If someone displays these 8 traits, they have no class

Grace, good manners, and humility: these are just some of the traits exhibited by a person who exudes class.

On the other hand, what does it mean to have no class? You may have a friend who makes you cringe when you see them – and that’s because they don’t know what it means to be classy.

Here are 8 traits that show someone has no class so you can decide for yourself whether they’re worth your time…

Let’s get started! 

1) They’re inconsiderate

First off, a person who has no class is probably someone who’s inconsiderate. I bet you’re nodding your head reading this…

People who are inconsiderate think their feelings matter the most compared to others, and won’t hesitate to put themselves first. But in the worst way possible!

When someone has no class, this is one of their top traits: they do whatever they want without regard for people – and take pride in it!

Here’s an example.

A person with no class will interrupt you when you’re speaking. That’s because they couldn’t wait to say what they were thinking.

But look, you’ve lost your train of thought…

If we look at it another way, someone with no class is always canceling on you – just because they found a better place to be.

No matter what the situation is, a person with no class is someone who doesn’t care how they make you feel.

2) They don’t respect others

Another trait possessed by people with no class is that they don’t respect others.

I know what you’re thinking: you know someone just like this! And aren’t these people experts at ruining a good moment?

It could be anyone from that classmate who nitpicks at everything you do to that cousin who runs their mouth at every gathering.

One thing’s for sure, though, these people don’t know how to be classy. Let’s take a deeper look at why they behave the way they do!

When someone doesn’t respect others, it comes from their own perception that they are superior – like an inconsiderate person, they think their feelings matter most.

Ever visited a sacred place like a temple only to find tourists running about and making a racket?

Yes, unfortunately, these are the kinds of people who are an example of not having class.

3) They make fun of people

Let’s continue on with the next trait of people with no class: they make fun of others!

Of course, many of us believe such habits are only rampant in middle school. Not adulthood…

But someone with no class doesn’t care what’s proper and what’s not. If it makes them feel good, well, why not?

Someone who makes fun of people does it for two reasons:

  • They’re insecure and want to gain superiority
  • They feel they are superior and want to exercise their power

That said, it really doesn’t matter what the reasons are. It’s not a classy thing to do – why waste time making someone feel small?

When someone has no class, though, they don’t take the time to reflect on their own actions. 

And that’s why they go on making fun of others, unaware – or unbothered – that they are hurting someone!

4) They swear a lot (even when it’s inappropriate)

I know, I know.

Let me just preface this point by saying one thing: it’s not a bad thing to swear!

Trust me, I do it too – when the moment is right. Swearing is actually a good way for us to release anger and express our frustrations; that is, when they’re justified!

However, this isn’t really a trait that’s unique to someone with no class. What I mean to say is that a person like that doesn’t think about whether it’s appropriate or not to swear.

Let’s picture this scenario.

You’re at your graduation ceremony and a classmate is giving the closing speech. He or she is someone who’s easily excitable, and to prove how excited they are, they go off on a swearing spree.

“This has been a f*cking exhausting year! I’m so f*cking excited to graduate!”

Again, that’s just an extreme example…but I’m sure it has happened to some of you. And you may have wanted to hide under a paper bag until the end of the event.

In this case, the person may come off more embarrassing than mean. Which doesn’t hurt anybody!

And yet, this is indeed a trait of someone with no class. I mean, couldn’t they wait until later to express how good they feel?

5) They get mad when you disagree with them

Now let’s talk about another trait of someone with no class: they get mad when you disagree with them.

First of all, what these people need to know is that everyone has an opinion of their own. And it’s not their business to change it – only the person themselves can make the choice!

For someone with no class, they believe that they’re the smartest person in the room. They think that everything they say is enlightening and that everyone would benefit from listening to them.

And yet, it never really translates into other areas of their lives. Maybe they’re someone who’s known for not giving their best in what they do to even be giving you advice.

And so how is it possible to agree with someone who’s all talk and no action?

Here’s a secret: these people know it. They have a sense that their confidence is somehow inflated, but can’t figure out why…

That’s why disagreeing with them is a way to bring out that weak spot in them. 

And it shows just how little class they have: they don’t want to look inward and prefer to go on being a show-off with everyone!

6) They brag about themselves (all the time)

Speaking of being a show-off brings me to my next point…

A person with no class is someone who brags about themselves all the time!

Let’s return to my previous point for a moment: I mentioned that people with no class tend to have an exaggerated sense of self, without being able to deliver with their abilities.

On the other hand, a person with no class could also be very talented at what they do. However, they have never known what it means to be humble.

They go around telling everyone how great they are – and can’t seem to stop!

The reason why this is a trait of people with no class is because it gets grating to hear after a while…

I mean, letting you know how smart they are the first time is understandable. Maybe it was just a nudge to let them know if you ever needed their help with anything.

If they do it again and again, though? You’ll probably start to wonder what’s up with this person…

7) They expect people to serve them

Here’s the next trait of someone with no class: they expect people to serve them. Let me explain.

Perhaps you’re at a restaurant and you see a man behind you waving at the server. She comes over, and he speaks to her rudely asking why his food hasn’t arrived yet.

This is something a person with no class would do: throw a tantrum, make a scene, you know the drill. All so they can get what they want. 

A quick way to tell if someone has no class is to check out how they treat service staff. Hint: usually badly.

These are the kinds of people who make you cringe because they treat everyone around them like servants. 

It’s important to remember that people working at a food establishment are not your servants. Never. They are providing you with a service and no more than that!

Unfortunately, a person with no class isn’t able to see that. And that’s why they go around embarrassing themselves, unaware they’re putting on a clown act…

8) They think they’re always right

Last but not least, a person with no class always thinks they’re right. It doesn’t matter how obviously wrong they are!

I talked about this earlier when I said that these people get mad when you disagree…

That’s because they can’t imagine people living a life that’s different from theirs. They think that they know all the answers to life and go around sharing them.

Whether or not their opinion was requested!

People with no class live in a realm of their own where their rules are ultimate and everything else means nothing.

Think of them as people who walk the streets with a bubble around their head. 

And if you were wondering who they’re talking to when they go off on their rants, here’s a secret: they’re only ever talking to themselves.

Final thoughts

We’ve now discussed some traits that show in someone with no class to help you identify a person like that in your life. 

I’ve also given you some examples to help you out in case you’ve had experiences with these people and weren’t sure if they were worth the time.

But now you know better, I hope! Remember that you always have a choice about the kinds of people you want to have around you

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