If a man displays these 12 behaviors, he’s ready to share his life with someone

Is he ready to get serious? 

It’s a fair question, and it’s one you may be asking if you’re interested in a guy or currently dating him. 

So how can you tell?

That’s the question of the day, and in this article we’ll take a look at the top behaviors that show a guy is really ready to settle down. 

Words can be cheap, which is why it’s important to pay attention to what a guy does more than what he says. 

Let’s dive in: 

1) They are present and attentive 

When someone is ready to commit, they are present and attentive. They listen actively, enjoy spending time with you, and put away distractions like their phone

Their body language is open and attentive, and they make strong eye contact, seeking as much of your presence as possible. 

Actively seeking you out, they arrange dates and maximize their time with you beyond work obligations. 

They also listen to you when you talk and show all the signs of being genuinely interested in being around you and spending time with you. 

2) They communicate consistently 

A person ready to commit makes a genuine effort to communicate

They love engaging in conversations, joking around, and being a reliable presence for you. 

They don’t communicate out of obligation but genuinely want to talk to you, valuing the moments spent discussing various topics. 

Whatever is on your mind, they’re generally happy to discuss it and talk it over. 

They just love talking to you, and it shows. 

3) They choose harmony over arguments 

In daily interactions, someone ready to commit tends to choose harmony over arguments. 

They opt for kindness and cooperation in situations where conflicts might arise, avoiding unnecessary drama. 

They aim to get along with you as much as possible, showing a preference for a harmonious relationship because they envision a future with you. 

They choose harmony over arguments, every time. They’d just rather get along!

4) They stay connected physically and emotionally 

A person ready to commit strives to maintain a strong and enduring connection with you, both physically and emotionally. 

They don’t vanish after moments of intimacy or withdraw emotionally. 

Instead, they aim to keep the connection open, being a generous lover in bed and a generous soul in conversations, with every action reflecting a commitment beyond temporary thrills. 

They aren’t just in it for sexy time, they’re in it for the whole package deal!

5) They are emotionally transparent 

While not all men are known for emotional transparency, someone serious about committing makes a real effort to open up. 

They willingly share their heart and soul, being emotionally available

They discuss their childhood, core values, and life-shaping experiences, showing an interest in understanding your journey as well. 

They are not hiding anything and can confront their shortcomings without becoming defensive. 

They don’t try to be perfect around you or overexaggerate their failings. They just keep it real.

6) They value your advice and guidance 

A person ready for commitment deeply values your advice and help. 

They seek your input on various aspects of their life, caring about your opinions and feelings. 

If there’s uncertainty or unhappiness, they discuss it with you rather than sweeping it under the rug, showing a genuine interest in your perspective. 

They may not always listen to your advice, but there’s no doubt that they value it. 

7) They make it official on social media 

While it’s true that social media is ultimately just pixels, making a relationship official on these platforms holds significance. 

A person ready to commit will be open to sharing your relationship status, demonstrating pride and excitement about being with you. 

They don’t show off by any means, but they do love celebrating the love you have. 

This also ties into the next point…

8) They are proud of being together with you 

Someone ready to commit expresses pride in being with you. 

They highlight how special you are and actively contribute to your life in numerous small ways. 

They make it clear they’re not interested in anyone else and view you as their exclusive partner. 

9) They introduce you to family and friends 

When someone is ready to commit, they introduce you to their close circle. 

They want their friends and family to recognize your significance in their life, signaling that your partnership is not a passing phase but a long-term commitment. 

They also want you to build relationships with the people they love. 

10) They are comfortable being couple-ish in public 

While not everyone is comfortable with public displays of affection, a person ready to commit is proud and at ease being seen as a couple in public. 

They don’t shy away from holding hands or introducing you confidently, making it clear that they are proud of your relationship. 

11) They express care without being controlling 

A person ready to commit communicates their intentions respectfully and seriously without being controlling. 

They express their love in a caring and considerate manner, ready to move forward in the relationship without imposing conditions. 

12) They want to make plans with you for the future 

For someone ready to commit, the future is not a vague possibility but an exciting prospect to plan together. 

Discussions about marriage, kids, or living together are on the table, and they openly express their readiness to take the relationship to the next level

The future is something they eagerly anticipate, commit to, and want to share with you.

The bottom line

How can you determine if someone is ready to commit or not? Is there any foolproof method? 

The only way to know for certain is when they drop to one knee with a ring or express a genuine desire to commit, backed up by consistent actions. 

However, various behaviors and signs indicate that a person is gearing up to commit and not just teetering on the fence. 

The above signs will certainly indicate that a man is ready to share his life with someone and that he’s no longer playing the field. 

He’s looking to get real with one person and make it last.

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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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