If a woman truly respects you, she’ll never do these 8 things in public

If we lived in a perfect world, everyone would respect everyone. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

Just because you respect someone, that doesn’t mean they respect you in return.

Sometimes you just get this feeling that someone isn’t treating you right. I’m guessing you have that feeling about a woman in your life, and that’s why you’re here!

If a woman truly respects you, she’ll never do any of these 8 things in public – no matter what.

Up first:

1) Bring up your flaws

We all have flaws, but few of us like to have these pointed out to us. I know I prefer it when people don’t bring up mine in public!

Most women I’ve ever known are pretty emotionally intelligent. They seem to have a sixth sense about what someone’s flaws and insecurities are.

A woman who respects you wouldn’t mention these things to you – and if they did, it’d be in a supportive way (and in private!).

But when she doesn’t respect you, she’ll bring up your flaws in front of anyone. She might even crack jokes about them!

Say you don’t have much experience in bed. Or are worried about the size of your… Her bringing these things up is cruel.

It’s probably intentional, too – designed to put you down and make her feel better about her own flaws and insecurities.

2) Joke about intimacy issues

Intimacy issues aren’t a joke. They’re a hard no for most guys! (Bad joke? Probably).

In all seriousness, they really aren’t a joke. If you laugh at them together as a couple, it’s probably OK (provided you’re both laughing).

But if your girlfriend or wife brings up your problems in the bedroom in public – laughing about the things you can’t do – this really isn’t good.

It’s a major sign that she doesn’t respect you or the confidentiality of her private life. If you’ve asked her to stop and she still doesn’t, this is even worse.

3) Joke about your sex life

It isn’t just your problems in the bedroom that shouldn’t be laughed about. Your bedroom activities shouldn’t be laughed at full stop!

I remember overhearing a conversation on the train once where two girls were discussing their boyfriends’ behaviors in bed. They were mocking the faces they pulled, the noises they made, and how they performed, generally…

It wasn’t very humble behavior from them, that’s for sure. And granted, their boyfriends weren’t actually with them while they were talking about it.

But even so, it really shouldn’t have been a conversation for the public to hear. In fact, it shouldn’t be a conversation your best friend should hear!

If a woman truly respected the guy she’s dating, she’d respect the privacy of those intimate moments – and wouldn’t laugh about them with anyone who’ll listen.

woman talking to man If a woman truly respects you, she'll never do these 8 things in public

4) Boss you around

I think the word “bossy” is attributed to women a little too often – unjustifiably! Just because a woman asks her partner to do something, that doesn’t make her bossy.

What does make someone bossy is if they order you around all the time and bark orders at you like a dog.

I knew a guy once who would call his girlfriend bossy for asking if they could leave a party early and he could drop her home. This wasn’t bossy behavior. It was just normal.

But then I knew a girl who would actually boss her boyfriend around! She’d demand that he’d “Get her a drink please” and “Sit over there so I can be near [friend]” – and all kinds of other things.

I think it’s just about the way you ask. If you ask, it’s respectful. If you tell or demand, it generally isn’t.

So if a woman respects you, she’ll be polite to you and ask (rather than tell) no matter who you’re with.

5) Treat you like a child

I know a lot of women make jokes about their partners being a “man-child” (and it really is a thing, according to research). But honestly, these jokes are a little toxic in today’s world…

Telling you what drink to order, where to sit, what to wear, and what time you should be home is treating you like a child – whether it’s said in public or private.

Some women aren’t doing this intentionally. Their reasoning is usually down to a nurturing instinct or a need for control and dominance. And sometimes, it’s just their communication style.

But either way, a woman treating you like a child probably doesn’t respect you that much. She probably sees you as a bit of a “man child” – and you might be to blame for that as well as her!

6) Interrupt you constantly

We all interrupt people sometimes. In the office, I actually feel like it’s something you have to do occasionally to get your point across!

Even in social settings, it’s sometimes necessary – provided you do it, apologize, and invite the other person to speak again afterward.

But when a woman constantly interrupts you at a family dinner or out with her friends, this isn’t good. She might not trust you to answer questions yourself or respect your view on things.

If she does it when you’re out with your friends, this definitely isn’t a sign of respect!

However, it’s important to remember that she might be interrupting you because she’s nervous about you meeting her family or friends.

When my friend brought her new boyfriend out for the first time, she answered every question for him. She was just nervous and wanted us to like him. She wasn’t intentionally being disrespectful (even though it was a little bit).

So if your girlfriend does this to you, it’s worth telling her how you feel, as it might all be an unintentional misunderstanding!

7) Dismiss everything you say

“That’s a bad idea”.

“No, I don’t think so”.

“Why on Earth would we do that?”.

Ever heard these phrases from a woman after you suggest something – no matter what you suggest?

She might just be opinionated! Or she might just (coincidently) completely disagree with everything you say… But she also might not respect you very much.

I suppose it’s all about the frequency and how she does it that matters. If a woman does this to you constantly when you’re out in public, this isn’t respectful.


  1. She doesn’t have to disagree with you in front of her friends all the time. She could do it privately afterward. And;
  2. Dismissing is different to disagreeing. If she pulls a disgusted face at you, waves her hand at you (literally brushing you off), or tells you you’re “being stupid again”, she doesn’t respect you or your views – there’s no doubt about it.

8) Act embarrassed by you

When a woman acts embarrassed by you, it might just be her sense of humor. Or it might be her way of flirting with you.

I’ve done it many times with my partner when I beat him at mini golf! I act super embarrassed by how “bad” he is at it, and it’s all good fun (probably for me, mostly).

But if it isn’t a joke, and neither of you is laughing, this isn’t a sign of respect. It’s actually pretty rude.

If she seriously turns to her friends and says, “Sorry about him” or “He gives me the ick sometimes” this isn’t nice behavior.

If she doesn’t want to talk to you around certain people or even be seen with you, this isn’t good, either.

I had a “friend” in school once who, when a bird almost pooped on me at the bus stop and I laughed, kept looking around, acting embarrassed about what happened and why I was laughing. She wasn’t a good friend.

No one should be embarrassed by a friend or partner being themselves in public. So if a woman does this to you, best believe that she doesn’t respect you or your relationship!

Final thoughts

Realizing a woman doesn’t respect you is pretty horrifying, especially if it’s your girlfriend, wife, or a good friend.

But the thing is, she might not know she’s doing it.

If you recognize these behaviors in a woman in your life, you need to sit her down and talk to her about it if you want to keep a relationship together. Tell her what she’s doing and how it makes you feel.

She might not realize how her behavior is coming across – and she might be so grateful you’ve raised it with her so she can stop!

If she isn’t grateful or willing to listen, this really isn’t good news. She just doesn’t respect you. And it might be time to move on, let her go, or just distance yourself from her to protect number one (i.e., you). 

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Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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