15 ways to tell if your girlfriend is lying about cheating on you

Being cheated on is a terrible feeling. Especially when your partner is the person you trust the most, it’s all the more difficult to process.

If you think your girlfriend may be lying to you about cheating, here are 15 signs that might show they’re being dishonest.

1) She changes her behaviors

If your girlfriend has started acting differently, it could be a sign that she’s hiding something. If she suddenly has new friends and is going out more, these could be signs that she’s cheating on you.

  • She doesn’t want to talk about the future.

If your girlfriend seems to be avoiding talking about the future at all costs, this could mean she’s hiding something from you. She may be afraid that if you two talk about the future, you’ll realize she’s not planning on being with you much longer.

  • She distances herself from you or avoids spending time with you.

If your girlfriend starts spending less time with you and more time away from home, there may be someone else pulling her away from you. If she doesn’t seem as concerned with spending time with you as before, it may mean there’s someone else in her life who is stealing her attention away from you.

  • She tells one story but has a different version for other people.

She tells you one story about what’s going on in her life, but tells other people a different story. It’s not uncommon for people to tell different versions of the same story to different people, but if your girlfriend is lying about something she’s doing or where she is, it could be a sign that there’s something she doesn’t want you to know.

  • She gets defensive or angry when you ask how her day was.

If your girlfriend gets upset or defensive when you ask her about her day, she may be hiding something from you. She may feel guilty about what she’s doing and doesn’t want you to know the truth.

  • She makes excuses for why she can’t go places with you.

If your girlfriend has started making excuses as to why she can’t go out with you or spend time with you anymore, it could mean there’s someone else in the picture who is taking up all of her time and attention.

2) She has less eye contact with you

If your girlfriend’s eye contact with you has decreased, it could be a sign that there’s something she doesn’t want you to know.

She may be trying to avoid your gaze because she feels guilty about what she’s doing.

When someone is lying, they usually want to avoid eye contact. The less eye contact they make, the more uncomfortable they will be. If she used to look you in the eye when talking to you and now she’s looking down at her feet, she might be hiding something from you.

You have to remember:

Cheaters might also offer a lot of excuses for their behavior and spend a lot of time trying to justify it.

If you find your girlfriend constantly asking “why” or defending herself when she’s caught in a lie, there’s a good chance she was cheating on you.

Why am I so sure?

Because the last time when I spoke to a professional relationship coach at Relationship Hero, they provided insights about non-verbal cues in romantic relationships.

It turns out that reducing eye contact with someone else is a sign of lying. In relationships, it often means that they’re lying about infidelity.

However, you shouldn’t speculate without receiving help from professionals in this matter.

So, even if you notice that your girlfriend avoids eye contact with you, it’s not a direct sign that they’ve cheated on you. Maybe they’re hiding something else.

That’s why I suggest contacting those coaches if you want to receive more practical guidance.

Click here to get started.

3) She starts taking care of her appearance

Putting effort into her appearance can be a sneaky way of trying to get you off her trail. She may start making more time for getting ready in the morning, taking extra care to make sure her hair is perfect and her makeup is on point.

If your girlfriend has started to take better care of her appearance, she may be trying to make herself look more attractive in hopes of attracting someone else.

Maybe you’ll see she’s trying to show off a new style.

If your girlfriend has started dressing differently, it could be a sign that she’s trying to look her best for someone else. She may have been spending time with another man who has made comments about how attractive she is or given her compliments on the way she looks.

In addition to that:

She starts spending more money or hints that she wants something expensive.

If your girlfriend is hinting that she wants something expensive, it could be because of another man in her life. Whether it’s a new outfit, shoes, or purse, there could be someone else who has convinced her to spend money on herself instead of saving for the future with you.

4) Privacy is her top priority

If your girlfriend is telling the truth, she will make an effort to be as transparent as possible with you.

She may not be willing to share her passwords or open up about everything in her life, but if she’s honest and faithful, she’ll work on building a foundation of trust and honesty with you.

If you notice that your girlfriend refuses to give up any information about herself whatsoever, this could be a sign that she’s hiding something from you.

Let me give you some examples:

  • She no longer shares intimate details with you

If your girlfriend has suddenly started shutting down on all types of small talk and has stopped sharing any personal information about herself, this could be a warning sign that she’s cheating on you.

  • She’s secretive about her phone.

She may be hiding something from you if she’s secretive about her phone and doesn’t want you to see who she’s been texting or calling. If she gets upset when you ask her why she was talking to someone for so long, it could be because the person on the other end of the line wasn’t a friend.

5) She has a busier schedule

If your girlfriend has started working more hours or if she can’t seem to find the time to spend with you anymore, something could be up.

If her schedule is getting busier while you’re noticing that she’s not as interested in spending time with you, then this could be a sign that she’s cheating on you.

There’s no one way to show who is being dishonest, and some people are just busy. But if it seems like she’s avoiding your calls or canceling plans at the last minute, there could be more to it.

6) She is texting too much and smiling while texting

If your girlfriend is texting more than usual and always smiling when she does it, then this could be a sign that she is cheating. 

When someone is in love with someone else, they are likely to smile more often.

If you thought her behavior was strange before, now it might be even more suspicious.

7) She looks uncomfortable when talking with you

When people are up to something, they will naturally become more uncomfortable. If your girlfriend has been acting strange lately, then this could be a sign that she is cheating on you.

There are certain signs and symptoms of cheating in relationships that can lead one to suspect their partner of potentially having an affair with someone else.

