How to tell if someone is secretly attracted to you: 10 definite signs

People will often hide their inner feelings and intentions. Whether it’s out of shyness, insecurity, or other factors, this can make it hard to tell if someone is attracted to you.

However, there are many subtle ways in which someone might give away their hidden attraction to you.

Read on for 10 signs that someone secretly likes you as more than just a friend.

1) Their body language speaks bounds

How you sit, stand, and hold your body is a silent and powerful form of communication, and it can reveal a lot about your feelings.

There are various types of body language. For example, if someone likes you, you might notice them mirroring your posture.

This is a form of mimicry that suggests they are feeling comfortable around you and are attempting to draw a connection.

You might also notice them subtly moving toward you and closing the gap between you.

This is a way of trying to draw you towards them. If you are sitting across from someone who is attracted to you, they might sit in an open-leg position, with one leg crossed over the other and one knee raised.

This is a sign of interest and openness. All of these body language signs may not be obvious at first.

However, if you start to notice a pattern in the way someone behaves around you, it is likely a sign of attraction.

Body language truly speaks bounds – it will tell you a lot more about a person’s feelings than their words ever will!

2) They get nervous when you are around

If you notice someone start to get a bit anxious or nervous when they are around you, this may be a sign of attraction.

Feeling a tiny bit anxious is normal, but if the feelings become too strong, the other person might try to escape the situation.

This can be a sign that they are attracted to you but are not ready to admit it yet (or ever).

A person who is truly not interested in you won’t feel any anxiety around you and will feel comfortable staying in the situation.

The anxiety may be caused by any number of factors, so you can’t assume it is caused by attraction.

However, if you notice this behavior happening consistently around you and no one else, it is worth considering that it might be because of a secret attraction.

Think about it: when you really like someone, you want them to like you too, which can make you really nervous just thinking about them!

You might overthink every single word you say and will try to seem as cool and attractive as possible.

Well, that’s because you’re attracted to them!

But you’ll also notice it in the way they are around you:

3) They’ll make an effort to touch you

If you notice someone making a conscious effort to touch you, especially in a way that is out of character for them, this might be a sign of attraction.

This can include things like resting their hand lightly on your back while walking with you or lightly brushing your arm while laughing.

Touching isn’t something that should be completely avoided unless you have a serious health reason to do so.

However, it is something that people will do automatically and without a thought in some situations.

When someone makes a conscious decision to touch you, it suggests that they are trying to connect with you in some way.

This can be a sign of attraction if the touching is done in a way that is more affectionate than it would be if the person had no feelings for you.

If you notice this happening around you, it is worth considering whether it might be related to attraction.

You see, when someone isn’t attracted to you, they might like talking to you, but there will be no intention at all to get close to you and touch you.

We feel drawn to touch the people we are really attracted to because we like to be close to them, and so we will want to touch them as much as possible.

So: if you notice someone touching you subtly or not being afraid to get really close to you, that can be a huge sign that they have the hots for you!

But the signs don’t stop there:

4) They fix their hair or clothes when you come into the room

If you notice someone trying to fix their hair or clothing when you enter the room, this might be a sign of attraction.

This is especially true if this happens regularly.

It might be an attempt to look their best and make a good impression on you.

If the person has no interest in you romantically, they most likely won’t do this.

If you notice this happening, it might mean that the person is attracted to you and is trying to look their best for you.

However, this can also be something that anyone does without thinking, so it is worth exploring further before assuming it is a sign of attraction.

The thing is, some people are naturally a bit insecure about their looks, and so they will adjust themselves a lot around anyone.

However, it is psychologically proven that people who truly like you will do this even more – they want to look nice and so whenever they see you walk into a room, they “fix” their appearance.

This is completely subconscious, by the way, they aren’t doing it on purpose to impress you.

So if you notice that someone is doing this a lot, it might be a good sign, but it could also just mean that they are insecure about their looks.

It is worth exploring further if you want to know for sure!

Maybe they also can’t help staring at you:

5) They can’t keep their eyes off of you

If you notice someone trying to avoid staring at you, but they can’t seem to look away, this might be a sign that they are attracted to you.

Being stared at can be incredibly uncomfortable, and it is considered an invasion of privacy in many places.

However, if someone is attracted to you, they might want to stare at you without realizing or without caring that they are doing so.

