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How to seduce a married man physically: 10 key steps

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If you are interested in seducing a married man, but don’t want to do the emotional work, then this article is for you!

This article is going to deal with how to seduce a married man physically.

The following 10 steps will give you the tools and techniques needed at your disposal when it comes time for seducing a married man.

Let’s start digging, shall we?

1) Dress very sexy when you’re alone with him


If I were in your shoes, I would apply some make up and wear an outfit that shows off my best assets.

But you don’t have to look like a sex object.

Another way to make a man think he’s gained the attention of a hot woman is to wear sexy lingerie or a very revealing outfit while you’re alone with him.

If a married man is going out of his way to talk to you and he’s coming on too strong, then consider that he might be interested in more than just friendship.

If that is the case, then by all means tease him with your sex appeal.

A lot of guys are turned off when women come on too strong but some married men are turned on by it.

2) Compliment him on his appearance

If you think a man is attractive, then don’t be afraid to compliment him on it.

There is no reason for you to feel shy about noticing that a man has a nice body or nice face.

You don’t have to compliment him in a sexual way, but do make sure that your compliments are actually genuine and not just thrown out there to be mean.

A lot of times a woman will be really nice to a man and he’ll think she’s sincere.

But she’s really just trying to seduce him.

3) Use your body language to convey your needs

You can use your body language to convey that you want him.

If he’s sitting across from you and you’re leaning towards him, then that will show that you want him.

Or if your body is parallel to his, then he’ll know that there is interest there.

Don’t be afraid to touch his hands or even rest your hand on his shoulder when you pose for a photo together.

Touching can say a lot about how interested the other person is and it will definitely let the man know that you want him in your life.

A lot of women don’t know how to use their body language in the right way when it comes to seducing a married man.

But you do, so make sure to use your body language to convey your need without coming across as needy.

4) Lick and bite your lip

This is a very effective way of seducing a married man physically.

It’s such a seductive gesture and it works every time.

A lot of women do this naturally and don’t even realize it’s an attention getting mechanism.

So the next time you’re in his presence, lick your lips and bite them gently.

A lot of times a man will be so turned on that he’ll start kissing you.

A married man will think you’re flirting with him if you lick your lips and bite your lip during conversation.

Use that to your advantage.

If you want a man to think you’re flirting with him, then suck on the inside of your mouth or chew on the outside of your lower lip when talking to him.

It seems like such a small thing but it does make a difference in the way a person looks at you.

5) Keep asking questions

Questions are the best aphrodisiacs.

A lot of men love to talk about themselves, but asking questions will make him feel very important and make him want to flirt back with you.

So ask him a lot of questions.

He’ll love the attention and he might love the fact that you’re interested in what he has to say.

It could lead to some flirtatious banter and even a sexual encounter if you stay with him long enough.

So make small talk with him while you’re out at parties or dinners.

Ask him questions about his marriage, what he likes or dislikes about his wife, etc.

You want to get as much information out of him as you possibly can.

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Eventually, you’re going to come across some sort of weakness that you can use against him.

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6) Smile at him in a seductive way


Smiling will make a man think you’re flirting with him and that’s very attractive.

While you’re smiling at him, make sure you also present a look of desire by pursing your lips in a seductive way.

This can be done by pulling your bottom lip away from your teeth and using your tongue to wet it.

It is important that you don’t smile too broadly while doing this because he might not realize what you’re doing.

If he doesn’t realize that you’re flirting, then he will be able to misinterpret the way you are smiling at him.

Keep in mind that a man might need some time to read your facial expressions. So when you’re talking to a married man, be careful not to smile too broadly.

7) Ask him to help you zip your dress

Do you really need help getting your dress zipped?

No, I mean do you really want a married man to help you?

If this is the case, then just tell him that you’d like him to zip it for you.

It gives you an excuse to be physically close to the man.

And while you’re being physically close to him, talk softly and sensually into his ear.

If he doesn’t hear everything you’re saying, then he will want to lean in closer so he can hear what you have to say.

When that happens, start talking into his ear even more seductively than before.

He will feel good about helping a woman and his mind will soon think about how he can seduce her.

8) Seduce him by dancing with him

If you dance with a man, he will start to feel more confident physically around you.

And, if you move your body in a sexual way while you’re dancing with him then, he will start to want to take things further.

This step is about seducing a married man physically.

So, don’t dance like you would at a wedding reception; think sexy Latin dancing like salsa or ballroom dancing like tango or waltz.

The point of this step is to be very sexy and move your body in the way that makes it easy for him to embrace and touch you accordingly

9) Get a drink and brush his arm

This is a very subtle gesture that you can use to make a man feel good.

When you see a man across the room, get an alcoholic drink and find a way to bump into him when he’s drinking.

Basically, if a man sees you, then brush his arm with your elbow.

Playfully say hi and ask him if he’s free to talk.

If he says no go have your drink and have someone else make eye contact with him later on.

A lot of married men are turned on by women that are friendly enough to bump into them when they’re having a drink, but too shy to approach them.

10) Whisper to seduce him

If you’re done with the subtle approaches, then it might be time for you to talk a little louder and whisper something romantic or sexual into his ear.

A lot of women don’t like doing this because they’re afraid of how the married man will react.

But if he likes what he hears then he will flatter you even more and make it obvious by his body language that he wants to be seduced.

A lot of the time, a man will be really turned on by a woman that tells him she wants to kiss him while whispering it in his ear.


It’s easy to seduce a married man, but you have to be careful and do it cautiously.

If you are going to be with a married man, then you need to know that he is going to be there for you.

After all, you don’t want to be a cheater, you want to be a good person and you definitely don’t want to destroy a man because of what he wants.

So do your research and if you know that this is what you want and why, then go for it.

If you really want to understand what men want from a relationship, check out this excellent free video by Carlos Cavallo.

Just remember always to tell him what it is that you are looking for before anything happens between the two of you.

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