If someone exhibits these 11 traits, they’re a truly wise person

When we think of wisdom, we often think of ancient wisdom from elders and wise people in our society. 

But is it really possible to identify a certain set of traits that truly make someone wise? 

It turns out that time and time again, in human psychology, if someone exhibits these 11 traits, they are a truly wise person.

1) Self-awareness through self-reflection

Self-awareness through introspection is more than just acknowledging emotions and thoughts.

It’s like turning on the lights in a dim room, revealing hidden corners and dusty corners of the soul.

This trait is about recognizing patterns and behaviors and embracing your own complexities to lead you away from a difficult life. 

Wise people mindfully interact with the world, understanding how their actions impact those around them.

Not only that, but they know exactly what they’re good at and where they need to improve, always striving to become better versions of themselves. This level of self-awareness keeps their values and identity crystal clear.

2) Wise people practice open-mindedness

Wise people acknowledge that there could be more to any given situation than they first assume. 

They consider different perspectives and not just the status quo, and are willing to change their opinions and appreciate the value of adaptability. They also look beyond the surface level, weigh the pros and cons, and consider all angles before making well-informed decisions.

But wait there is more: wise people display this trait through imitation.


By seeking out mentors or role models who possess qualities they admire and then integrating those qualities into their own lives.

At the end of the day, being thoughtful gives them the chance to grow and evolve, and that is what makes them truly wise.

3) Compassion plus empathy is key

You can spend years reading books and gaining knowledge, but without compassion and empathy, true wisdom is incomplete.

When you think of empathy, you might think of a person who feels the emotions and pains of those around them. 

But wise people take it a notch higher.

They understand why someone else is feeling a certain way, respect that emotion, and help soothe any pain they can.

They also have the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and to consider the perspective of the person – an invaluable trait in all relationships. 

Wise people also know how to take a step back and not be too reactive to situations, leading to better problem-solving skills.

Moreover, they don’t just show compassion and empathy towards loved ones or in their immediate circle – it’s extended to everyone who enters their life.

Best of all, they approach the problems of others are their problems too. They’re always proactive in sharing their unbiased suggestions on how to move forward.

4) They possess a high level of humility

You know, humility isn’t about thinking less of yourself. 

It’s thinking of yourself less. 

Wise people value their talents and strengths but also recognize they’re just one part of the bigger picture.

Humility gives them the ability to listen more and talk less, which helps them gain valuable insights from others. 

They recognize their errors, revise, and improve. 

At the same time, they can be humble enough to accept compliments graciously. 

This shows that they are confident in their abilities, yet not overly prideful.

Even when praised or achieving greatness, they make sure to share the glory with all those who were with them on their journey.

It’s an essential trait for any wise person who strives towards success and making a positive impact on the world.

5) Patience is never out the window

Obviously, life can often be unpredictable. It takes wisdom to navigate its twists and turns toward a better life.

Rather than rushing to quick conclusions, wise folks take the time to consider all available options can lead to the best outcomes.

That means they don’t get easily frustrated by delays or setbacks and have the ability to calmly handle unexpected events.

They aren’t afraid to pause, contemplate, and choose the opportune moment to act.

6) Wise people practice self-control

Let’s be real: self-control is something we all need to work on. Be it about our emotions, our diet, or even our spending habits, we somehow find ourselves slipping.

Wise people have the ability to resist their impulses.

They understand the significance of discipline, moderation, and patience in achieving long-term objectives.

While they know their limits, they’re better at letting go of distractions that could steer them off course.

It takes a strong sense of character to rise above temptation, and wise people have it in spades. 

7) A truly wise person is curious

Do you know what sets a wise person apart? A strong desire to learn new things!

Why is that?

In the first place, they don’t accept everything at face value.

By carefully assessing ideas, they form their own opinions and make informed decisions. This is particularly valuable today, where distinguishing fact from fiction is essential amidst an onslaught of new information.

Curiosity helps them build a deep understanding of the world by asking questions and exploring different concepts.

They’re open to new ideas, flexible with their beliefs, and willing to accept alternative perspectives.

8) Honesty is top shelf

Ever heard of the wise man saying, “Honesty is the best policy?”

This may be a cliche, but it is something most wise people live by.

Speaking truthfully, even when it’s tough, reveals your strong character and respect for others. This allows wisdom to shine in all your dealings, with yourself and others. 

Wise people don’t speak out of spite or with ulterior motives.

More importantly, they know how to choose their words.

It’s this combination of frankness and tactfulness that makes them a great source of advice. 

9) Kindness is not on limited time

One of the common characteristics of a truly wise person is their inherent kindness towards others.

Here is the thing: struggles are universal. And they understand that.

Regardless of background or status, they value treating others with compassion, empathy, and understanding. They’re also very giving with their time and energy. 

For them, wisdom and kindness are intertwined, essential for a fulfilling life.

Their kindness isn’t limited to material possessions, certain occasions, or moments but rather a consistent trait that they carry with them throughout their lives.

Even on their social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, wise people will find practical ways to spread positivity and kindness at the present moment rather than negativity and hate.

10)  Wise people cultivate gratitude

Doesn’t life get infinitely better when we simply pause for a moment to appreciate it?

A wise person knows this and cherishes each moment.

You see, being grateful can enhance one’s outlook, decision-making, and contentment in life

Hence, wise people often seek things to appreciate and remind themselves of all the good in their lives.

No matter how difficult the situation is, they focus on seeking out the silver lining in every cloud.

By practicing gratitude regularly, wise people know that life can be both challenging and rewarding as long as you stay open to its opportunities.

11) They live a life of integrity

Living life with integrity is one of the traits of a truly wise person. 

They believe in being honest, reliable, and trustworthy – even when no one’s watching.

Their actions always align with their words, and they take responsibility for their mistakes. They value ethics over convenience and will never compromise their principles.

When it comes to a meaningful goal, they set realistic expectations and always make good on their promises. And even in difficult situations, they strive to find the right solution while maintaining their principles intact. 

It earns them respect and makes them role models for others to follow.

Wising up is a journey

The journey to what only true wisdom can bring starts with a single step. Begin your journey to understand the world around you today!

Do you know what Socrates said in one of his proverbs? “True wisdom comes when we understand how little we know about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” 

So profound, right?

Don’t worry, though! 

The characteristics of a wise person listed here can guide you toward better decision-making during life’s challenges. 

But here is the deal – it is not just about knowing the traits. True wisdom is about using them effectively through knowledge, experience, and insight.

Having superficial goals or focusing only on material possessions cannot lead to true wisdom. It requires inner reflection, continuous learning, and a willingness to embrace change.

So, start by cultivating these traits within yourself and see how it positively impacts your life and those around you.

Picture of Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

Frankie was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She is a graduate of Humanities from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Frankie is a seasoned Customer Success and Human Resources professional. She is also a certified Life Coach and Career Strategist. She helps people young and young at heart to simplify their lives by creating emotional awareness. She also loves working with people who have a genuine interest in breaking their inner limits through their journey of self-discovery and authenticity in their personal and professional lives. Frankie’s recent venture into writing is fueled by her passion for human connection and meaningful relationships at home, at work, and basically everywhere. She enjoys the research, discovery, and reflection that go into each article as much as she writes about them, in the hopes that her words resonate with, and give perspective to her audience. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn: Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

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