How to tell if a younger woman likes an older man: 16 surprising signs to look for

Do you have your sights set on a lady who’s significantly younger than you?

Wondering if you stand a chance?

The honest truth is that when it comes to love – age ain’t nothing but a number!

More younger women are seeking partners who are older so if you’re wondering if that pretty young lass is into you, here are 16 surprising signs that will show you that she is.

1) She wants to spend time with you

If she likes you, she will try and get time off from work or school to have dinner with you and spend some time talking as friends.

She wants to know more about you and is availing herself in order to do so.

This is another one of the most important signs that there’s something developing between two people.

She’s forever asking you to accompany her to events, meet her for coffee or dinner. She’s clearly trying to spend more time with you because she enjoys your company and wants to see where things are going to go.

This is a telltale sign that she’s into you as she’s trying to find out more about you and spend quality time alone with you.

2) She tells you how immature guys her age are

This is a big sign!

If she tells you how immature guys her age are, then this means that she wants an older man with more life experience.

She seeks maturity and doesn’t want to deal with the childish behavior of most guys her age.

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3) She introduces you to her friends, who think you’re great

Again, she’s proud to be seen with someone like you, a man who is older than her and makes her feel good about herself.

She will make sure that everyone knows about you and how awesome a boyfriend you are.

She also wants other people to see that she has a great boyfriend since this makes her feel proud of herself for having chosen such an amazing guy – after all, it doesn’t matter what her friends say or what they think of the age difference!

4) She asks about your past relationships

If she asks you questions about your previous relationships, then there’s a chance that she wants to see where things go with you.

The more that she knows about your previous relationships, the better her idea of what she thinks the future will be like.

Whether or not you are seeing her, she isn’t afraid to talk to your exes and is curious about them.

She’s trying to gauge what type of relationship material you will be if things were to go that way. Essentially, she’s trying to figure out your likes and dislikes.

5) She voluntarily reveals personal things about herself to you

She will often talk about issues that interest her.

She might tell you about her favorite film, book, or article and then ask if you have seen it/read it/heard of it – as if to say “Hey, do you like this?” It may seem small, but she wants to hear how you feel about things in general.

This reveals that she’s gauging how similar the two of you are, despite the age gap, and is figuring out how well the two of you will get along.

6) She keeps her physical distance from other guys, but not from you

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You’re out and about and there is a tonne of males around her.

But, she chooses to get physically closer to you.

She’s showing you that she has no interest in the other men around her and has decided to stay close to you.

This is a very telling sign that she’s into you!

She values your opinion over others:

You’re the one she asks for advice and asks what your take on the matter is.


Well for her, you’re the one she trusts most. This means that your opinion is valued more than anyone else’s.

She wants to know what you think about everything and if someone says something, she asks how it made you feel before going on with her own thoughts or having an argument with them as a result of their words.

7) To her, your age gap is nothing but a number

She doesn’t let it affect her. She sees you as a man, not just a guy who is older than her.

She is attracted to you because she feels that there are so many more possibilities for what could happen with the two of you. She sees your age as a challenge, not an obstacle.

Often, there is a stigma attached to dating outside of what society deems normal age gaps. If she has no issue with this and tells you that she’s unbothered by age, bet your bottom dollar that she’s into you.

8) She admires your maturity

She sees you as a man of experience.

She respects your life experience and doesn’t want to start a relationship with someone who is still new to the world – or at least not yet.

She sees you as a man who has experienced much and is mature enough to handle any problems that you may face in the future.

She respects your opinion and recognizes that even though she might think differently, it’s not just an opinion, but one that’s derived from experience.

9) She genuinely enjoys your sense of humor

This is one of the best ways to tell if she’s interested in you.

If she seems to laugh a little too much or adds something like “That’s so funny” after you make a joke, it means that she is attracted to you.

A man with a sense of humor is probably one of the biggest factors women look for, so even if you’re older than her and you can make her laugh, it’s a huge step in the right direction.

10) She initiates conversations with you

If this woman consistently starts conversations with you, then there’s a great chance that she likes you.

She always makes an effort to seek you out and talk to you.

This shows that she enjoys your company and that she finds the conversations with you stimulating and thought-provoking.

Once again, this is something that only most mature men can offer.

11) She is usually the first one to text you back

This might seem like a small detail, but this means that she finds you interesting enough to text back.

She’ll send you regular text messages wishing you a good morning, asking you how your day is going and will send you a sweet good night message.

If she’s texting regularly, take this as a very big sign that she’s into you.

