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Ideapod webinar: 3 powerful hacks to stop overthinking (WATCH)

A few weeks ago I shared a confession with the Ideapod community: I’m an overthinker, and I’ve struggled with this my entire life. In the article I shared three powerful hacks I’ve developed to turn my overthinking from a curse into a strength.

Little did I know that this article would result in hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of personal emails. People from all over the world wrote to me saying they’ve been overthinking their whole life. They told me they wanted more information about the hacks that I used to shift my relationship with my overthinking.

While many of the articles we write at Ideapod “go viral” and are read by a large amount of people, I didn’t expect this article to have the impact it did. My main purpose in writing it was to touch on some of the ideas shared about overthinking on our social network.

The impact of the article encouraged me to run an Ideapod webinar going deeper into these three powerful hacks to stop overthinking and start living l...

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Written by Justin Brown

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Ideapod, a platform for people to connect around ideas. I'm passionate about people thinking for themselves, especially in an age of information overload.

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