How to seduce an older man if you’re a much younger woman

It’s a common trope in TV, books, and movies that older men are attracted to younger women.

And that is true – but only up to a certain point. If you’re a much younger woman trying to seduce an older man, it might not always be easy.

But with the help of some quick tips, tricks, and techniques, you can seduce any man you like, regardless of his age.

Keep reading to find out how to pull any older man you want:

1) Be confident

If you really want to seduce an older man, the first thing you need to do is be confident.

That confidence will shine through in everything you do and say, which will make you seem more mature and attractive to him.

Confidence also makes it more likely that you will get what you want from a date: whether that’s a second date or sex.

But how do you become more confident? Some of the best ways are to smile more, practice good posture and make eye contact when you talk to people.

You can also try imagining yourself with more confidence in your daily life: look in the mirror and imagine that you are beautiful, or walk around your house imagining that everyone can see how confident you are.

The thing is, confident people are more attractive, period.

It’s actually insane how little looks matter when it comes to confidence – no matter how conventionally attractive you are, if you carry yourself with confidence, you will seem desirable to men.

Confidence is the key to seducing an older man – and anyone else for that matter.

Now, even though looks don’t matter that much when it comes to confidence, they can still help with seducing older men:

2) Use your looks to seduce an older man

As we said above, older men are often attracted to younger women.

And if you’re a much younger woman, you can use that to your advantage to seduce an older man.

For example, you might want to wear tighter or shorter clothes or push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in your culture. Show off your legs, wear sexy high heels, or show more cleavage.

Even if you don’t look like a supermodel, the fact that you’re pushing the boundaries can make many older men take notice and be attracted to you as a result.

But it’s not just what you wear that can attract an older man – you can use your looks in other ways to seduce him too.

For example, you can make more eye contact, flirt more, and generally be more forward.

And if your hair is long, you can try putting it up in a different way to change things up and make yourself look younger.

You see, when you aren’t afraid to look into a man’s eyes or play with your hair while talking to him, he will really get a chance to notice your beauty.

And let’s be real – when it comes to seducing an older man, your looks will be one of your biggest leverage – otherwise, he could date someone his own age!

Speaking of his own age:

3) Act mature – let go of childish thinking

If you’re still thinking like a teenager when you try to seduce an older man, chances are he’ll see you as too immature and not want to spend time with you.

You need to let go of childish things, like comparing yourself to others, obsessing about who likes you, or worrying about what others might think of you.

If you want to seduce an older man, you need to act and think more like an adult.

Think about your career, money, and other serious topics and you’ll seem a lot more mature and attractive.

Another way to act more maturely and seduce an older man is to learn to control your emotions and impulses.

For example, if someone cuts you off while driving, don’t react by swearing or honking your horn angrily. Instead, take a few seconds to calm down and focus on your breathing.

By controlling your emotions in these small ways, you can seem more mature and attractive.

The thing is, while older men will love it if you bring a little bit of that young, exuberating energy into their lives, they do not want to date someone childish.

Practice emotional maturity and you’ll be on your way to seducing an older man in no time.

If you do that, you’ll combine the best of both worlds – intellect and beauty!

However, sometimes, you get to be a little bratty:

4) Don’t be afraid to be a little bad

If you’re trying to seduce an older man and he’s attracted to younger women, then you might want to let your bad side come out a little.

For example, you can show off your wild side by drinking with him or being a bit bratty.

You can show off your wild side by flirting with other men, being a little forward with others, or being a bit too touchy-feely with people.

All these things will help make you seem more desirable and attractive to men that like younger women.

You see, it’s all about having a challenge with you and seeing that you are not desperate at all – you have plenty of options.

Being a little bad is all about finding the line between being too innocent and being too naughty.

If you’re too innocent, you have no sex appeal, but if you’re too naughty, you’ll seem like a slut and no one will want to date you.

Finding the right balance is key when trying to seduce an older man.

Where this fine line is, depends on who you are trying to seduce, every man will be a bit different when it comes to that.

But it all starts with a first impression:

5) Create a strong first impression

Creating a strong first impression is key to seducing any man – but it’s even more important if you’re trying to seduce an older man.

Why? Well, one of the biggest reasons that older men date younger women is because they want someone who is young and energetic.

If you’re a younger woman and you want to seduce an older man, you need to show him that you’re young and energetic right away.

