How to use the law of attraction to manifest a career you love

Are you in a job you love or do you find yourself wishing things could change?

Use the Law of Attraction to help you manifest the life and career you really want.

I share my tools for helping you call in what you deserve, based on my experience.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is built on the premise that like-attracts-like.

It’s a very simple formula that can move mountains. And it’s one I practice and preach.

I often refer back to the adage that where your focus goes, energy flows.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tuned into YouTube videos and podcasts, and enrolled in courses that push this idea.

I’ve closely subscribed to the core essence of the Law of Attraction, and I’ve found it addictive at times.

I’ve found pleasure in knowing that my intention places me firmly in the driver’s seat of my life.

What does this mean for you?

Well, I’ve seen how a shift in focus has affected the outcomes in my life, and I’m a big believer in getting your mindset right in order to manifest.

I believe you can design the life and career you really want through intention.

Focusing your energy on what you want is used in goal-setting formulas and it’s the foundation of the Law of Attraction.

The roots of the concept are traced back to early philosophical and religious traditions, while 1906 saw the first use of the term in William Walker Atkin’s book ‘Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.’

As author of manifestation book ‘Become the CEO of Your Dream Life’ Mia Fox explains, Atkin’s work brought into our awareness “the concepts of thought, energy, vibration, and manifestation in a comprehensive and detailed manner.”

But wait, let me tell you something…

I often think of the Law of Attraction as synonymous with the New Age movement, thanks to Jerry and Esther Hicks, best-selling authors on the topic of manifestation.

They claimed to act as a conduit for a group of non-physical beings that they called ‘Abraham’. The entity includes Buddah and Jesus.

Stay with me, even if I’m losing you on this bit. I understand this concept might sound completely far-fetched, but millions of people have benefited from embracing their philosophies since the duo started ‘channeling’ in 1986.

I’m a little dubious of the pair, who are known as ‘Abraham Hicks’, but I do agree with their five-step guide to manifesting.

It includes:

  • Putting emotion behind the intention and really believing what you’re thinking
  • Thoughts and ideas that match our energy start showing up
  • Rendezvousing with nature and feeling as though the world is working to help us
  • Helpful people and situations showing up
  • The manifestation is embodied

Alongside Abraham Hicks, I often think of Rhonda Bryne’s pseudoscience book The Secret as a catalyst for the Law of Attraction movement.

Bryne promotes an ask-believe-receive formula, echoing the idea that where your attention goes, your energy flows.

She suggests that all you need to do is:

  • Ask the universe for what it is you want in life
  • Have unwavering faith in your belief that you’re worthy, able or capable of having it
  • Watch as your manifestation shows up in your life

Selling over 30 million copies, her book has inspired Hollywood A-listers like Will Smith, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey, while it’s also been met with contention from many who suggest it’s a load of rubbish.

I have to say, I’m with Oprah on this one.

My first exposure to Bryne’s book was via my dad’s bookshelf. He’s never been a prolific fiction reader, but I grew up with numerous self-help books around me.

By now, you should be able to guess that this rubbed off on me. Perhaps more than I like to admit.

The Secret is a book my family are all familiar with, and I even bought the sequel for my brother. Stumbling across it in a charity shop, I was convinced it was by no accident that it found me at that time and I thought of giving it to my younger brother.

There was a point in time I humorously called The Secret my bible, when people at parties pointed to the tea-stained relic-looking thing on my side and asked what it was all about.

I told them it had all the guidance you need to create a life you really want to live.

Nevertheless, as I say, I downplayed how much I believed in the ideas espoused.

Now: I share something similar with Jim Carrey. He’s a prominent Law of Attraction devotee, who says he has “an insane belief” in his own ability to manifest.

In fact, he even talks of the self-help section being renamed the ‘Jim Carrey wing’ because of the amount of time spent swotting up on affirmations and books to help him think right, drawing him closer to his goals.

This resonates.

New York Times best-selling author Pam Grout highlights that Carrey believes that nothing is created without intention.

What does this mean for you?

It all comes back to the notion that where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Being a super manifestor

I have a friend who calls me a ‘super manifestor’. She always stresses that she can’t believe my natural ability to manifest.

Now: I concur.

As I briefly mentioned above, I should confess that over the years I’ve downplayed my belief in manifesting and the concept of the Law of Attraction for fear of sounding all too woo-woo.

That said, I’ve not avoided being branded as very New Age throughout my adult life.

