“I have no talent” – 15 tips if you feel this is you

People perceive talent as something that will bring them happiness and success in life. The truth is a small number of people are born with extraordinary talents, and if this is not you, it’s not a reason for you to feel bad.

There are lots of things to do and here are 15 tips that can help you cope!

1) Accept the fact that you may not have discovered it yet

It takes time for people to discover their talents. It doesn’t often happen that at the age of 3, 10, or 15, children absolutely know what they are talented for. There are many successful people that discovered their talents later in life, like Martha Stewart, Vera Wang, Morgan Freeman, and Harrison Ford.

You may not have discovered your talent yet, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work towards achieving success in life. For many things that you want to achieve you don’t actually need to have talent but self-discipline to get to the point you want.

The root of success is usually in not giving up when it’s tough but overcoming obstacles as they appear. There are many things you can do by simply building good habits and fighting your weaknesses.

Do everything you can to prepare yourself to do the things you want and focus more on skills rather than talents, but keep in mind that you may discover a talent later on in life that you weren’t aware of before.

2) Don’t be afraid to try new things

There is no way in this world that you can know if you are going to be good at something if you don’t try it. Think about the things that excite you or that you may have heard that are fun and you think you could like them.

Try running, yoga, and boxing, making movies, recording short clips, editing, or anything else that attract your attention. Only by testing one thing after another can you start realizing what you like and what you don’t like.

By learning new language, listening to some new music and reading books that can change your perspective, you will notice that you are getting the confidence and experience you need to enjoy life. It will open enormous possibilities to you and help you realize that there is a world of opportunities waiting for you to try them.

Each thing you do will surely make you more interesting and self-confident, which will consequently have an impact on your overall satisfaction.

3) Discover what you are good at

You may be surprised how many things you are able to do well if you are brave enough to try. Discover the beliefs that are preventing you from developing your full potential.

That can sometimes be something that your parents used to tell you when you were little that affected your self-esteem and ability to go into an unknown. By setting yourself free from this frame put on by your parents or other family members, you will realize that it is getting easier to live the life that you want.

Perhaps you have talented people around you who are making you insecure, but one step towards living a fulfilled life is accepting that we are all different. What works for me may not work for you, and that is perfectly fine.

Assess your personality objectively and write down all the things you were passionate about once. Perhaps you forgot about some things that you liked to do, so doing them again will bring out some of the joy from the past.

Open your mind to try new things and test them so you can see where you can show off your skills.

4) Develop your skills

People often confuse skills and talents, which are completely different things. They can sometimes be connected, but it is necessary to understand the difference.

Talent is something that we get as a present in life, but skills need to be developed consistently, and it is something that we can work on. Here are a few skills that you may want to invest your time in:

Each one of these things can be learned and can help you enjoy your life more.

When it comes to communication, it is necessary to learn how to communicate your wishes, needs, and desires effectively. It will help you avoid misunderstandings and suffering, but it will also help other people to realize what you need and how they can help you.

When it comes to time management, it is crucial for every person to learn how to use their time wisely and not waste it on unnecessary things. Every single thing we do during the day leads to creating habits, and habits become something that takes a lot of our time away.

Creativity is something that can help you enjoy life more but also to avoid being rigid in dealing with situations in life. Problem-solving and dealing with stress are somewhat connected because once you learn to solve problems effectively, you will also learn to decrease the stress levels in your life.

Self-awareness and setting boundaries will help you to understand better what your triggers are and how to tell people from your surroundings where your limit is.

5) Work hard on a good presentation

pexels anna shvets 5641835 "I have no talent" - 15 tips if you feel this is you

Good presentation is very important because the way you appear in the world tells a lot about your intentions, your worth, and your goals. If you come to a new company and you start saying that you are very smart and you are the best, you can expect that they will push back and try to bring you down instantly.