The best way to do this is to be confident, smile a lot, and make eye contact.

But you can take it even further and make a bold (but not too bold) move.

For example, you can go up to the man you like, put your hand on his shoulder or knee and say something flirty like, “You look like you need some company!” Or, “Do you want to dance?”

This bold move will get his attention and make him wonder what you’re like and whether you’re young and energetic enough for him.

Trust me, the first impression can get an older man’s head spinning with desire!

Once you’ve achieved that, the rest will be easy.

So: focus on a strong first impression and you’ll be on the best path to seducing a guy!

And if you need help seducing him?

6) Show off your body and dress well

As we’ve already discussed, one way to seduce an older man is by dressing in a way that’s more flattering than you might normally do.

But that’s not all you should do: you should also make sure that you’re always well-groomed and dressed nicely.

Hair and nails are obvious things to keep up to date, but you can also make sure that your skin is always smooth and your teeth are polished.

And when it comes to what you wear, dresses that show off your legs and cleavage are often best when you want to seduce an older man.

A good way to make sure that you’re always looking good and ready to seduce any man is to create a daily beauty routine and a daily style routine.

Daily beauty routines can include things like brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your face, and moisturizing your skin.

Daily style routines can include things like making sure your nails are always clean and cut and your bag or purse is always in good condition: no holes, stains, or broken zippers.

Now: when it comes to which outfits to wear, you will need to find a balance yet again.

You want to wear things that show off your curves and look attractive, but by all means, should you avoid looking cheap or slutty.

Trust me, especially older men like it when a woman can convince them with her beauty without being scandalous.

So: wear dresses, skirts, and tight jeans that show off your legs and cleavage, but avoid being overly revealing.

And finally: if you’re worried about not looking attractive enough or not being able to seduce an older man because you’re not in the best shape right now?

7) Find out what he likes in women

pexels kindel media 7935863 How to seduce an older man if you're a much younger woman

One way to find out what an older man likes in women is to ask him outright.

You can do this by saying, “So, what do you like in a woman?” This question is a good way to get him to talk about what he finds attractive and to find out what you need to do to seduce him.

Another way to find out what he likes in women is to read articles and watch TV shows and movies where older men are attracted to younger women.

By reading these articles and watching these shows, you can find out exactly what these men are looking for and what you need to change to be more attractive to them.

However, this is such a personal thing that I’d focus on the guy in question in your own life.

See what he reads, what he talks about, who he’s friends with and simply use all that info to create your own personal profile of what he’s looking for.

This way you’ll know exactly how to seduce him.

Wanna know the best way to get him to fall for you? I’ll talk about it in my next point:

8) Ask for his help or opinion

Another way to find out what an older man likes in women is to ask him for help or his opinion.

You can ask for his advice about your career, money, or other serious topics, which are all common interests for older men and younger women.

Asking for his help is a great way to make him feel like a strong man who can protect you and be there for you.

He’ll feel great about helping you and once a man is asked for help or his opinion, he is immediately more attracted to the woman who asked him about that!

Once he’s attracted, it’s all about finding common ground:

9) Find common interests

To seduce an older man, you need to make him understand that you aren’t so different, after all.

This is why you need to find common interests, hobbies, and even passions that you can share together.

If you love hiking and he loves going to the gym, then those are obviously passions that you can share.

You can also talk about books or movies that you both like and find out if there are any other similar interests or passions that you have in common.

When looking for common ground with an older man, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about him.

You have your own life too! So don’t forget to share things about yourself with him as well!

However, try to find common interests so that he is distracted from the fact that you have a gigantic age difference!

10) Make him feel young again

Last but not least, a surefire way to seduce an older man is to make him feel like a young man again.

This is why you should treat him with respect and be very polite.

Show him that you’re mature and independent, but also that you’re a woman who knows how to seduce a man.

You can do this by flirting, teasing, or simply being nice to him.

In the end, an older man wants someone who can take care of his needs and make him feel good.

He wants someone who will be his wife or girlfriend and make him feel like he’s still in his twenties!

Go on spontaneous dates with him or take an impromptu trip to a different city together. Anything spontaneous and slightly reckless will remind him of his own youth!

Final thoughts

Just remember that there are many ways to seduce an older man! Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure it all out right away!

If you follow these tips, I can almost guarantee that a man will fall for you!

In the end, you have so much to offer, never forget that!

Good Luck!

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