Like Carrey, I believe in my ability to manifest things. It’s something that inevitably comes up in conversation with friends when we begin talking about mindset.

I believe in my ability to attract what I think I’m worthy of.

I have my parents to thank for plying me with such thoughts. Today, we often share quotes like these in our family WhatsApp group.

I believe that where I’ve got to in my professional life is a direct reflection of what I believe I deserve on some level.

I believe that I’ve not realized certain goals of mine because I’ve placed limitations on myself and have not entirely held a positive outlook.

This thought doesn’t sit that comfortably with me, as I feel like I’m failing if I shift into negativity.

I’ll talk about toxic spirituality later.

Being intentional when it comes to manifesting

royal anwar gDoNB BCkdE unsplash How to use the law of attraction to manifest a career you love

In my own experience, it pays to be clear and intentional when it comes to manifesting.

Clarity is the first step to calling in what you want.

Do you know what it is you’d really like to be doing? Can you imagine yourself actually enacting these roles?

Are you on stage talking? Are you launching a new product to a standing ovation? Are you helping someone overcome their fears?

In my own experience, when I’ve been wishy-washy with my intentions, I’ve got wishy-washy back.

These wishy-washy manifestation weren’t all that bad at all – I just know that I wasn’t bold enough to go after what I really wanted so I got a half-baked intention back.

There are a few examples that come to mind.

When I was younger, I set out an intention that I wanted to be the manager “somewhere” and, fast-forward a few years, I’ve got such a title. I was working for a company and alongside colleagues that didn’t entirely align with me, but I got what I asked for: working in management of “somewhere”.

I can pinpoint the moment I set that intention in motion; when I was in that role it dawned on me that I got what I set out to get.

This is just one example professionally, while I can think of countless examples.

After that job, I imagined the sort of office I’d like to work in. I pictured a start-up environment that was really creative and full of interesting people… and, sure, that’s what I moved into.

I’ve also manifested travel opportunities, new friendship circles and romantic connections.

I imagined the sort of dinners I’d like to host and join at, the intimate moments I craved and the views I’d like to see. When they happened, I pinched myself.

In all of these situations, I consciously took a moment to acknowledge that I was living out my manifestations. I’m able to remember the first time I set these manifestations in motion.

Believe it or not, I held these moments in my mind’s-eye long before they happened.

I set out to hold them in my hand – and so, as and when they showed up in my reality, I met them with awe.

It just confirms what I know to be true.

My best friend is also a firm believer in using the Law of Attraction to create her life. She recalls many moments where she’s also set a manifestation in motion and, down the line, has watched it take shape in her reality.

She tells me of a time she wrote down that she’d like to be on a specific podcast. She then crossed it out because she thought it was way above her station, only to write it again with an empowered belief behind it that she was worthy of being on it.

Can you guess what happened?

A year later, almost out of the blue, the press team reached out to her and invited her on to speak.

She believed she could do it and she got that energy back.

The other day, she and I were having a long chat about the power of manifesting and she got me thinking about the timescale it takes for me to realize an intention.

For her ‘big’ manifestations, she thinks it takes around a year, while smaller ones naturally come around much quicker.

From my experience, I’d definitely say that I’m able to see a return on my manifestations in motion in a series of months; sometimes weeks.

My ex-partner, for example, cringed at the idea that I’d manifested him.

But it’s true.

You see, three weeks prior to meeting, I set out the intention that I was ready to meet someone.

It took no more than 21 days for us to meet and move into a long-term relationship.

However, it can take a few years to see my big manifestations come about.

Calling in what I want in my professional life has taken a bit longer, given the work that needs to go in.

By now, you might be wondering what separates hard work and manifesting?

How to go about manifesting

The pattern you might have identified between all of these ‘manifestations’ of mine is that they require action.

  • I had to apply for the job
  • Be open to meeting new friends
  • Agree to go on that date and make clear what I want

Nothing happens without action and there’s a need to shift your attention to the object or situation you desire.

I’ll repeat it again: where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Approaching manifestations from a place of confidence and with a real belief that I deserve something or am capable, I’ve always got back what I envisioned.

Sometimes it’s even better than I imagined.

It’s one of the best revelations realizing you’re living out the embodiment of your manifestation that you set in motion some time before.

I’ve experienced so many times and I look forward to so many more.

For me, it confirms my ability to draw to me what I desire.

It confirms the Law of Attraction.

