down. They’re compassionate people, and they simply can’t fathom why someone would hurt them. 

They also struggle when things get in the way of them reaching their goals and will climb mountains to achieve whatever they put their minds to. 

Whether a job opportunity, an academic pursuit, or growing a family, as an INFJ, you have an unstoppable attitude and an active mind. It can keep you up at night thinking about your next step to ensure things work out in a specific way. 

If a plan fails or people don’t live up to your expectations, it creates such discomfort that you end up feeling demotivated, like you want to quit as soon as something doesn’t work. 

You’re considered a perfectionist because your life needs to follow a certain path or specific steps for you to get to where you want to be. 

While it’s fantastic to be so driven, on the other side of the coin, you’re trying to be perfect in everything you do, which places you under pressure and makes it hard to see new opportunities along the way. 

2) You’re sensitive. 

Sensitive individuals are more receptive to the needs of others, and they’re thought of as kind and considerate. Some INFJs would rather quietly talk to animals than people, and it could be the reason they’re seen as peculiar. 

Maybe you’d describe yourself this way? 

But your most defining behavior is your ability to stand by your moral beliefs and standards to the point of getting upset with anyone who challenges them. That’s because you know that you would fight tooth and nail to stand up for what you believe in. 

But whether your reaction is to retaliate or retreat, others describe you as being very sensitive because you get your back up so quickly. 

You don’t have to say much to hurt the feelings of INFJs, which is the reason they’re seen as overly sensitive. 

3) You’re a good listener. 

One behavior of an INFJ that most people gravitate towards is their ability to provide a shoulder to cry on. No matter what they’re going through, and that includes time out to recharge their batteries; they will listen when someone needs their support. 

I can definitely see myself here. I’m more of a listener than a talker. 

When you’re in a position where you’re fighting your demons and a friend or relative calls just needing to talk, you find it near impossible to say no. 

It’s just part of who you are; despite it taking an emotional toll, you can be present and attentive by listening to the people you care about.

Being a good listener is always a favorable trait, and it’s probably one of the many reasons that INFJs can make such strong connections with others. 

4) You prefer solitude. 

Some might call them too private, but one thing’s for sure: when you’re an INFJ, you need your solitude

Time on your own is not about isolating yourself from the world and falling into a dark hole of emotions. It’s about recharging your emotional batteries. 

You’ve got to be an INFJ if you feel this way: 

After a night out with friends, you just want to be alone. It’s not that you had a bad time; it’s that socializing in small amounts is all you can handle. 

I know of an INFJ who stayed at home for a week after just one day of activity. 

Even though this personality type is considered reserved, they are deep thinkers who are true creatives, and their solitary approach helps them figure out the meaning of life. 

5) You’re quiet and private.

if you recognize these signs youre quietly growing as a person If you display these 9 behaviors, you're almost certainly an INFJ 

I loved a description of an INFJ personality that I came across, which read, “We might be quiet, but we do have a lot to say.” 

It sums up this personality type perfectly. 

Despite their introversion and not always having a lot to say, don’t underestimate an INFJ. They will stand up for themselves if they think that their beliefs are under attack. 

Another side of INFJs that ties in with their quietness is their need for privacy. 

Acquaintances and people you meet might perceive you as shy and private because you’re more of a listener and you don’t open up very easily. You can talk to your close friends and family about personal matters, but you prefer to keep your close circles very small. 

You also have some difficulty making new friends because you’re very picky about who you trust and show your vulnerabilities to. 

When you do form friendships, they’re extremely close and last a lifetime. 

6) You’re very insightful. 

As an intuitive, introverted, feeling, and judging type, you’re very perceptive. If you can’t understand something, you’re passionate about figuring it out, and you think very deeply about the people and the world around you. 

You rely on your insight to decipher problems. 

This is a really good thing because it allows you to see through the lies and manipulation so you can form a true and honest opinion. 

Let’s just say that INFJs are pretty good at connecting the dots, and they do this very quickly when trying to grasp a world problem or learn where someone is coming from. 

Along with their insight, they have a strong sense of intuition and heavily rely on their gut instincts when making decisions or questioning someone’s motives. 

7) You’re decisive. 

An INFJ can be introverted, a little odd, and one-sided, which makes them hard to figure out, but they don’t mess around when it comes to making decisions. 

Traits such as passion, intuition, and incredible determination mean that you don’t allow obstacles to get in the way of reaching your goals. 

As an INFJ, you take risks, and this kind of open-mindedness helps you pursue greater rewards than those who prefer to remain in their comfort zones. 

In terms of being a go-getter, you definitely aren’t shy or withdrawn, and your tenacity helps you get ahead. 

8) You reach the brink of burnout. 

A quiet and private lifestyle means that you spend plenty of time in your own world and with your own thoughts. Taking on others’ problems apart from your own can lead to feeling overwhelmed, and you eventually reach mental exhaustion. 

Being stubborn, you want to right all the wrongs and solve the problems of society if you could, but without seeking help for your own emotional challenges. 

Combine your solitary lifestyle and compassion with stubbornness, and you can see why you would feel stressed out. 

When life feels like it’s getting too much to handle, you tend to retreat. 

It’s good to recharge, but don’t sacrifice your mental health by trying to carry the world on your shoulders. 

9) You’re a helper. 

The intuitive personality type feels a deep need to help the people they love no matter what they’re going through. It’s because they have a high emotional intelligence and will go out on a limb to show their support. 

Even at their own expense. 

After lending an ear and a shoulder to cry on, INFJs must take time out to revitalize and regroup their emotions. 

I would describe this behavior as altruistic, and if you’re giving all the time, it’s no wonder that you reach a point where you need time out. 

INFJs are one of the most misunderstood personalities, and most of them will tell you that they can relate to being called misfits. 

But despite their quirks, they make incredible friends, and they’re always willing to help the people they build connections with. While their need for privacy can get in the way of their social lives and meeting new people, it helps regulate their emotions. 

Ultimately, if you can relate to these 9 INFJ behaviors, you should embrace your intuitive and introverted personality with pride. 

You have many strengths that allow you to think about the world differently, and your compassion speaks volumes about your character. 

So go on and embrace being a strong and introverted INFJ with a heart of gold. 

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