If someone is secretly attracted to you, they’ll use these 14 subtle phrases

When somebody is attracted to you, they don’t always show it directly. 

So how can you pick up on indications of interest that are more indirect and subtle?

ne way is to watch out for these following subtle phrases that show interest and attraction. 

Here’s a look at some of the top subtle phrases that signal romantic attraction in a low-key, subtle way. 

1) “That’s so interesting…”

You may have just said something truly fascinating. 

But whether you did or not, somebody who compliments you in this way is usually quite interested in you. 

They are letting you know that they find your mind beautiful, not just your body. 

2) “What does your tattoo mean?”

I met one ex-girlfriend in just such a way, and to be honest I was genuinely interested in what the tattoo meant (and in her).

This is a classic way that some people will let you know they’re interested in you

The one catch, of course, is that it only applies if you’re inked.

3) “Do you like living in X neighborhood?”

Asking if you like where you live is a subtle sign of interest in many cases. 

It indicates a desire to know more about your likes and dislikes, as well as a focus on where you live.

This can easily transition into what there is to do around your area, as well as any other related subject.

And when somebody’s interested in you the primary thing they want to do is talk more to you and invite you to talk more.

4) “What do you like to do?”

Asking what you like to do is at the least a sign of friendliness and social interest. 

It can be said out of politeness, true, but it generally indicates a bit more than purely default friendliness. 

This is often a way to see about potential date ideas and invite you out to do more, potentially on a romantic level.

5) “Have you heard of…?”

This is a thing that many people will say in order to recommend music, art, cinema or anything else they think might be useful or interesting to you. 

It’s a way to keep a conversation going as well as to provide value to you. 

We all like solutions, and a person trying to suggest new content you might like or offer useful things to you is often quite attracted to you but playing the long game. 

6) “I know exactly what you mean”

Who doesn’t like affirmation and reassurance of not being alone?

When somebody lets you know that you’re heard and understood, it’s a way to support you and bring a sense of solidarity. 

You are heard and understood, and this person shares in your experience in some way. 

7) “You have pretty eyes”

The eyes are the window to the soul, and being told that you have a nice soul is certainly pretty intense. 

This is the kind of thing that may be said spontaneously in the heat of the moment, but which can also be thought out ahead of time. 

When somebody is feeling this level of chemistry they often aren’t sure how to phrase it in a suave way, and letting you know that you have pretty eyes can be the result. 

The question is whether you feel that same chemistry, too? 

8) “You have a nice smile”

This is along similar lines to the previous statement. 

When you’re told that you have a nice smile it can be meant in a friendly way or in a way that’s more on the flirtatious side. 

The ambiguity of your smile being complimented is part of what makes it subtle. 

It doesn’t have to mean anything more than a nice compliment, but it certainly can mean more than that, which is what keeps the mystery alive…

9) “There’s something about you…”

This is another of those fairly ambiguous statements that can be meant in a generally affectionate or kind of teasing way, but which can also be a subtle indication of interest. 

This person is indicating that they’d like the chance to get to know you better and has taken a unique interest in you. 

Something about you has piqued their interest and enticed them, and they’re letting you know and keeping the mystery alive. 

10) “Text me when you make it home” 

This is a sign of caring about you and checking up on your well-being. 

It’s not only polite, it’s also caring at an above-average level. 

It’s often said after a date, but it can also be something a person says to you in the beginning stages of getting to know you or after a friendly meetup or night out with colleagues at work. 

It’s a low-key way of this person making it clear that he or she cares about you, quite possibly in more than just a friend way. 

11) “I really appreciate how you…”

When somebody tells you how much they appreciate something you do, they are often flirting in a low-key way. 

This is a way to get closer to you on a subtle level and start building a rapport.

Letting you know what they really like about you is a powerful sign that they’re really liking you and appreciating your energy and presence.

12) “You’re really unique” 

Being told how unique you are is usually a compliment and a bit of a come-on.

Let’s be real:

Somebody letting you know how fascinating and unique you are is usually meant in more than a purely academic sense. 

They mean that they’re picking up whatever it is you’re putting down.

13) “I got you”

When a person does something nice for you and lets you know they’ve got it, they’re expressing some level of interest in you. 

From opening a door to paying a bill when you’re out, this gesture is a way to let you know that you’re valued by them. 

It feels good. 

14) “We should meet up again”

This remains fairly undefined, but it’s still a sign of some interest. 

At the very least it indicates an interest in continuing to see each other, and it also shows potentially more interest.

The ball is now in your court.

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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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