If a man uses these 8 phrases in a conversation, he’s incredibly thoughtful and caring

Every woman wants a good man. Someone who’s kind and dependable and who shows how much they appreciate you. 

But you and I both know that men aren’t too keen on communicating their feelings, and unless you’re always in their company, it’s hard to tell who they are at their core. 

So, if you’re looking for a bit of a Clark Kent to be your Superman, how do you know if the person you’re interested in has a good heart?

The simplest answer is to pay attention to the words he chooses, his tone of voice, and the way he comes across when speaking to you and other people. That’s because men use certain phrases in conversation that provide clues as to who they truly are. 

So, while he might not be the best at describing his emotions, if a man uses the following 8 phrases in a conversation, he’s incredibly thoughtful and caring… 

1) I’m on your side. 

A guy who is thoughtful and caring will go to great lengths to show you how much you mean to him. If you’re upset about something or you feel overwhelmed and alone, he’ll let you know that he’s there for you. 

Men who are prepared to give you physical and emotional support will tell you that you’re on the same team. 

In any healthy relationship, you want reassurance that the person you’ve given your heart to is on your side. 

This means there’s no question that he’ll protect you and stand up for you. 

Whether he says this on his own or once you’ve reached out, a caring and thoughtful man will use phrases such as “I’m on your side” or “I’m here for you” when he means it. 

2) What was the best part of your day? 

The simplest way to determine whether a man is thoughtful and caring in conversation is if he asks meaningful questions. Someone who’s interested in you will not only inquire about your day but also about your life and values. 

They want to get to know you, and that means asking meaningful questions. And what woman doesn’t want a man to show a genuine interest in who she is? 

Asking about your day shows their consideration, and I’d go as far as saying that he wants you to know that he values you. 

If you’re getting to know someone and they make assumptions about who you are or only answer the questions that you ask them, I think that it’s safe to say you’re dealing with a bit of a narcissist

A thoughtful man won’t hesitate to ask how you feel, how your day was, or where you’re from to learn more about you. 

In a committed relationship, when your partner asks about your day, it’s a small gesture that you may overlook or take for granted, but it says a lot about who they are. 

3) I’m really sorry. 

When you’ve been hurt by someone, all you want is a sincere apology. Many men find it hard to admit when they’ve done something wrong because they think that it makes them look weak. 

Others simply avoid owning up to their mistakes because of their egos. 

But men who genuinely care about you will always say they’re sorry, and they’ll mean it. Even if you’ve had a bad day or you’re upset about a situation that he isn’t personally responsible for, he will tell you that he’s there for you. 

His apology will always be backed by action, and he’ll do things to make you feel better or put a smile on your face. 

4) I just noticed that about you. 

An attentive man is a caring man; there’s no two ways about it! If he’s taking the time to notice things about you, whether you’ve done something different with your hair or you’re going through a difficult time, he certainly cares. 

Men pay attention to things they find important. They’re not overly complicated when it comes to interpreting their emotions, so noticing the small details about you could indicate their desire to build a deeper connection. 

Another phrase to look out for is, “You’re one of the few people who get me.” A man who builds an emotional bond with you feels seen and heard. 

He wants you to know that he feels close to you, and this could also be part of the reason that he notices the little things about you. 

5) You look great. 

pic2330 If a man uses these 8 phrases in a conversation, he’s incredibly thoughtful and caring

A guy who cares will always compliment you because he wants to make you feel good. From the way you smile to the new dress you’re wearing, he’ll let you know how much he values you by complimenting you. 

You should know that saying something nice doesn’t only have to come from a romantic partner. Friends can also compliment you, whether it’s based on your appearance or a kind gesture. 

Men who give you compliments and show you how grateful they are for the little things that you do foster happiness in the relationship. You’re meant to feel special and appreciated. 

Of course, nobody wants to be bombarded by compliments because this could be seen as “love bombing.” 

Love bombing is a form of manipulation that involves charming you until you fall in love with the person. Once you’re under their spell, that’s when they pounce on you and try to control you. 

A compliment should always be sincere and given within the context of a conversation or situation. If you feel something’s off, it probably is. 

6) I appreciate you. 

“I appreciate you” and “You’re the best” might seem casual and even flippant, but men find it awkward to tell you just how much you mean to them. 

In an ideal world, we would love a man to say, “Thank you; I really love and appreciate everything about you.” But it’s more likely that you’re going to hear this in a fairytale! 

Most guys aren’t very emotionally expressive, so they stick to simple ways of showing gratitude and acknowledging how valuable you are to them. 

When it comes from a genuine place, and usually after you’ve done something kind for him, it means that he respects you and acknowledges his emotional connection with you. 

Telling you that he appreciates you early in the relationship could be a sign that he has no problem expressing his emotions while recognizing your worth. 

As long as it’s coming from a genuine place, a man who lets you know how much he appreciates you proves that he’s attentive and cares. 

7) How can we move forward? 

Let’s say that you and your partner come into conflict and struggle to find a way to overcome it. 

When he notices your frustration, rather than give up or force his opinion, a thoughtful and caring man will ask how you can move forward together. He’ll want to know what he can do to resolve the conflict

He’s trying to show you that your opinion matters, and he wants to find common ground. 

Any man who is willing to meet you halfway when trying to figure things out is showing you that he respects your opinion. 

It’s called compromise and respect, and it’s what every successful relationship is built on. 

This type of consideration for your feelings reveals exactly how caring and thoughtful a man is. 

8) Let me know what I can do for you. 

A man who is prepared to ditch his plans to help you is one worth keeping! 

Offering a helping hand, whether for their spouse or their neighbor, is always an admirable trait. So, if you hear this phrase in conversation, you’re probably dealing with a very thoughtful guy. 

Men who say things like, “I’m here to help” or “Let me know how I can help” are definitely showing their sensitive and considerate side. 

If he asks to help you without you asking for it, then it’s obvious that he cares. Better yet, if he changes plans with his friends to support you through a tough time or assist with a big move, you know that he has a special place for you in his heart. 

That’s because he has empathy for you. 

Empathy is part of every relationship’s foundation because, without it, you wouldn’t care about your friend or spouse’s opinions or thoughts. 

By offering his support, he’s ready to make sacrifices for you, and that’s always an attractive trait in a man. 

Final words

Ultimately, knowing whether a man is incredibly thoughtful and caring comes down to his choice of words and actions. He should always back what he says in the way he treats you and makes you feel. 

A dependable man will stick to his word, and you’ll never question your worth in his company. 

He should communicate consistently and openly because this makes it easier to trust what he says and does. It makes him appear more predictable, and predictable is anything but boring! 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned 8 phrases that men use in conversation can help you spot a caring and thoughtful individual who tries his best to put you first. 

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Marcel is a journalist, gamer, and entrepreneur. When not obsessing over his man cave or the latest tech, he’s failing helplessly at training his obnoxious rescue dog ‘Boogies’.

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