If you display these 12 behaviors, you’re a natural born leader

Being a natural born leader comes with a unique set of challenges as you realize your own sovereignty.

So not knowing you are one is a rite of passage of sorts. But there will be signs…

From start to finish, here are 12 behaviors you’ll display if you’re a natural born leader.

1) You don’t feel like you fit in anywhere

You’re weird!

Everyone’s weird! But I mean that you’re weird and never felt like it helped you belong.

It’s likely that you always felt like you couldn’t rely on others to solve your problems. And it’s not because you’re not open to their perspectives.

But because you experience solutions by seeking them, as well as finding them.

While it may have felt lonely when you were younger, as an adult you feel confident in yourself because you found a home within.

And the perk of finding your own answers?

It makes you a great teacher.

2) You’re a great teacher

A leader is often depicted as someone who has followers. 

Or the person that everyone listens to because they’re the loudest in the room.

But that’s what differentiates a person who is influential from a person who has influence over others.

The former encourages people to find their own answers, while the other sells theirs.

So a part of being a good teacher is providing space for people to question everything, including you! You value their freedom over their loyalty.

Because you know it’s the only way they’ll define life on their own terms, which you happen to value deeply.

3) You define life on your own terms

You know yourself like the back of your own hand!

What you like, dislike, your strengths and your weaknesses.

All your decisions will likely be well thought out because your mind’s like a calculator for what you need in that moment of your life.

Along with your weirdness and knack for freedom, you’ll have your own quirks and way of doing things. 

Like a battery that can power itself, you derive satisfaction from having done things your own way instead of your achievements.

Which is the complete opposite from how society defines success.

4) You inspire yourself

Kind of a given, considering you take pride in having your own philosophies.

I find that people who are natural born leaders have this air of silent confidence about them.

And you could say that it comes with having to rely on yourself to feel understood.

But it’s also one of those things that doesn’t always have a logical reasoning! Some people are just born with it.

So they don’t think twice about congratulating themselves or notice all the small wins people might overlook by being unnecessarily hard on themselves.

And it’s why you never back down from a challenge because you know that to let someone else handle it would be to hide from your greatness.

5) You don’t back down easily

pic1007 If you display these 12 behaviors, you’re a natural born leader

To follow your instincts is to listen to your intuition. 

Some call it stubbornness, but those who know call it having conviction.

In other words, you know what you’re about – so why deny it?

People often rely on the outcomes of their decisions because they lack authority in their own life to see meaning in their actions.

It’s why we see so many corrupt leaders that prey on people who need someone to tell them what to believe in.

But not you – you’d rather be wrong and be able to say that you listened to yourself.

6) You stand up for others

Where you refuse to conform, you never lack heart.

Because you’re not a rebel without a cause – being a leader is more than just being in control of your life.

Like I already said, you value freedom for yourself and everyone else. And you’re not afraid to help someone out by speaking up for them.

This is likely something that was inherent about you since you were young.

Being able to stand up for others demonstrates an ability to hold space for your problem solving skills and empathy. 

Making you a natural at embodying compassionate empathy.

7) You are able to hold space for many things to be true at once

In other words, you’re a walking contradiction!

Compassionate empathy is defined as being able to understand someone as much as you can feel them.

Helping you help them in a way that offers emotional and practical support.

What a lot of people don’t talk about is how important it is to be able to hold nuance in your mind.

It’s what allows you to connect with so many different kinds of people. 

You don’t limit yourself by how you think you should be, so why would you do that to anyone else?

To be able to hold space means you’ve had to feel it yourself firsthand – it’s no surprise that your strengths are directly related to your sensitive nature.

8) You are sensitive to your environment

How else would you be able to understand so many different perspectives?

When you enter a room, it’s like your senses automatically do a vibe check

Suddenly you’re aware of the things said, unsaid, and everything in between. It might be a bit annoying at times because it’s not like you asked for these insights. 

But just know that you only are able to perceive these nuances and energies because you have the capacity to do so. And a capacity to understand is a capacity to grow!

Meaning your threshold for handling stress and pressure is greater than most – if you learn to embrace it.

9) You can withstand more stress than others

This one’s likely something you had to grow into.

It might have started off as a drive for taking initiative that you saw in yourself. 

That a lot of people your age seemed to lack. You might have fought against it in your adolescence because it made you worry too much. 

But as an adult, you see the value of dealing with things head on. In fact you prefer it because it gives you the freedom and control improve your own life.

As well as use that power to help others by staying a few steps ahead of them.

Intentionally? Only sometimes. 

And there’s no denying that it keeps your life interesting.

10) You get bored easily

pic1222 If you display these 12 behaviors, you’re a natural born leader

Again, another one that can be more of a problem in your youth.

Our society doesn’t make leaders. 

They make themselves!

And it’s also worth mentioning that people who lead themselves aren’t exactly profitable.

So it’s not so often that you’ll see people talk about how restlessness and impulsivity are signs of a great leader.

And how are you supposed to know unless you make mistakes and go the wrong way a few times?

As your morals and values become solidified, so will the way you spend your time. Leaving more room for potential growth within your need for constant action.

For example, by helping you become more independent and successful!

11) You strive for independence

Becoming independent in every sense of the word is very important to you. 

To the point where people have accused you of being too independent.

Though they don’t seem to be related, the fear of being alone and the fear of being self-sufficient are closely linked. 

It’s important you don’t allow the opinions of others to influence your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Because the line between healthy independence and hyper independence is one that you’ll have to draw yourself. 

Especially because your need for independence isn’t shallow – it’s because you want to do what you believe is for the betterment of yourself and others.

Not everyone will understand that, and that’s why you need to stay disciplined if you want to nurture the leader within you.

12) You value discipline

Not only do you rarely give up, but you don’t mind when there’s a little friction in your own desires.

The key to mastering discipline is knowing what you want to be consistent about, what you’re willing to bend for, and what falls in between.

I find that it’s the only way you’ll be able to stay as logical as you are emotional. 

It forces you to be honest about what you’re capable of, but also not fall into the traps of self-doubt because you weren’t able to work like a machine.

Observe the way your emotions and thoughts affect your time and energy! Sometimes that’s all you need in order to become more disciplined.

A natural born leader will be aware of their own greatness, but oblivious to how other people can also see it.

Because they’re humble? Maybe.

Or maybe they just don’t care.

Which is refreshing to say the least in a world full of people who crave the public’s adoration.

So refreshing that you wouldn’t mind following them into the unknown by becoming aware of your own greatness.

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