If these 10 things describe you, you’re probably a sapiosexual

Intelligence is sexy, at least that’s what I find. 

Do you agree?

There’s just something about the insightful, intelligent individual that makes you melt. 

If so, that makes you a sapiosexual, which is a person who’s attracted to intelligence and mental ability. You find that somebody’s smarts get your hormones flowing more than their looks or their quirky personality and kindness. 

Here are the top indications that you’re a sapiosexual.

1) You love to learn and grow intellectually 

Intellectual growth isn’t just a chore for you. You love learning. Cracking open a new book or clicking it on your device brings a rush of euphoria. 

You don’t learn for any external reward, nor do you do it to show off. 

You genuinely find the world fascinating and want to know more about your passions. 

Even subjects you don’t find that interesting, you love seeing how passionate other people get about them and enjoy having them tell you about their interests. 

2) You’ve always been drawn to big thinkers

From a young age, what truly drew you to people were their ideas and minds. 

You didn’t get impressed by appearance or their emotional appeal or by how nice they were. You wanted to spend time around teachers, friends and other folks who were interesting. 

You’ve always loved hearing stories and learning new knowledge

Your friends may have not been the stereotypically smartest in school, but they were always the most inquisitive and curious. 

You’ve always been drawn to those who think big and are creative, paradigm-shifting thinkers. 

3) You get turned on by ideas as much as by people 

The truth for a sapiosexual is that big ideas and intellectual ability are an aphrodisiac. 

They’re not just dry facts or knowledge. These facts and wisdom are an elixir and a love potion. 

Big ideas themselves are exciting and interesting to you on an instinctual level and you can’t be satisfied by small talk. 

You find chit chat utterly boring, and always try to turn it to some bigger theme or topic. When it just stays as idle chit chat you walk away or smile and nod until you can leave. 

You want big ideas and real intellectual stimulation

4) You naturally gravitate to friendship with smart people

When it comes to friendship and social connections, you are drawn to smart folks. 

As I mentioned, this doesn’t necessarily mean they fit a nerd stereotype or intellectual format. 

But it does mean that these are the kinds of people who come up with unique and original ideas. These are the kinds of people who create new systems, improve existing systems and innovate.

You’re drawn to those who aren’t complacent, and those who want to use their mind to have a real impact on the world around them. 

Sapiosexuals aren’t lost in la-la land or just impressed by big words and fancy titles: they like those who truly have unique and interesting ways of seeing the world

5) You judge compatibility based on depth of conversation

Compatibility in dating can take time to judge, and initial attraction isn’t always a good marker. 

In fact some of the worst people to date are those you feel attracted to at first but later find out are petty, annoying or inconsistent. 

But nonetheless, your first impressions and instincts as a sapiosexual are to judge a person on the depth of your conversations with them. 

You find that how you speak with somebody over text, calling or in person is a measure for you of whether you really want to be in touch with them again.

If the conversation doesn’t flow or it’s going nowhere, you’re not likely to pursue a friendship or a relationship any further. As far as you’re concerned it’s a write-off. 

6) You find poor speech and spelling a turn off 

youre probably a sapiosexual 1 If these 10 things describe you, you’re probably a sapiosexual

In terms of the importance of conversation, this is a very literal thing for the sapiosexual. 

If you’re sapiosexual, then the kind of person who can’t express themselves or writes and spells wrong is very unattractive. 

Even if you try your best to give someone the benefit of the doubt, you can’t stop looking at their text where they confused “they’re” and “their” or “your” and “you’re.”

You know it’s probably just autocorrect. But then again, what if it’s not autocorrect?

Is this somebody you really want to interact with a lot more? 

7) You get romantically interested the more you share intellectual interests

Shared interests are also an aphrodisiac for sapiosexuals. 

The more you have things in common and share interests, the more likely you are to get romantically interested and fall in love. 

You can fall for someone who’s into totally different stuff than you, and there’s no formula for any of this of course…

But generally speaking, the kind of person who’s interested in the same things as you is going to be right at the top of your list. 

This is especially true since sapiosexuals tend to have very passionate and strong interests in specific subjects and fields. 

Meeting somebody else who shares in that passion is a big revelation and makes you feel like you’ve finally met someone on a similar wavelength. 

8) You get sexually turned on by erotic conversations and chats 

Not everyone finds words and chat erotic or sexually exciting. 

But as a sapiosexual you do. 

You get seduced by words:

Maybe your new crush sends you snippets of a suggestive and lyrical poem that has you blushing…

It doesn’t take much. But it turns you on more than any graphic nudity would. 

If somebody can touch your mind they’re much more likely to one day be touching your body. You’re not into just physicality or just the surface level, and unless it goes beyond just that level you’re unlikely to meet up with someone. 

9) You consider appearance physique after intelligence in terms of who interests you

Just because you’re a sapiosexual doesn’t mean that appearance and emotional connection don’t matter to you.

They absolutely do. 

But they come second. 

The first thing you notice about somebody is the ideas they put forth, their eloquence and the beauty of their mind

If they happen to also have a beautiful face, too, that’s a great bonus. But it’s not the first thing that draws you to them and makes you want to spend more time around them.

10) You are totally bored by people who don’t care about learning and knowledge

When you do come across people who aren’t intellectually inclined, you feel bored. 

You don’t even feel interested enough to consider them as a potential mate or even a close friend: their lack of intellectual curiosity makes them almost a non-entity to you. 

This may seem overly judgmental, but just as a shallow person will tend to notice appearance most of all, a sapiosexual can’t help but filter people by mind. 

When you meet people without much going on upstairs and without much curiosity, you inevitably rule them out for better or for worse. 

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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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