This is why a good presentation is important, so you can communicate with others and co-operate so you can actually succeed in life and make the progress that you want. This means that you will be careful about the way you dress, behave, talk, and everything else that gives away your intentions.

Every successful person in this world will tell you that the presentation is everything. You can do the work, be the best you can be, but if no one knows about the things you did, you will not achieve the success you want.

6) Dress to impress

The way you dress will tell the world all the things that you may not want to say verbally. If you dress with the intention to impress, pick the items with care and follow the dress code, you can be sure that you will earn the respect of people around you.

Of course, this largely depends on the area you want to be successful at. If you are interested in the fashion industry, being bold is required.

On the other hand, if you would like to work in a corporation, then nurturing a more conservative look is what you need. It is necessary to nurture a clean look and look the best you can.

This will give you the necessary advantage among colleagues, which can help you get your passion running. Communication with other people will surely help you get inspired and discover some new things that you would like to try.

Understanding that people are visual beings and that clothes tell a lot about us is one of the many steps that will take you closer to getting acknowledged in society and making the progress you wish for.

7) Seek help

If you are having trouble with anything in your life concerning setting some goals or polishing your skills, you can always seek help from professionals. A qualified professional can guide you and be a wonderful mentor to you.

Whatever area you pick there are hundreds of people who are ready to teach. Take advantage of this fact and simply dive into all kinds of training that can help you achieve your goals.

Educated people are respected amongst peers more and can easily progress in the business world but also in private life. Investing in your future by educating yourself will surely pay off in multiple ways because the root of the problem when the dissatisfaction about talents begins is actually the fear of trying new things.

One of the worst things you can do is to push the problem under the rug and let it get bigger. Instead, you can seek help from the people who are able to share the knowledge in a comprehensive and compassionate way.

By seeking help, you are directly facing the problem, which will surely help in resolving it.

8) Learn from all the available sources

We live in a time when every single thing you can think of can be learned for free. With so many available sources, it was never easier to learn your language or any other thing you could think of.

It is up to you to pick the things that you think would help you advance in life and dedicate your time to learning those things. Motivational speeches can help you when you feel stuck, but you can also go through the experiences of people who were not so lucky to be talented but found other strengths that help them make successful lives for themselves.

Read books online, listen to podcasts, meet new people, exchange opinions, and you will surely get a million new ideas of what you could do in life. The possibilities are endless, and everything is an opportunity for learning.

With so many apps, you can organize your life in a way that is not too burdening for you, so you can always find at least an hour of your time during the day for developing the skill you’re interested in. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to find a good job that you will be passionate about and earn money to improve your life in all the ways that you want.

9) Identify your weak spots

Each person in this world has weak spots, and it is nothing strange about it. However, there are two kinds of people when it comes to dealing with these weak spots:

  • the first group of people will hide their weak spots endlessly
  • the second group will deal with their weak spots and turn them into advantages

It is up to you to pick the group that you want to be in. And if you decide to be in the second group, it is necessary to put your ego aside for a moment and look at yourself objectively.

If you’re not sure what your weak spots are, you can always ask your friends to tell you. People can see us better than we can see ourselves sometimes, and their insights can help you enormously in tackling these weaknesses.

Keep an open mind, and don’t get offended when you get the answer you wanted to hear. Even if you get offended, consider it a normal part of the process on your path to self-discovery.

You will be thankful to yourself once when you realize just how much you have progressed, thanks to being courageous enough to accept your flaws and work on them relentlessly.

10) Don’t be afraid to experiment

Life can be very interesting if we want it to be. You don’t need any talents to be able to enjoy it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what you want and what you don’t want in life.

Trying new things will give you the necessary edge to be more satisfied with your own life and give you the opportunity to set your own terms that you will live by.

Once you start experimenting with the colors of your clothes, hair, the way you look, the music you listen to, the books you read, the places you go, the people you spend time with, you will certainly realize that life can be pretty colorful and exciting.

