If someone displays these 8 traits, they’ll be a loyal friend for life

Loyalty is quite a difficult trait to find in someone. They must be willing to stay by your side no matter what, and it’s hard to find friends like that.

While having loyal friends doesn’t necessarily mean regular, constant contact –  especially when life gets in the way, making communication harder – it means that when you reach out to them, you know they will be there for you.

If you think that this person does have the characteristics a loyal friend, read on to see if they possess these 8 traits.

1) Empathetic

Loyal friends can empathize with your situation, no matter what. They’re able to always say the right thing, and know when to keep silent and listen.

While they may not be on your side all the time, especially when you’re in the wrong, they will always want what’s best for you.

It’s also always important to find a friend who can be objective, so that you can learn from your mistakes and become a much better version of yourself.

2) Understanding

Loyal friends are also very understanding. They will not make things personal whenever there’s conflict, and will not let petty arguments get in the way of the relationship.

This is because they know how to be objective, while caring for your feelings (trust me, it’s hard to find people like this).

It’s not often you meet people with a certain level of emotional maturity (even as adults) because not everyone is willing to prioritize friendships before their own interests.

3) Genuine

Another trait truly loyal people have is that they’re genuine.

They’re honest and open, and you know that you don’t need to second guess their actions or words that they say.

You know that they’ll have your back no matter what – even in your absence. While some people talk about others behind their backs, loyal friends are a lot better than this.

They’ll defend you regardless of who they’re with. This is because they treasure you as a friend beyond anything else.

4) Compassionate

Loyal friends are also compassionate.

They will give you space when you need it, and be there for you when you need company.

No matter how busy they are, they’ll never be too busy to stay by your side or act as a listening ear.

And you can also see this in their interactions with others.

This also leads to the next trait…

5) Forgiving

signs youre not too sensitive you simply have a high level of empathy If someone displays these 8 traits, they’ll be a loyal friend for life

Loyal friends forgive and don’t bear grudges. They’re committed to the friendship and would rather try to work things out than lose a friend forever.

Of course, this depends on the situation and how willing the other person is to put in the effort to salvage the friendship.

Being willing and able to forgive a person is not an easy thing to do.

It’s more common for people to bring up the other person’s faults and refuse to let go of the hurt that was inflicted on them.

And this is understandable, because no one likes to be wronged.

So if you know someone who is willing to forgive others, they’re likely someone who’s a loyal friend.

6) They keep their promises

Loyal people keep their word. You can always count on them because they always mean what they say.

It’s easy to make empty promises, and not follow through with them after. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as telling a friend that you’ll give them a call once you’re off work. Or that you’ll swing by to check in on them after you’re done with an appointment.

If you don’t show up or return their call, they may take it that you got caught up with something more urgent.

But a loyal friend will try their best to be there. Even if they aren’t able to, they’ll inform you in advance and make it up to you.

What sets them apart from any other friend is how much they prioritize the friendship over everything else.

7) Dependable

And this is why you can depend on them – for anything that they say they’ll do. Because the last thing they want is to let someone down.

I have a friend who’s like that – he’ll try his best to commit to what he says he’ll do, and will never over promise.

I was late to a meeting once because I had another appointment that overran. I quickly called him to ask if he could cover me for the first fifteen minutes because I couldn’t get over in time.

He agreed instantly, and did his job fabulously. The people I was supposed to meet felt right at home and weren’t the least bit annoyed by the delay.

And this was just one of the things he did for me (and others as well).

I’m truly honoured to have him as a friend!

8) They don’t share your secrets

Most people have really loose lips. When someone tells them something in confidence, they’re quick to share it with someone they’re closer to – especially if it’s something really juicy.

And unfortunately, this is how rumours spread.

So when you find someone willing to keep your secrets, don’t let them go.

Sometimes you just need a friendly perspective on sensitive topics, such as family issues, relationship problems or simply a career change that you don’t want people to know about just yet.

A loyal friend will not only give their honest opinions, they’ll keep what you said in confidence, no matter what.

Concluding thoughts

True friends are hard to come by, so if you think that you’ve finally found someone you can trust completely, be sure to treasure them.

When you’re seeking some guidance or just need some company to see you through tough times, they’ll be someone you can lean on.

They’ll be there to give you some tough love when you need it as well, because they treasure you as a person and only want what’s best for you.

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