From body language changes such as fidgeting too much to changing sleep patterns from being tired all the time – these different behaviors may indicate a person’s involvement with another individual outside the relationship

The truth is:

No one wants to be cheated on.

If your girlfriend doesn’t want to talk about cheating openly, then she may not have told you the whole story and might even still be in contact with her ex or someone else.

The best thing you can do if this happens is to confront her as soon as possible so she knows there’s nothing left hidden between the two of you and discuss how honest communication will keep things from ever getting complicated again.

8) She loses her caring nature

If you used to come home from a long day at work and she would ask how your day was, and now she doesn’t, this may be a sign that she is lying about cheating on you.

Lying is often stressful and can take away the caring nature of someone.

When someone is lying, they will often get more distant from the ones they love because they don’t want to give themselves away.

The truth is:

If she really cares about you, then she should show you that by caring about your day. But if she doesn’t seem to care anymore, then this may be a sign that she’s hiding something from you.

9) You both fail to communicate

If you and your partner aren’t communicating about your relationship, it’s a sign that there’s something going on. And when it comes to infidelity, it can be difficult to know what is really going on.

But if you feel like she isn’t telling the full story, maybe this is an indication that she’s not being truthful with you.

pexels karolina grabowska 6328838 15 ways to tell if your girlfriend is lying about cheating on you

Here’s the secret:

Being open and honest about your relationship is key to the health of it. If you are not getting the information you need to be happy, it might be a sign that she is lying to you.

10) She is easy to be angry with you

There are many reasons why a woman may be easy to anger. Maybe she is just very sensitive, or maybe there is something else going on that you do not know about yet.

If your girlfriend has an explosive personality and it seems like everything sets her off, then this could indicate that she’s hiding details from you. If you find herself getting mad about things that were not your fault, perhaps she is lying about herself cheating on you.

And you know what?

Sometimes, you can see that she intentionally does things that make you angry.

If your girlfriend does things that make you angry without a good reason, then this could be a sign that she is trying to provoke you. Provoking you might be her way of hiding her affair and keeping it a secret from you.

11) She lied about other things

One of the most obvious signs that your girlfriend is lying to you about cheating is if she has a history of lying about other things in the past.

This could be anything from telling you she’s too sick to go out with friends, to not being at work when she said she would be, or even not wanting to tell you what’s wrong when it seems like she should.

If your girlfriend has had a previous instance of lying to you and has so far been honest with you this time around, then it may be a good idea to talk through why it happened and how you want to move forward as a couple.

12) She uses more negative words

One of the first signs that your girlfriend is lying to you is her language.

If she’s always using negative words, she may be trying to cover up something she’s done.

For example, if she’s not saying “I don’t want to” but rather “I have to go”, then there might be more to the story.

Another way to tell if your girlfriend is lying about cheating on you is if they’re giving all of their attention to other people, and not you. She may say she loves you, but her actions will speak louder than her words.

When your partner isn’t answering questions and just can’t seem to get off the phone or stop texting someone else, it could mean that they’re being dishonest with you about cheating.

These are some signs that your girlfriend might be lying about cheating on you.

13) She avoids and tries to change your topics or questions

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, there’s no way she’ll be happy if you confront her about it. Even if she really loves and values you, if she has been seeing someone else behind your back she will go to extreme lengths not to lose your trust or break up with you – even at the expense of her own morals.

If you ask her a question and she tries to change the subject, or avoids answering it directly, this is usually a sign that there’s something she’s not telling you.

If your girlfriend avoids your questions about their cheating, it’s likely because they’re guilty. It may not be intentional, but some people are better liars than others.

When you ask them a question, she might try to change your topic or redirect the conversation elsewhere. This could be a sign of guilt on their part.

She might also avoid eye contact when they answer your questions, which is another sign of guilt or lying.

14) Her body and words don’t match

If your partner is tense or nervous, then there’s a good chance that they’re lying to you. If their words and body language are contradicting one another, it could be an indication of deception.

People who are lying often have more open body language than people who speak the truth.

As an example, when nervous in conversation with someone you might cross your arms and avoid eye contact.

When speaking to somebody about their lie, however, they will show signs of more closed body language such as crossed arms or legs and averted eyes (or looking at anything but you).

A liar’s voice may sound higher from tension or tightness of throat muscles while trying to maintain control over themselves so that they don’t betray what they’re saying; it can also be louder if the person is “faking” sincerity.

You have to keep your eyes and ears open, listen to what she says and watch her body language closely. If you can tell that she is lying to you about something, confront her directly about it.

15) She uses fewer personal pronouns

Personal pronouns are words used to refer to oneself or someone else.

When people lie they use fewer personal pronouns because they want the other person, in this case, your girlfriend, to think that she is telling the truth and not lying.

When she cheats on you it’s harder for her if she were to tell you that she did cheat; this will make her guilty conscience more obvious. So when a liar uses less personal pronouns such as I or me it could be a sign of guilt rather than being honest with what happened between them and another person (such as their cheating partner).

These are some of the top signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. There are probably many other signs that you can pick up on, but these are some of the most telling.

Be aware of the signs of cheating!

If you suspect your partner may be cheating, confront them directly about it.

You should not ask directly if they are cheating on you because this is a sign that you’re being played and that you’re being manipulated into believing things about your partner when they want to keep things private and don’t want to tell the truth.

What you need to do is compare and contrast with the signs which are given in the article to conclude. And then, you should confront your girlfriend to solve the problems between the two of you.

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