If a man does these 9 things, he truly respects a woman

Respect is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and when it comes to men and women, it becomes even more crucial.

In a society where gender equality and women’s rights are gaining increasing attention, it’s essential to explore what respect truly means in the context of a man’s behavior towards a woman.

While every individual is unique and has their own interpretation of respect, there are certain actions that, when exhibited by a man, can be seen as clear indicators of his respect for women.

In this article, we will delve into these 9 things that, when practiced, show genuine respect for a woman.

1) He actively listens

One of the most fundamental aspects of respect is listening to someone’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Imagine this:

Someone who constantly interrupts you, never allowing you to express your thoughts! Or looks away unbothered when you are speaking. It is downright disrespectful.

However, when a man actively listens to a woman, he demonstrates his genuine interest in what she has to say. 

He maintains eye contact, refrains from interrupting, and genuinely seeks to understand her perspective.

Active listening fosters a sense of validation and shows that her voice is valued.

2) He supports her ambitions

A respectful man understands that a woman’s dreams and goals are just as important as his own.

We all know some great women leaders: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson to mention but a few.

These leaders made it to the peak of their career and life with active support of their male cheerleaders.

A man who respects a woman not only encourages her aspirations, but actively supports her in achieving them.

Whether it’s a career objective, personal development, or a passion project, he becomes her biggest cheerleader, providing encouragement, motivation, and practical assistance whenever needed.

3) He respects her boundaries

Respecting personal boundaries is crucial in any relationship, and a respectful man recognizes and honors a woman’s personal boundaries.

Let me explain:

A respectful man understands that consent is mandatory in all aspects of life, be it physical intimacy, personal space, or emotional availability.

He never crosses the line, pressures, or coerces her into doing anything she is uncomfortable with. Instead, he creates an environment where she feels safe, secure, and respected.

4) He shares household responsibilities

Now this is the true test of man respects for a woman!

A respectful man acknowledges the importance of gender equality, particularly within the domestic sphere.

As more women join the workforce, it’s only fair that men take responsibility for household chores.

A man who respects women actively participates in sharing household responsibilities, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the children.

He understands that maintaining a balanced partnership means sharing the load and creating an equitable environment where both partners contribute equally.

5) He values her opinions and expertise

partner genuinely appreciates having you in their life If a man does these 9 things, he truly respects a woman

A man who respects a woman values her opinions and recognizes her expertise in various domains.

When my parents were constructing the family home, I was mesmerized by the constant debates on how to design the house. I learned the value of getting an opinion from every party, including women like myself and my mother.

A man who seeks women input on important decisions, values her perspective, and considers her expertise as valuable as his own.

He never dismisses her ideas or diminishes her intellect, but instead fosters an environment of collaboration, mutual learning, and respect for her insights.

6) He celebrates her successes

A respectful man rejoices in a woman’s achievements, both big and small.

Here’s the thing:

A man who respects women does not feel threatened by her ambitions and success. Instead, he celebrates her successes with genuine enthusiasm, pride, and admiration.

He understands that her accomplishments are not a threat to his ego but rather a testament to her capabilities.

A man who provides unwavering support and encouragement allow her to shine without any hint of jealousy or insecurity.

7) He challenges gender stereotypes

There are countless gender stereotypes out there, most of these against womenfolk.

Now imagine this:

A man who constantly peddles such stereotypes against women, either through active endorsement or passive acknowledgement!

Here’s the thing:

A man who truly respects a woman challenges societal gender stereotypes and actively works towards dismantling them.

He understands the harmful impact of gender roles, embraces equality, and encourages her to pursue her interests and break free from societal expectations.

Such a man promotes gender inclusivity and serves as an ally in her journey towards empowerment.

8) He educates himself about women’s issues

If a man finds it hard to drop stereotypes against women, how about taking some lessons about women issues?

Stereotypes are deeply ingrained in people’s minds and can take more than casual denial to erase them.

Here’s what you need to know:

Educating yourself about women issues not only helps you understand and debunk these stereotypes, but also shows respect for women.

A respectful man takes the initiative to educate himself about women’s issues and the challenges they face.

He seeks to understand the systemic inequalities and biases that women encounter, and he actively supports initiatives that promote gender equality.

In a nutshell, he engages in conversations, reads books, and listens to diverse perspectives to broaden his understanding.

9) He stands against violence

Our final point leads us to the bottom of the barrel: violence against women.

According to the World Bank, 30% of women or 736 million women have experienced intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence.

Now here’s the kick in the teeth:

Most of this violence is perpetrated by men. From husbands, work supervisors to that stranger in the street.

If a man truly respects a woman, he not only desists from violence against women, but also stands firmly against any form of violence towards women.

He condemns and actively works against domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and any other forms of abuse.

A respectful man promotes a culture of consent and supports initiatives that aim to end violence against women.

Final thoughts

Respect is the cornerstone of any healthy and fulfilling relationship between a man and a woman.

When a man exhibits these behaviors, he demonstrates genuine respect for a woman.

Relationships based on mutual respect, trust and empowerment fosters a more inclusive and harmonious society for all.

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Martha Croissy

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