If someone uses these 9 phrases in a conversation, they’re a high-level communicator

There’s an art to skillful communication. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.

Being a high-level communicator means being able to get your point across clearly and effectively. It’s about making others feel heard, understood, and valued. And at the heart of it all are certain phrases that are the hallmark of high-level communication.

These phrases show empathy, understanding, and respect. They open up a dialogue, invite feedback, and encourage collaboration.

Now, if you’re keen on becoming a better communicator (or spotting one in a conversation), here are 9 phrases to listen out for.

1) “Tell me more about that…”

In a world where everyone seems to be waiting for their turn to speak, genuine interest is a rarity. High-level communicators, however, understand the power of truly listening.

This phrase is a clear demonstration of an eagerness to understand more deeply. It shows the other person that you are not just hearing their words but truly listening and engaging with what they are saying.

“Tell me more about that” invites the speaker to elaborate on their thoughts or feelings, demonstrating your desire to understand them fully. It gives them the space and time to express themselves, and shows them that their voice is valued.

But remember – this phrase needs to be accompanied by active listening. You have to mean it, or else it can come off as insincere. So when you use it, make sure you are truly ready to listen and engage with whatever they have to share.

2) “I understand where you’re coming from…”

Empathy is a critical component of high-level communication. Letting someone know that you can see things from their perspective can make a world of difference in how your words are received.

The phrase “I understand where you’re coming from” demonstrates empathy. It shows that you’ve taken the time and effort to see things from their viewpoint, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

Let me share a personal example. I once had a disagreement with a co-worker about a project timeline. He insisted that we needed more time to deliver quality work, whereas I was concerned about meeting the deadline set by our client.

After a heated discussion, I paused and said, “I understand where you’re coming from. You’re concerned about the quality of our work, which is absolutely valid.”

Acknowledging his perspective shifted the tone of our conversation. We moved from arguing to problem-solving, which eventually led to us finding a solution that satisfied both our concerns.

Make no mistake: Acknowledging someone’s viewpoint doesn’t mean you agree with them. It simply allows for a more open and constructive conversation.

3) “What are your thoughts on this?”

High-level communicators know that communication is a two-way street. They don’t just talk; they encourage others to share their ideas and opinions as well.

The phrase “What are your thoughts on this?” opens the floor for others to contribute. It shows that you value their insight and are open to hearing different perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment.

In the world of business, this phrase can be a game-changer. A study by Google found that teams with psychologically safe environments – where team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas – were the most successful.

So, next time you’re in a conversation, remember to invite others to share their thoughts. It not only enriches the discussion but also builds stronger relationships based on respect and mutual understanding.

4) “I may be wrong, but…”

It’s a fact of life – nobody is right all the time. High-level communicators understand this and aren’t afraid to admit the possibility of being wrong.

“I may be wrong, but…” is a phrase that communicates humility and openness to other perspectives. It shows that you are confident enough in your ideas to put them forward, but also humble enough to accept that you might not have all the answers.

This phrase can disarm potential opposition and open up a dialogue. It invites others to share their opinions and perspectives, fostering a sense of collaboration rather than conflict.

Hence, when you’re entering a potentially tricky conversation or discussion, leading with “I may be wrong, but…” can help create a more open and productive conversation.

5) “Help me understand…”

Clarification is a key element of effective communication. High-level communicators aren’t afraid to admit when they don’t understand something and actively seek clarity.

“Help me understand…” is a phrase that shows your willingness to learn and understand better. It communicates that you value the other person’s input and are open to their perspective.

This phrase is particularly useful when dealing with complex topics or ideas. It allows for a deeper understanding and prevents miscommunication.

Using “Help me understand…” can foster a more meaningful dialogue, as it ensures that everyone involved has the same understanding of the topic at hand. It’s a phrase that empowers others to share their knowledge and insights, making the conversation more enriching for everyone involved.

6) “I appreciate your input…”

things emotionally intelligent people never say in an argument If someone uses these 9 phrases in a conversation, they’re a high-level communicator

Feeling valued and appreciated is a universal human desire. High-level communicators understand this and make sure to express their gratitude for other’s contributions.

“I appreciate your input” is a phrase that goes straight to the heart. It communicates that you value the other person’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It shows that you respect them and appreciate their contribution to the conversation.

I remember a time when a friend was sharing her struggles with me. Instead of offering advice, I simply said, “I appreciate your input. It means a lot that you trust me enough to share these things.”

Her response was immediate and heartfelt. She told me how much she appreciated being heard and understood.

This phrase creates a connection on a deeper level. It fosters trust, respect, and mutual understanding – qualities of not just high-level communication, but also of meaningful relationships.

7) “Here’s how I see it…”

Conveying your own thoughts and feelings is an integral part of effective communication. High-level communicators are not only great listeners, but they also know how to articulate their own perspectives in a respectful and considerate manner.

“Here’s how I see it” is a phrase that can help you express your viewpoint without seeming aggressive or imposing. It indicates that you’re sharing your personal perspective, not stating an absolute fact.

There was a time when I had to confront a colleague about a mistake they made on a project. It was a sensitive matter, as they were already feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of blaming them outright, I said, “Here’s how I see it, we might have overlooked some details in our planning which led to this error.”

By approaching the issue from my perspective, it helped facilitate a constructive conversation rather than an accusatory one. It acknowledged the issue while also validating their feelings, leading to a resolution instead of conflict.

8) “Let’s find a solution together…”

Conflict is inevitable in any form of communication. However, high-level communicators know how to navigate disagreements and conflicts in a way that promotes understanding and collaboration.

“Let’s find a solution together” is a phrase that communicates your willingness to work things out as a team. It shows that you’re not just focused on winning an argument, but on finding a resolution that benefits everyone involved.

This phrase steers the conversation towards problem-solving rather than finger-pointing. It promotes a sense of teamwork and cooperation, making the other person feel valued and heard.

When you find yourself in a disagreement, try to shift the focus from the problem to the solution. Inviting the other person to work together towards a resolution can turn a potentially negative situation into an opportunity for growth and understanding.

9) “Thank you for sharing that with me…”

At the core of all high-level communication is respect and appreciation for the other person. And there’s no better way to express this than by thanking them for their contribution.

“Thank you for sharing that with me” is a simple yet powerful phrase. It communicates your appreciation for the other person’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences. It shows that you value their input and the trust they’ve placed in you by sharing something with you.

This phrase not only closes a conversation on a positive note but also strengthens the relationship by fostering mutual respect and understanding. It’s a reminder that every conversation is an exchange, and every input is valuable.

Words have power

Communication is more than just an exchange of words; it’s a dance of empathy, respect, and understanding. It’s about breaking down walls, building bridges, and fostering connections.

These nine phrases are not just tools of communication; they are a testament to the kind of communicator you aspire to be – one who listens with intent, speaks with kindness, values different perspectives, and is open to learning and growing.

Words have power, my friend. The phrases you choose to use can either open doors or build walls. But when used right, they can transform ordinary conversations into extraordinary connections.

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