How to overcome frustration with life: A personal story

I used to be so frustrated with life, and I know I’m not alone.

It drove me crazy because it never made sense. I come from a very supportive family. I have wonderful friends. I’m secure in my abilities and accomplishments.

Yet I was incredibly frustrated with life. I always felt my achievements were never enough. The relationships in my life didn’t give me a warm feeling inside.

Can you relate to this experience?

I’ve got a personal story I want to share with you….

I experienced a massive realization about why I was so frustrated, and it’s changed my life in a very profound way.

The shaman Rudá Iandé helped me turn my psychological frustration with life into one of my greatest strengths. His insights are relevant to all of us.

In this article, I’m going to share my major realization about where my frustrations in life come from, why so many of us are psychological frustrated and how you can turn your frustration with life into your most powerful ally.

Let’s begin with my major realization.

My expectations were the root of my frustration

Psychological frustration happens when we don’t get what we want or need from life. The more entitled you feel, the more frustration you probably experience.

This simple observation helped me realize that the root cause of my frustration with life came because I always wanted more than I had in that moment.

I realized that my expectations were making me frustrated.

I imposed such strict standards on myself, and it made satisfaction in the present moment very elusive.

The sad thing is that I’m far from alone with experiencing frustration with life. According to the National Health Interview Survey, 10.1 percent of people feel sadness most of the time, 6.1 percent feel hopeless regularly and 5.1 percent of people feel worthless.

These are devastating figures and show that this feeling of frustration is much more common than most people realize.

Why are so many of us feeling psychologically frustrated? Are we all imposing expectations that we can’t achieve in the present moment?

To answer this question, I turned to the wisdom of my good friend Rudá Iandé.

The devastating results of a discord between humans and nature

Ever since I met Iandé four years ago in New York City, he has been teaching me a number of fundamental principles about how to live a life of purpose and meaning.

His teachings aren’t what you would expect. He doesn’t provide a quick-fix solution. Rather, he’s an extraordinarily profound individual who takes you on a journey, connecting with your own deeper nature.

YouTube video

In his teachings is a powerful insight about the current state of humanity.

According to Iandé, our problems begin when we see ourselves as separate from nature.

So many people live their lives with the distinct feeling that the being within themselves is distinct from the world outside. They believe their intelligence, values and feelings are different from the mechanical processes that exist ourselves themselves in other people and in nature.

The result is that we confuse the world as it is with the world as we think about it, as we describe it to each other with words and symbols.

We use these words and symbols to create expectations of ourselves and other people.

And these expectations are the source of an immense amount of psychological frustration.

Iandé has helped me to see myself in a much more profound way. I now understand that I am much more than someone deeply connected with nature. I am nature, and when I act in life, I’m nature is expressing itself through me.

This simple yet profound insight has completely changed my life. I no longer experience the same levels of psychological frustration. There’s a deeper connection between the world I experience in words and symbols, and the world as it really is.

It’s an incredible feeling, and it’s something that you too can experience (perhaps you already are).

I’ll share how you can do this.

Living your life free from concepts

Rudá Iandé is a shaman. He takes on about ten individual clients per year, and a few years ago I was one of those lucky people who got to experience his profound insights and revolutionary tools for shifting my consciousness.

Earlier this year, we decided to join forces in making his teachings available to the Ideapod community.

The result: Out of the Box, a 16 week online workshop.

Rudá has put together decades of knowledge and experience into a program that helps you to break free from the concepts shaping how you interact with the world so that you can live your life out of the box.

It’s a profound program and we’re running it for a small group of 30 people. Every week the participants receive videos and written material by Rudá, quizzes that take you into a deeply introspective state of mind, exercises to integrate knowledge into practice and challenges to push your limits.

This all happens inside the Ideapod Academy where we provide a private social network for the participants to share their feedback and meet each other in an intimate environment. You’ll end up connecting with a new tribe.

Out of the Box is a workshop designed to help you build a deeper connection with yourself so that nature can express itself through you. It’s difficult to explain because the experience is beyond words, which is precisely the point.

By participating in Out of the Box, you’ll be provided with the knowledge and tools to live life from a very powerful place, connecting with the mystery and magic of life.

What’s life like for me now?

Over the past four years, I’ve been taught much of the knowledge and tools provided in Out of the Box.

What’s life like for me now?

I’m living my life with a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace.

I still experience frustration in life. I get anxious. I’m insecure about some thing.

But the difference is that now I see my frustrations, anxieties and insecurities in a different way. They have become the fuel to my fire. They create life force within me.

I feel like it’s easier to identify collective illusions all around me. I see people living with masks.

I’m less judgmental of this. I notice that I still wear masks from time to time. I’m less judgmental of myself and more accepting of my own limitations.

It’s a beautiful way to live life. I feel more connected with people around me. I understand my own limitations and live within them, rather than living my life based on illusions of grandeur.

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