If you and your partner have overcome these 9 challenges, you’ve got a stronger relationship than most

No relationship is perfect, and if you’ve ever been in one, you know this is an understatement. 

Every couple faces their share of battles, and it’s how you handle these struggles together that really tests your strength as a unit. I know I’ve had moments in my own marriage that felt like make-or-break points. 

Truth is, there are certain challenges that are especially hard for couples to overcome. But once they do, it’s a pretty good sign that their relationship is more resilient than most. 

Want to know how you and your partner measure up? Well, if you’ve come out the other side of these 9 challenges, chances are, your relationship is stronger than  most. 

Let’s dive in. 

1) Financial problems

Money matters are one of the most common causes of friction in relationships.

In fact, it can often feel like a minefield of potential arguments, from who’s paying for dinner to long-term savings and retirement plans.

Real talk – it’s not about having a lot of money. It’s about how you manage what you have together. That’s what sets your relationship apart from most.

Overcoming financial challenges requires open communication, understanding and compromise.

If you and your partner have managed to find a balance, discuss money openly and honestly, and come up with a financial plan that works for both of you, that’s a true testament to your relationship strength.

2) Long distances

There’s nothing quite like the strain of a long-distance relationship. 

I remember when I first moved to New York for work, leaving my partner back in California. 

We were already prepared for how hard it would be, but even so, it was incredibly difficult. 

We had to learn how to communicate differently, how to keep the spark alive without physical intimacy and how to trust each other implicitly.

But we weathered it. We found new ways to share our lives, from video dinner dates to sharing pictures of mundane daily activities. It wasn’t easy, but it made us stronger.

If you and your partner have managed to bridge the distance and keep your love alive, it’s a clear indicator of a strong bond that is rare and special. 

Just like my partner and I discovered, distance doesn’t necessarily mean disconnect, it can also mean growth, as long as you’re willing to make the effort.

3) Major life changes

Similarly, major life changes, such as career switches, moving cities, or starting a family, can put immense pressure on a relationship. 

These transitions require adaptation and often come with a host of unforeseen challenges. And if partners aren’t flexible, it can be difficult to get past these upheavals. 

If you and your partner have faced significant transitions head-on, supporting each other through the process, it’s an undeniable sign of a strong relationship. 

It’s not just about surviving the change, but growing together through it.

4) Trust issues

I’m sure you know this already – trust is the bedrock of any relationship. Once it’s broken, it can be incredibly hard to rebuild.

Whether it’s a small lie or a significant betrayal, overcoming trust issues requires genuine remorse, open communication, and consistent actions over time. 

It’s a long and often painful journey that tests the strength of your commitment to each other.

If you and your partner have successfully worked through trust issues, it’s proof of your willingness to forgive, and more importantly, your capacity to rebuild. 

It’s the epitome of ‘for better or for worse’, and it sets your relationship apart as one that can weather any storm.

5) Health crises

Illness can be a massive challenge for any relationship. The stress of dealing with medical procedures, the emotional toll of sickness, and the potential financial strain can all contribute to creating a crisis.

I know a couple who often disagreed on lots of things. But when the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, the husband stepped up in ways no one could have predicted. 

He became her unwavering support system, managing her appointments, taking care of meals, and being there for every chemotherapy session. 

Watching them, I realized that it’s not the daily disagreements that define a relationship but how you come together when it truly counts.

Their journey through this health crisis didn’t just test their relationship; it transformed it. The experience brought them closer, forging a bond built on mutual respect and profound empathy. 

They learned to communicate more effectively and prioritize what really matters. It’s a powerful reminder that sometimes, the toughest challenges can bring out the best in us and in our relationships.

6) Loss 

If you want to avoid codependency in a relationship start saying no to these things If you and your partner have overcome these 9 challenges, you've got a stronger relationship than most

Experiencing a loss, be it a family member, a close friend or even a cherished pet, is another heartbreaking ordeal. The pain can be overwhelming and often, people grieve in different ways.

Yet, if you and your partner have found a way to support each other through the heartache, to share the pain and find comfort in each other, you’ve discovered one of the most profound depths of togetherness.

It’s in this shared sorrow that you realize your partner isn’t just your lover, but also your confidante, your rock, your safe haven. 

Enduring loss together and emerging stronger is a testament to the unshakeable bond you share. It’s an unequivocal sign that you have a stronger relationship than most.

7) Fading passions

Another issue that’s hard to get past is fading passion. 

Of course, every relationship goes through phases where the initial spark seems to dim. 

I recall a time in my marriage when we got so caught up in our routines that we started taking each other for granted. The passion was fading, and it felt like we were more roommates than romantic partners.

But because we did love each other, we committed to bringing that spark back. We began to date each other again, surprise each other and most importantly, communicate openly about what we were feeling.

Couples who have this kind of self-awareness and commitment are undeniably going to be able to get past that. 

It shows that they’re willing to put in the effort to keep the fire alive, and that’s a quality only found in the strongest relationships.

8) Different growth paces

In a relationship, it’s crucial to remember that you are two individuals who are growing together. 

There can be times when one person’s growth might outpace the other’s, leading to feelings of insecurity or inadequacy.

However, if you and your partner have managed to celebrate each other’s individual growth while also nurturing your shared growth as a couple, you’ve accomplished something truly remarkable.

It shows that you can balance personal aspirations with shared dreams, and that you’re committed to supporting each other’s journey. This delicate balance is a hallmark of a strong relationship.

9) Mastering the art of compromise

At the heart of every successful relationship is the art of compromise. It’s not about one person always getting their way, but finding a middle ground that respects both partners’ needs and desires.

Compromise doesn’t mean giving up on what you want, but rather creating a solution that’s a win-win for both parties. It’s about understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.

If you and your partner have managed to foster a relationship where compromise comes naturally, it means you understand an important truth: 

For a relationship to work, harmony must come first over ego. 

That’s the true measure of a stronger relationship than most.

Final thoughts: It’s all about resilience

The complexities of relationships often boil down to one essential trait: resilience.

This trait is what allows couples to navigate through the ebbs and flows, the trials and triumphs, the highs and the lows.

Dr. John Gottman, a renowned relationship expert, states that couples who manage to weather life’s storms together demonstrate a “relationship resilience” that sets them apart from others.

If you and your partner have overcome these nine challenges, it’s a testament to your relationship resilience. 

You’ve managed to create a bond that is not just strong but also adaptable, capable of withstanding hardships and emerging stronger.

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