12) She is always complimenting you

If a woman is interested in you, then she will compliment you on your clothes, hair, and other things.

If she constantly makes these compliments, then that means that she is interested in you and sees you as attractive.

Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean that you are over the hill or shouldn’t make an effort with your appearance.

So, keep yourself well-groomed and well dressed to keep her interested and wanting more.

13) She gets jealous when she sees other girls talking to you

Whether it’s a waitress or someone from your office, if this woman gets jealous when she sees other girls talking to you, then there’s a chance that she really does like you.

To her, they’re encroaching on “her property” and she sees this as a potential threat. She doesn’t want you to like anyone else, because she’s got her sights set on you.

14) She’s asking about your life

This means that she’s interested in more than just your appearance and wants to know more about you as a person.

She wants to know everything about your history, what makes you tick, and how you became the man you are today.

If she’s playing detective and asking you a barrage of questions, it’s a definite sign that she likes you and wants to know what makes you tick.

15) She introduces you to her friends, who think you’re great

Again, she’s proud to be seen with someone like you, a man who is older than her and makes her feel good about herself.

She will make sure that everyone knows about you and how awesome a boyfriend you are.

She also wants other people to see that she has a great boyfriend since this makes her feel proud of herself for having chosen such an amazing guy – after all, it doesn’t matter what her friends say or what they think of the age difference!

16) Her body language is inviting

If she makes a point to be near you and is clearly trying to get close to you so that you will notice her, then this could be a sign that she’s interested in you.

Girls will give you signs that they like you, even if they don’t know it yet. If a girl is interested in you, she will walk or move her body in a way that will get your attention.

Body language is the most powerful form of communication that humans have. It’s easy to miss, but it’s impossible to ignore.

If a girl likes you, she will let you know many times through body language, especially if the two of you are just talking and not touching or kissing each other at all.

If she’s sitting down and she wants to show you that she doesn’t want too much space between the two of you because this would mean less closeness between the two of you then as she moves towards you and touches your arm lightly as she continues to talk with a soft voice, then this could mean that she’s interested!

Why are younger women attracted to older men?

You might be wondering, “Why are younger women attracted to older men?”

One of the main reasons is that younger women want to learn from someone who has more life experience. They want an older man to teach them about life and how to live their lives.

Another reason is that young women feel like an older man can take care of them properly.

Younger girls aren’t financially stable enough to take care of themselves, so they figure that a man who has his own home and is financially stable can do that for her.

And no, I’m not saying that all younger women are gold-diggers.

It actually does go deeper than that.

Younger women want an older man to provide for them in a sense of being able to teach them how to live, protect them, and provide for them with their own money.

But even if the younger women are not in this for the money, it’s still a good thing because they are looking for more out of their relationships and want someone who is willing to teach them about life.

Also, many younger girls usually aren’t as mature or confident as older women. This is why they try to get older men to teach them how to be more confident.

The simple truth is that intimacy in relationships doesn’t depend on external factors such as age.

Instead, it depends on internal factors such as our inner relationship with ourselves. I mean, how can you fix the external without seeing to the internal first? 

I learned this from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê, in his incredible free video on Love and Intimacy

So, if you want to understand why younger women are attracted to older men and if this is something that’s really happening to you, I’d suggest watching the free video about Love and Intimacy in relationships.

Check out the free video here.

How to spot a younger woman who’s a gold digger

There are some younger girls out there who are only after the money. You can spot these women by their behavior and how they act around you.

They will be very eager to get close to you and do things to try and make you notice them, like wearing overly revealing clothing, trying to get as physically close to you as possible.

They will also have no problem making you pay for the bill. It’s part of their con.

Once you’ve wined and dined them, they’ll make little effort to contact you and you’ll only get a call or a text when they need something.

Steer clear!

These women usually have other issues like low self-esteem, insecurities, and/or lack of confidence.

They usually have some sort of trust issues and believe that older men are better than younger men.

Although they’re out there, it’s not to say that every younger woman is after your money.

The signs above will give you a good indication of whether or not she sincerely likes you, or, is just after your wallet.


I believe that younger women are looking for more to their relationships than they used to be.

They want an older man who has lots of experience, that can teach them how to live and love life as much as they want.

They want someone who will take care of them, be loyal to them, and make sure that they are happy.

They seek older men because they want someone who can teach them how to live a better life. They want an older man to help bring out the best in them and motivate them to be more independent.

So, what are you waiting for? Age is nothing but a number!

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