If someone displays these 10 traits, they’re a truly trustworthy person

In a world of fleeting promises and transience, trustworthiness and honesty stand out as pillars of character. 

They’re the characteristics that form the bedrock of our connections with people, the kind of qualities that make you stop and think, “I’d trust this person with my life.” 

This article explores those particular traits that mark someone as a beacon of trust and integrity. 

You might find that whoever you have in mind, well, they might just have all these characteristics. If that’s the case — you might want to hold onto them tight.

1) A respect for personal boundaries

You know someone is trustworthy when they not only respect your boundaries but also have a deep understanding of personal space and privacy. 

Personal boundaries are a fundamental aspect of healthy relationships, and they can take various forms depending on individual preferences and comfort levels.

When this person takes a step back when you need space or doesn’t pry into your personal affairs, it signifies a level of respect that’s second to none.

Their actions speak volumes about their trustworthiness because they know how to let people breathe.

2) Compassion and empathy for others

Imagine this particular trustworthy person meeting a homeless person on the street. 

Instead of walking by, they stop to talk, offer a sandwich, and a kind word. 

That’s true compassion, or in other words, empathy in action

A trustworthy and honest person has this deep understanding of the emotions and struggles of others. 

They can feel what you’re going through, or even what a stranger is going through, and offer the kind of support that goes beyond words.

3) Great communication skills

One of the cornerstones of trustworthiness is the ability to communicate openly and honestly. 

When you talk to this person, you know they’re deeply listening, not just hearing you on a surface level. 

They ask questions to understand you better and share their thoughts without sugarcoating the truth.

Trustworthy people are genuine in their conversations, and that’s truly something rare and valuable in a world full of superficial connections.

4) Consistency with Words and Actions

In short, trustworthy folks walk the talk. 

When they promise something — they deliver. 

When they make a commitment — they stick to it. 

If this person says they’ll look after your dog while you holiday in Croatia, you can be confident that they won’t bail out at the last moment, leaving you with no options.

This consistency in matching their words with actions is a telltale sign of a person you can trust implicitly. They’ll be there when they say they will.

5) Responsibility for What They Do

Have you ever met someone who always takes ownership of their actions, whether it’s a mistake or a success?

Well, there’s a good chance that’s a person you can trust. 

Trustworthy people don’t shy away from responsibility — they embrace it wholeheartedly. 

This person, like many others of their kind, will take accountability for their actions, and that’s a quality that can allow you to rely on them without hesitation.

6) A focus on consent

Trustworthy and honest individuals always prioritize consent. 

Consent is fundamental to trust as it empowers individuals to make decisions about their own bodies, experiences, and boundaries.

It upholds their autonomy and personal freedom, ensuring that they are in control of what happens to them.

They understand the importance of letting people make their own choices, whether it’s about a physical interaction, sharing personal information, or even deciding where and what to eat. 

This individual respects your choices and values your consent above all else, creating a safe and trusting environment that’s long-lasting.

7) A history of long-term relationships

If you want to spot a trustworthy person, look at their history of relationships. 

People like this tend to have a history of long-term friendships and romantic connections. 

These bonds don’t form by chance — they’re nurtured with honesty, loyalty, and care. And this can take some serious commitment.

The longevity of these relationships is a testament to the person’s trustworthiness.

8) Personal and professional integrity

In a society that often blurs the lines between personal and professional life, someone with both personal and professional integrity is a rare gem. 

Trustworthy individuals show a consistent set of values and principles across all aspects of life. 

They don’t just act one way at work and another way at home. 

Their authenticity is unwavering, and that consistency is a critical bedrock for trust.

9) Honesty with kindness

Trustworthiness and honesty go hand in hand, but it’s essential to emphasize the role of kindness in this equation.

Truly trustworthy individuals are not just brutally honest — they know how to deliver honesty with compassion.

They understand that the truth, when delivered harshly, can wound people, and their intention is never to cause pain.

They offer criticism or difficult truths in a way that’s constructive and considerate. Their words don’t leave scars behind, rather, they leave room for growth and improvement. 

They make it easier for you to hear and accept the truth, knowing that it’s coming from a place of care and genuine concern.

10) Flexibility and adaptability

Trustworthy and honest individuals possess a unique ability to adapt to the changing circumstances and needs of their relationships.

They understand that life isn’t static, and situations can evolve. 

These individuals are flexible in their approach, always willing to adjust their expectations, boundaries, and commitments as the need arises.

Whether it’s adapting to a partner’s career change, accommodating a friend’s shifting priorities, or understanding that unexpected challenges may alter the course of a relationship, trustworthy individuals are there with an open heart and a willingness to navigate the changes together. 

This flexibility strengthens the foundation of trust, as it shows a commitment to the wellbeing of the relationship over rigidity or stubbornness.

To sum things up, trustworthiness and honesty are not just a list of virtues, they’re the mortar that holds the bricks of relationships together.

When you find someone who respects your boundaries, empathizes with you, and consistently matches their words with actions, you’ve found a person who embodies trustworthiness. 

So, if you have this kind of person in your life, cherish them. They’re the ones you can count on to support you when you’re down and to be unwaveringly truthful. 

If you aspire to be a person others can trust, remember that these qualities can be developed over time and commitment — you’ve got this.

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