They may try to break the stare, but their eyes will keep wandering back to you.

This may happen in subtle ways. For example, the person might get distracted by something else and then quickly return their gaze to you.

Trust me, this usually happens when someone finds you stunning and so they just can’t help but look at you!

If you feel uncomfortable, you can obviously speak out and say something, but in general, this is simply a sign that this person likes the way you look a lot!

And speaking of staring…

6) They will make prolonged eye contact

Eye contact is a normal part of communication, but it is also an easy way to see what someone is feeling.

If you notice someone making prolonged eye contact with you, this might be a sign that they are attracted to you.

This is especially true if they break eye contact and then immediately look back at you.

Eye contact is often a sign of interest, but it is one that not a lot of people feel confident enough to do.

Making eye contact and then refusing to break it suggests interest and attraction.

Think about it: eye contact can be incredibly intimate, and so it is not something that most people are comfortable doing unless they feel some kind of connection to you.

When you truly reflect on your relationship with different people, think about whether you’d feel comfortable looking into the eyes of someone you find utterly unattractive.

Probably not, right? It’s a very personal thing and pretty intimate, so we like to reserve this gesture for the people we actually like!

So, if you feel like someone is making eye contact with you and then refusing to break it, this might be a sign that they are attracted to you.

But not just their eyes will say a lot…

7) They will find ways to talk to you

If you notice someone initiating conversation with you, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are romantically interested in you.

However, if you notice the person initiating lots of conversations with you, especially if they are out of character for them, this might be a sign of attraction.

You might notice that the person will ask you lots of questions, or they may mention something that they have been thinking about, and then try to draw you into the discussion.

All of these behaviors suggest that the person is trying to spend time with you and get to know you better.

pexels cottonbro studio 4827509 1 How to tell if someone is secretly attracted to you: 10 definite signs

If you notice this happening, it might be because the person is interested in you romantically.

You see, when we are interested in someone, we want to know more about them, which automatically leads to us initiating a conversation.

It is nothing to be afraid of, but just be aware that when you notice a person initiating lots of conversations with you, this might mean that they are romantically interested in you.

However, this can quickly go overboard:

8) They might become a bit jealous and protective

Jealousy is sometimes caused by insecurity. However, it is also a natural reaction to seeing someone you are interested in becoming interested in someone else.

If you notice someone getting jealous when you talk to another person or when another person flirts with you, this might be a sign that they are interested in you.

It could also suggest that they don’t want to share you.

The thing is, people get very protective over the people they are attracted to.

This happens for all genders, but guys seem to be very extreme with that.

Now: if you want to find out if a guy really is attracted to you, there’s a pretty easy way to figure it out.

See if you can trigger his hero instinct. Psychologically, that’s his instinct to protect you and be there for you, and it can be triggered through a simple text!

Trust me, finding out if someone was attracted to you was never this easy!

Click here to watch the free video on how to trigger his inner hero!

But sometimes, their body will give it away already:

9) They will blush

A blush is a natural reaction that anyone can have when they are embarrassed, nervous, or excited.

However, people who are interested in you might blush more often when they are around you.

Or they might blush more than they normally do when they are around you.

This is often due to their increased blood flow, which makes their face look more flushed.

If you notice someone blushing around you often, it is possible that they are attracted to you.

Keep in mind that blushing can be a sign of many other things as well, so it is something that shouldn’t be taken as proof of attraction on its own.

However, if you notice it happening often or in combination with some of the other signs, it is worth considering whether attraction is playing a role.

And lastly:

10) They are very engaged in your conversations

If you notice someone being very engaged in your conversations, this might be a sign that they are interested in you.

They might be asking you lots of questions and actively listening to what you have to say.

This is very different from someone who is just being polite and trying to make conversation.

However, remember that it can also mean that they are genuinely interested in the topic or just think that you are interesting.

The thing is, if someone is attracted to you, they will want to hear what you have to say and will be really interested in your point of view!

Final thoughts

Attraction can show itself in many different forms – sometimes, it might be hard to tell if someone is attracted to you or not.

You might get mixed signals, or you might be wondering whether someone is interested in you or not.

The next time that you are wondering whether someone is attracted to you, try looking at their body language and how they interact with you.

If there are several signs together and they keep happening over time, it is possible that attraction is playing a role.

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