11) Ask your family and friends for opinion

As mentioned before, if you’re not sure what you need to do with your life or what you need to change to be more successful, you can ask your family or friends to tell you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should do everything they say, but you will get their opinion and see your life from a different perspective.

Just hearing what they have to say about your life and about the impression you give, it will be much easier for you to understand what you need to do to live a better life.

Sometimes the people we love can be pretty subjective in their opinions, and it does not necessarily mean that they are right, but you will get a better impression about the way people see you.

You will get a better idea of what you should do in the future if you’re not completely satisfied with the life you have right now.

12) Work on your self-discipline

pexels andrea piacquadio 3772612 "I have no talent" - 15 tips if you feel this is you

Self-discipline may be the most important factor when it comes to making progress in life when we are not sure what we need to do and if we lose lots of time on things that are not so important.

Bad habits tend to steal hours of our life that we cannot ever take back. This is why it’s necessary to take some time to focus on creating a good habit that could have a positive impact on your overall quality of life.

If you would like to learn a new language setting a reminder every day can be a good way to notice a change in a pretty short time. Even half an hour a day can mean that you will make enormous progress in just a few months.

The key is in doing a small thing every day until the results start showing, which will motivate you to keep going until you are done with implementing the changes you want to see in your life. If you are having issues with procrastination, as many people do, using useful tactics to fight it can help you avoid wasting time.

13) Improve your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is very important in our everyday lives, and people who learn to master their emotions seem to be better listeners and can connect more with people. According to Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, emotional intelligence is more important than IQ.

The reason why this is the case is that people who are emotionally intelligent are more self-aware and can self-regulate with greater success. In addition, their social skills are better, and they are able to empathize with other people to a greater extent when compared to the people who don’t have emotional intelligence developed as much.

The wonderful thing about emotional intelligence is that it can be developed. In order to do it, you need to observe the reactions of people around you and look at your environment more. Also, evaluate yourself from time to time to see where you are at now and what you can do to make yourself better.

14) Learn what your strong suits are

Evaluating yourself can bring you more insights into the things that you do well. These are so-called strong suits that you can develop even more and use to your advantage, so you can make progress in life.

These are the things that you excel in, so make sure you objectively assess all your skills that you have and use them more in your everyday life. Well, some people can learn new languages easily, and writing comes naturally to them; others may feel good with numbers or can notice the details instantly.

Whatever your strong suit may be, you can build your life around them and use them as much as possible. That can be your patience, dealing with pressure, finding solutions quickly, or anything else that helps to go through life easier.

Write down all the things that you enjoy and go through them from time to time so you can acknowledge what you do best. Sometimes we take our strengths for granted, but it is actually something that makes us stand out from the crowd.

15) Persevere

Besides all of these tips, perhaps one of the most important ones is to persevere. The easiest thing we can do in life is to simply give up and say that we don’t have talents, and that’s it.

We can blame life, destiny, our parents, or anyone else we can think of. However, the thing that will help you the most is to take full responsibility for your life and persevere on your way to success.

You will surely have many obstacles, you can expect them on your every step, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. It only means that you should be more creative in finding ways to resolve them.

One thing that you need to remember is that every goal takes time and nothing happens overnight. If you start giving all your efforts in the beginning and then after a while, you give up, then you will not be able to meet your goals.

On the other hand, if you set reasonable goals and steadily work on them, you can be sure that you will achieve success in a reasonable amount of time.

Final thoughts

Having no talents can actually be a blessing. I’ve heard a story from one teacher that the most talented students have a greater chance to fail in life due to their lack of other skills.

The reason why this would happen is that they would rely on their talents so much that they wouldn’t make any effort to actually succeed in life. Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Well, listen to the wise words of a genius who didn’t even consider his talent to be something special. He simply wanted to do more and was curious to find out as much as he could.

This could be your recipe in life, so strive to simply enjoy life and develop your skills as much as possible. Find pleasure in your work, and you will notice that you are getting better every day!

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