I’ve decided to put my super manifestor abilities to good use in this next phase of my life, where I want more exploration and adventure, and to push myself further with my creative output.

How I’ve used the Law of Attraction to manifest a career I love

pexels designecologist 975657 1 How to use the law of attraction to manifest a career you love

I wholeheartedly believe that everything around me I’ve intentionally created.

This is certainly the case professionally, and, as I say above, I’m now getting incredibly conscious about what I want my next phase to look like.

I’ve used the Law of Attraction to get me to where I am in my career this far, and I believe that limiting ideas are all that stand between me and achieving my goals.

Do you think it sounds too straightforward to work?

Sure, it is straightforward.

However, first things first, it’s important to get clarity and not settle for half-assed wishy-washy intentions.

What do you really want to go after?

I’ve recently found the courage to start articulating what it is I want to go for.

It means being seen, heard and recognized for my work and that takes courage, so I’m putting in the work behind the scenes to build a strong foundation to put myself out there.

I also believe there’s power in not plastering your intention everywhere, but instead to share it with a few friends who you know have your back. I’m not going to explicitly state the job titles that I want, but I will share what I want my creative output and work life to look like.

Let’s just say:

  • Opportunities to travel the world
  • Working amongst a creative team who encourages one another

Something shifted for me as recently as last week.

I decided to blurt out to myself that I want to be the best at what I do.

That’s pretty bold, isn’t it?

I’m cringing at writing that, but there we go.

I decided that I am going to embody the very best version of me, showing up for whatever it is I put my mind to.

It was a liberating moment, and I found myself repeating it and reveling in that excitement.

Remember the first stage of manifesting that I mentioned earlier, whereby you put emotion behind your intention? This was exactly what I was doing:

I got excited for the abundance of possibilities and opportunities that opened up to me in that moment as I shifted my belief system.

I’m aware that I’ve experienced a shift in myself, not obvious to anyone else, where I now plan to go after what I really want on another level and seek out meaningful connections with people through my craft.

Committing to this process reminds me of a Will Smith quote, where he says:

“Just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you are going to do it. Just decide. And from that point, the universe will get out of your way.”

It might sound like a presumptuous or entitled statement to make, but I truly believe my goal is mine.

I have set my intention in motion and now all that’s left to do is put the work in to get me there with my belief firmly in myself.

I’m committed to being my biggest cheerleader – although, really, I’ll have to fight mum for that position.

Toxic positivity

Now: I know there is a dark side to positive thinking and the concept of the Law of Attraction does fall down at times.

Abraham Hicks, for example, claims that some of the worst historical events have been brought about by the victims who got what they believed they were worthy of.

I can’t get on board with this.

But then my argument for the Law of Attraction falters if it’s built on like attracting like. Surely it has to go both ways to make sense?

Or can we pick-and-choose aspects that work for us?

For example, I don’t believe that people bring hideous circumstances on to themselves, like rape of genocide, which Abraham Hicks suggest is so.

But I do believe that I’ve created the life around me through my intentions I’ve set in motion.

This includes my career.

Maybe I am more New Age than I like to believe.

As much as I love the concept of the Law of Attraction, I do see the need for radical self-reflection in order to consider whether my beliefs and spirituality are at all toxic.

What do I mean by this?

Even well-meaning gurus and experts can get it wrong. And I’m certainly not a guru.

Take the suppression of negative emotions. If like-attracts-like then the Law of Attraction teaches us to block out negativity.

Think about it: you do more to harm than to heal.

When it comes to your personal spiritual journey, which toxic habits have you unknowingly picked up?

Is it the need to be positive all the time?

In the past, I’ve definitely been guilty of wanting to shut off any negativity from others to protect myself and to not block my manifestations.

Does this resonate with you?

Positive thinking can also veer into toxic territory if you find yourself thinking you have a sense of superiority over those who lack spiritual awareness.

You see, you may even hurt those around you.

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic spirituality trap. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey.

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself. Not suppressing emotions, not judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core.

I personally think you can take the Law of Attraction with a pinch of salt, and take the bits of the concept that work for you, while consciously not suppressing the full spectrum of your humanness. As a legendary shaman, Rudá is the first to get behind this idea.

I stand by the belief that emotions behind intentions are everything and if you believe you can achieve what you’re setting your mind on, then it’s yours.

But, after all, that’s just what works for me and it’s a pick-and-choose approach.

Maybe try it and see whether it works for you.

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