If someone displays these 9 traits, they’re probably an evil person

It’s crucial to recognize the difference between someone who’s just a bit difficult and someone who’s downright evil.

The distinction lies in their character traits. While difficult individuals can be simply misunderstood, those with evil characteristics often have malicious intent.

Identifying an evil person isn’t about casting judgment prematurely. Rather, it’s about protecting yourself from those who could potentially cause you harm.

Being aware of these traits can serve as red flags to alert you to stay clear from individuals who display them.

Below, I’ve outlined 9 traits that are often exhibited by evil people. If someone in your life shows them, it’s time to reconsider their role in your world.

1) They enjoy others’ misfortune

Sadism is a trait often associated with evil individuals.

Sadism is all about deriving pleasure from someone else’s pain or discomfort. It’s the thrill that comes from seeing others struggle or suffer.

Think of the classic cartoon villains who cackle with glee when their nefarious plans take shape, causing havoc and distress for the heroes.

In real life, it’s not always as dramatic. It could be as subtle as a smirk when someone else slips up or a sense of satisfaction when a colleague fails.

If someone in your life consistently shows signs of enjoying others’ misfortunes, that’s a massive red flag. It’s not merely a harmless quirk; it’s a sign of an evil trait.

It’s not about making snap judgments but about being aware and protecting yourself from potential harm.

2) They are consistently dishonest

A major trait of evil individuals is chronic dishonesty.

They lie frequently, and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Their lies range from minor fibs to significant falsehoods, and they do it with ease.

I remember a former colleague who would lie about everything – from the trivial like what they had for lunch, to more serious matters like the reason for their frequent absences.

Over time, it became clear that their dishonesty was not just a bad habit. It was a reflection of their lack of integrity and a complete disregard for the truth.

This level of dishonesty can be corrosive in any relationship, personal or professional. If someone in your life exhibits this trait, it’s a serious warning sign.

3) They lack empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It’s a critical component of healthy, functioning relationships.

But here’s something worth noting: psychopaths and sociopaths, often depicted as the epitome of evil in popular culture, are known for their lack of empathy.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who completely dismisses your feelings or is indifferent to your experiences, you’ve likely encountered a lack of empathy.

This absence of emotional understanding and connection can be incredibly damaging in any kind of relationship. So, if you notice this trait in someone, it’s certainly a cause for concern.

4) They’re manipulative

Manipulation is a key trait in individuals who lean towards the evil side.

These individuals use manipulation to control others and situations to their advantage. They twist words, play with emotions, and exploit weaknesses to get what they want.

They might gaslight you, making you question your own memory, perception, or sanity. Or they might use guilt trips or flattery to sway you.

Whatever the method, the goal is the same: to control others for their own gain. This level of manipulation is not just unsettling – it’s a sign of an evil character.

5) They never take responsibility

Ever met someone who never seems to be at fault, no matter what? Who always has an excuse or someone else to blame?

This trait is a common characteristic of evil individuals. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions and instead shift the blame onto others.

Whether it’s a mistake at work, a failed relationship, or a broken promise, they’ll always find a way to avoid being held accountable.

This refusal to accept responsibility is more than just frustrating—it’s a sign of a deeply ingrained lack of character.

6) They spread negativity

Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. But there’s something uniquely draining about being around someone who always brings negativity into the room.

These individuals seem to thrive on creating a negative atmosphere. They complain incessantly, criticize others, and generally suck the joy out of any situation.

It’s not about having a bad day or going through a rough patch. We all have those. It’s about a consistent pattern of negativity that affects everyone around them.

If you know someone like this, it can be heart-wrenching to see the impact they have on others. This constant spread of negativity is not only toxic but can also be a sign of an evil disposition.

7) They’re excessively envious

Envy, when taken to the extreme, can be a dangerous trait.

I once knew someone who was perpetually envious of everything and everyone. Whether it was someone else’s success, their possessions, or even their happiness, they always wanted what others had.

It wasn’t just a simple desire for those things, but a resentment that others had them. It seemed like they could never be content with what they had because they were too busy coveting what others possessed.

This kind of excessive envy can be insidious, leading to bitterness and harmful actions. It’s more than just an unpleasant trait; it’s a sign of a potentially evil character.

8) They’re excessively controlling

We all like to have some degree of control in our lives. But when someone tries to control others excessively, it’s a clear indicator of a deeper issue.

These individuals want to dictate what others do, how they do it, and when they do it. They want to control not just situations but also the people around them.

Such behavior often stems from their own insecurities and fears. But that doesn’t make it any less damaging.

Excessive control is a form of abuse. If someone in your life displays this trait, it’s a sign of a potentially evil character.

9) They lack remorse

Perhaps the most alarming trait of an evil person is a complete lack of remorse for their actions.

Where most of us would feel guilt or regret after doing something wrong, these individuals feel none. They can cause harm, break trust, or hurt others without feeling any moral discomfort.

This absence of remorse indicates a fundamental lack of empathy and respect for others. It’s not just a character flaw – it’s a signal of a truly evil disposition.

Understanding the why

The complexity of human behavior cannot be overstated. It’s a labyrinth of psychology, biology, environment, and personal experiences.

Evil, as we’ve discussed, is not simply a label to stick on someone we dislike. It’s a term associated with a pattern of harmful behavior that goes beyond the norm.

These nine traits we’ve explored are indicators, warning signs to help protect ourselves and others from potential harm.

But it’s also crucial to remember that individuals displaying these traits may be dealing with their own unresolved issues or traumas. This doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it may provide some insight into why they act the way they do.

Recognizing these traits in someone is the first step. What follows is a personal choice – to distance oneself, seek help, or attempt to understand the root cause.

In essence, understanding ‘evil’ is not just about identifying it in others but also about fostering empathy and compassion in ourselves. It’s about navigating the complexities of human behavior while ensuring our own well-being.

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