If you adopt these 11 daily habits, you’ll be a stronger person in no time

A strong person is someone that doesn’t hide from themselves or neglect themselves.

After all, aren’t most of our fears all a reflection of the one we have toward ourselves?

And the ones that aren’t, don’t they feel less daunting when we feel like we have our own backs? 

If you’re interested in finding the best ally within yourself, adopt these 11 daily habits. 

You’ll be a stronger person in no time.

1) Feel your emotions fully

If you consider all the reasons people hide from themselves, it can boil down to their emotions.

One thing about emotions is that the only way to “get rid of them” is to feel them. And you could even say that the discomfort comes from not understanding them.

Avoiding certain feelings or triggers can keep you stuck for years. Which can trick you into making decisions that reflect your lack of awareness.

For example, not confronting certain feelings you have about your ex can make you overly romanticize certain qualities in a person. 

And limit your ability to show compassion for people and view them with nuance. So strength isn’t just about increasing your threshold for new experiences. 

It’s also about holding more compassion for your past selves so your heart doesn’t become all calloused and restrict you from loving unconditionally.

2) Separate yourself from your thoughts

You could meditate by allowing your thoughts to flow right past you. 

Doing this for even 5 minutes of your day can give you a whole new perspective on how our minds race. And how it doesn’t always reflect our true desires or intentions.

In fact, once you can separate the 2, you might realize how much more you could discover about yourself.

You could also journal or do some research as to where some of your thought patterns originate.

Human beings are social creatures and sometimes toxic individuality can make us feel like our way of being is totally original.

But considering that there are certain conventions and conditionings we are all subjected to via the media and history, that’s simply not true.

So there’s a huge chance your insecurities are taught and therefore illusions.

Learning how to feel will change the way you relate to yourself, but learning how to think for yourself can also change the way you see the world.

3) Practice better time management

When your inner world is at peace, it’s time to make sure your external life is too.

And if you can control yourself and your time, you can be untouchable.

If you’re someone that suffers from time blindness, you might find yourself feeling like time influences the way you make decisions.

The first step to getting better at time management is to get enough rest. Because managing your stress and everything else can eat up your day.

Then it’s time to figure out what you need to prioritize. 

This will not happen overnight. But if you spend every day just noticing more of why you do what you do with your time, it won’t take too long.

The goal isn’t necessarily to be super productive, although that will probably happen too. But rather finding strength in the awareness you gain about yourself.

4) Be mindful of what raises your cortisol

thinking these wise soul If you adopt these 11 daily habits, you’ll be a stronger person in no time

There are medical symptoms for cortisol imbalance, which is the stress hormone! 

I urge you to take the time to talk to your doctor and do your own research on how your body reacts to stress.

But usually, people have mood swings, stubborn acne, and weight gain in the face and abdomen.

Especially if you are chronically stressed out, it can leave you feeling hopeless. And convince you that being stressed is a personality trait.

Start noticing. In my experience, sources of stress were usually experiences or environments that made me feel like I had to overthink to maintain my peace.

As you make changes in your life, you will have to make hard calls but know that it’s worth it. 

Fighting for your peace not only will improve your life tangibly, but you will feel like you can depend on yourself again.

5) Avoid cheap sources of dopamine

Another source of stress was my relationship with dopamine!

Especially because we live in the digital age, next-day delivery and social media can make us feel like instant gratification is harmless.

But truth be told, your ability to deal with stress is directly connected to your patience. Which isn’t just being able to wait. 

Patience is also about being able to control your thoughts, sit with difficult things and be content as you are.

You can’t do that when you’re constantly chasing your next feel-good moment. You’re really just affirming that you don’t feel that good on your own.

Dopamine isn’t evil, but abusing the way you experience it can make life feel dreadful in contrast. 

So even if it’s difficult at first, address why you’re running from yourself. And then indulge in some serotonin-boosting activities.

6) Do something kind for yourself

Serotonin is often described as the happy hormone.

And increasing it naturally can help you release stress at the same time. For example, through exercise, sleep, sunlight and socializing with people that are good for your soul.

Those things don’t sound like they will be rewarding because it requires you to make a regular practice of them. But part of the benefit is that you learn to view life as something to enjoy.

And not just a video game where you have to constantly win or achieve something.

So while buying yourself a treat everyday might be a nice thing to do for yourself, be kind and see yourself as a living being.

Just like how a plant needs to be in a positive environment, as well as the right temperature!

We could all learn a few things from them and photosynthesize without giving it too much thought. So we nourish not just our minds, but our bodies.

7) Take care of your environment

I am a stress cleaner. 

And although my life is not perfect, having a hard time in a clean room instead of a messy one can make a huge difference.

Treating yourself to a clean and peaceful environment would also be the kind thing to do!

I find that maintaining your environment is the perfect balance between doing something productive yet good for your overall well-being.

So if you ever feel like you need to clear your head but also have a lot of energy to spend, try DIYing a home decor project!

Or get that leaky faucet fixed!

8) Strengthen your intuition

youre more ambitious than you realise If you adopt these 11 daily habits, you’ll be a stronger person in no time

When we talk about strength and resilience, we tend to overly focus on what you are able to overcome.

But is it really something you can measure? 

Doesn’t that leave more room for people to unhealthily compare themselves and chase an unstable idea of strength?

Strong people are strong because they believe themselves to be. Therefore it would make sense that having a strong intuition means you trust yourself deeply.

Getting into the practice of treating yourself by creating more opportunities for peace can help you achieve just that. 

As will making and keeping a promise to yourself every day!

Notice how your perspective broadens and doesn’t put as much pressure on you to be right all the time. But rather just expects you to stay true to maintaining your peace.

9) Daydream

There’s just something about daydreaming everyday that helps me connect with myself on a deeper level.

There’s a term called glimmers that’s the opposite of the term triggers. And it’s basically whatever makes you light up and feel excited towards your life.

You should be acquainted with the things in life that affect you negatively. But there are just as many pros to knowing what makes you feel like life is worth living.

Your imagination is an endless portal to your heart’s desires! Getting to know them will give you a clearer sense of direction in your life.

Which will no doubt help you feel like the boss you are!

10) Practice advocating for yourself

There’s power in knowing what’s happening within you and within your world.

Feel free to be power-hungry and take it to the next level by learning how to communicate it. Which means it’s time to master the art of boundaries and disagreements.

This can be about speaking up when someone makes you feel uncomfortable. But it can also be about curating your experiences to reflect your self-respect.

That means not staying around people that invalidate your experiences or perspectives. Because you don’t need people to agree or disagree with you to believe in yourself.

Being respectful during conflict is a sign of emotional maturity, but surrounding yourself with people who are able to meet you halfway should be half of the deal.

11) Don’t take yourself too seriously

Although I just gave quite an extensive list, don’t think of this as homework.

Because anything can be a distraction and drain you of your confidence if you put pressure on yourself to be perfect.

And remember that being a strong person is being able to meet yourself where you’re at. 

Then having the courage to know you wouldn’t have been able to notice something unless you had the power to change it.

So don’t forget to have a laugh.

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