If a man mentions these 14 phrases in conversation, he’s ready to become a parent

Watching my friends who have children I’ve been hit by a stunning truth that I’d never really internalized before:

Being a parent is probably among the most difficult jobs on earth. 

It has no real “training manual,” and even the most emotionally balanced and psychologically healthy individual has to put in enormous effort and patience to raise kids. 

Both mothers and fathers need to be ready before having kids and not only be open to having children but actively want and plan for them. 

So what are the signs that a guy is ready to be a father and will truly embrace the role?

If he’s using these phrases it’s a very good indication he’s ready to be a dad. 

1) “I know being a dad will be a lot of responsibility” 

This shows that he understands that being a parent won’t just be a bundle of fun. 

He knows that it’s going to involve a lot of sacrifice and also putting his own needs second (or sometimes putting them off entirely). 

As JD Roberto writes:

“One of the immediate challenges of going from two to three in a family is that #3 is going to get the majority of the attention for the foreseeable future. 

“Guys can be needy, and it’ll be an adjustment when he needs to share your attention (and body) with someone else.”

2) “When I have kids, I plan to…”

This shows that he has plans about when he has kids and actively wants them. 

It’s a much more active statement than “if” or “maybe someday.”

By grounding his future hope for kids with specific plans and ideas, this guy is turning what is an abstract “maybe” for some into a solid future scenario. 

He’s getting ready, which means he’s halfway to being ready. 

3) “I love spending time with my nieces and nephews so much.”

You can tell a lot about a guy’s readiness for fatherhood by how he feels around kids and how they feel around him. 

When kids are drawn to him and he has great enthusiasm about spending time with youngsters in his family and friend circle, it means he’s becoming very aligned with dad energy. 

As Vivian Kelly puts it:

“Your beau actually looks forward to seeing his nephews and nieces every week, because he can’t wait to goof around with them.”

4) I’m saving money for once I have a family.”

This aspect of practical planning is very important. 

A man who wants to be a dad very badly and has a great temperament is wonderful, but if he lacks that practical and financial planning side, he’s not really ready. 

A guy who’s saving up and understands just how expensive a family is to raise, shows that he’s putting his money where his mouth is. 

5) “I’ve been thinking about what kind of parent I want to be.”

This shows he’s actively considering his parenting style and responsibilities.

He’s thinking about parenting and putting real exploration into it, rather than just going on autopilot. 

This shows he’s really ready, and likely will be a much better parent than the many who never really get conscious about what kind of parent they want to be. 

6) “I’ve been imagining what my future family will look like.”

He’s imagining and envisioning his future family, which shows how much it means to him. 

As long as this doesn’t cross the line into idle daydreaming, it’s a very positive thing. 

It means that this is really a dream he has and not just something he feels he “should” do or that society expects. It’s what he wants and envisions. 

7) “I learned a lot from how my own parents raised me, both the good and bad.”

When he’s thought about how he was raised and what it was like, that’s an excellent sign.

It means he’s really internalized his own upbringing and become conscious of the positives and negatives of the way he was brought up. 

He’s ready to apply these lessons to real life now. 

8) “I’ve been talking to my friend about his kids and what it’s like to be a dad.” 

This phrase shows that he’s actively investigating and asking around about fatherhood. 

He’s not just pondering the idea as a curiosity or random thought:

He’s really getting into the “zone” about what it’s like to be a dad and becoming closer with his friends who have kids. 

“He is surrounded by his friends’ kids and has seen how great family life can be. Trips to the park, football matches together and movie nights in are all tempting to him now,” writes Catriona Watson.

“It won’t be long until he is ready to copy his mates and start a family of his own.”

9) “I’ve been thinking about how my wife and I will balance parenting responsibilities.”

phrases theyre displaying emotional intelligence If a man mentions these 14 phrases in conversation, he's ready to become a parent

This is a crucial statement because it shows that he is thinking about kids and partnership in a realistic way. 

He’s not considering his role as dad to be that of a sperm donor who then spends his days away while his wife or girlfriend does the work. 

He’s thinking about how the new family will work in day to day life, including his own significant contributions. He’s ready to share. 

10) “I’ve been reading quite a few parenting books and articles.”

Books and knowledge aren’t the same as real life experience, but they still have a lot of valuable insights and information in them. 

The fact that he’s been spending the time to read up on parenting is a great sign. 

It means he’s ready to be a dad and get serious about this. 

11) “I’ve been thinking about the values I want to instill in my children.”

This fellow is pondering how he will raise his kids and the values he wants them to have. 

This is a deep level statement and shows real thought and energy put into the subject. 

He cares for real, and he’s ready to make a strong effort to be a great dad

As Vivian Kelly writes:

“Struck with a cold? If you find your man whipping you up chicken soup and delivering tissues to you – at your service, he’s putting others’ needs before his. A great-dad quality!”

At the same time as he wants to do what he can to instill the right values in his kids, this guy also knows that his children won’t just be up to him in terms of how they turn out or what they believe. 

Which brings me to the next point: 

12) “I know there’s a lot I won’t be able to control in life as a dad.”

This is so true. 

The fact that he recognizes this is essential, as it means he’s face-to-face with the reality of parenting not just the ideal. 

He knows that no matter how wonderful a job he does, he still has to relinquish some control in terms of how things turn out and what ends up happening. 

He grasps fully that there’s no real “ultimate guide” for parenting and that a certain amount of being a dad has to be learned on the job. 

As lifestyle blogger Deelaney writes:

“He’s flexible and willing to adapt to your plans or unforeseen events. He is not a perfectionist, a control freak or an aggressive driver.”

13) “I want to make sure I have a stable environment for my kids.”

This is very vital, because many of us know just how damaging it can be to grow up in a very unstable environment. 

By doing his best to try to work out a stable environment for the kids, this guy shows that he really wants to be a responsible and honorable dad. 

He’s thinking of how to be the best dad he can be. 

14) “Becoming a dad is my number one goal.”

This is very crucial:

A guy is ready to become a dad when he truly and fully wants it. 

While he can’t control much of what will happen once he’s a dad or some of the obstacles that might come up, his simple desire to be a dad is essential. 

He has to want it more than anything else, otherwise he runs the risk of fatherhood becoming more of a downside for him than an upside. 

“This might sound obvious, but you’d be amazed what a man will agree to if his partner asks often enough. 

“It’s fine to talk someone into ordering Thai instead of pizza, but having a baby shouldn’t require even the slightest bit of convincing,” observes JD Roberto.

Paul Brian

Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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