If a man does these 6 things, he’ll be a great boyfriend or husband

Navigating the dating world can often feel like a minefield, filled with uncertainty and questions. You might wonder if the man you’re dating is just a good guy or if he’s truly boyfriend or husband material.

Getting to know someone deeply requires time and patience, but are there any signs that can reveal if a man will make a great partner?

Here are 6 telling behaviors that could suggest whether a man will be a great boyfriend or husband.

If he embodies these qualities, it’s likely you’ve found someone special — the right person to build a future with.

1) He truly listens to you

Communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship, and it begins with listening.

A man who will make a great boyfriend or husband is not just physically present, but is emotionally invested in your conversations.

He doesn’t simply wait for his turn to speak, but actively pays attention to your words, understanding your thoughts and feelings.

He is genuinely interested in your day, your dreams, and your fears.

This man values your perspective and wants to understand you better, because to him, you matter.

If he’s always ready to lend you an ear, you’ve found someone who respects and cherishes you – a hallmark of a potentially great partner.

And while he wants to be emotionally invested in what is going on in your life, he won’t expect you to lose your individuality in a relationship…

2) He respects your individuality

A man who will make a great boyfriend or husband understands that you are your own person with unique dreams, interests, and opinions.

He does not seek to change you but embraces and cherishes you for who you truly are.

He respects your autonomy and encourages you to pursue your passions, even if they don’t align with his own.

This type of man appreciates the value of having separate hobbies, friends, and experiences in addition to shared ones within a relationship.

If he supports your individuality and respects your boundaries, you’ve found someone who sees you as an equal partner, a key sign of a promising boyfriend or husband.

But this support, if genuine, goes beyond who you are at the moment…

3) He supports and encourages you

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One of the most heartening experiences I’ve had in a relationship is feeling supported and encouraged by my partner.

A man who’s destined to be an exceptional boyfriend or husband believes in your potential and supports your aspirations.

I remember when I was anxious about a big presentation at work, unsure if I could pull it off. My partner, seeing my nervousness, reassured me, reminding me of all the times I had succeeded before and how capable I was.

His unwavering belief in me gave me the confidence to perform my best.

If your man is your greatest cheerleader, pushing you to reach for the stars while ensuring you never feel alone in your journey, he’s showing the qualities of a truly supportive partner.

What’s more, he will be equally concerned about you health as he is for your success.

4) He genuinely cares about your well-being

This is a trait that has always held immense weight in my own relationships.

A man who is primed to be an excellent boyfriend or husband shows constant concern for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

For instance, my partner always checks in on me when I’ve had a stressful day at work or if I’m feeling under the weather.

He does more than just ask if I’m okay; he’s there with a comforting word, a supportive gesture, or a simple hug when I need it most. He makes my well-being a priority, showing me through his actions that my happiness matters to him.

If your man goes out of his way to ensure you’re doing well, he truly cares about you – a fundamental characteristic of a great boyfriend or husband.

However, even if he’s caring and supportive, you wouldn’t be able to build a lasting relationship without one crucial element: communication.

5) He is honest and transparent

Trust and honesty form the backbone of any lasting relationship.

A man who is upfront and honest about his thoughts, feelings, and intentions sets the foundation for open communication and trust in a relationship.

A man who refrains from hiding things, who doesn’t play mind games, and who makes an effort to be clear about his intentions, is likely to be a great boyfriend or husband.

His openness reveals his integrity and respect for you, crucial elements in a strong partnership.

6) He respects and values your relationships with others

And finally, while it’s important to have everything best as a couple, lasting relationships work best when each of the partners has their own support groups outside of the relationship.

If he appreciates your friends and family, it’s a great sign he’s a material for a boyfriend or a husband. 

He respects and values the bonds you have with your family and friends, and does not try to alienate you from them. This man understands that these connections are a part of your life and contribute to your happiness.

He doesn’t feel threatened by them but rather, encourages you to maintain and nurture these relationships.

If he’s happy to see you happy with others, it shows his secure love for you and his potential to be a wonderful life partner.


These six signs are not exhaustive, but they do provide a good starting point to gauge whether the man you’re dating could make for an excellent boyfriend or husband.

Remember, everyone has their unique traits, so it’s important to consider these signs within the context of your relationship.

Trust your intuition, feel confident in your judgment, and most importantly, ensure that in seeking a great partner, you’re also striving to be one.

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