How to manifest your soulmate during menstruation

Have you been wanting to meet your other half, but you end up being with the wrong ones?

You’re probably exhausted although you’re doing it, you can’t seem to be with someone who can set your soul on fire.

What if you can do something meaningful, manifest your soulmate in life and desires through your menstrual cycle? Yes, it’s possible!

Keep reading to know how you can plug into the power of your monthly period to manifest the one you’re destined to be with.

12 ways to manifest your soulmate through your menstrual period

By manifesting you can step out and design the life you dream of. The Universe will give you the person you need in your life – your soulmate.

So if you’re searching for true love, you can apply these manifestation steps to your life.

Let’s go over this life-changing information so you can be in harmony with your menstrual cycle.

1) Be in tune with your beautiful female body

Know that your menstrual cycle is your superpower  – and you have to be in alignment with that.

When you’re out of alignment, you’ll feel frustrated, insecure, and overwhelmed. You’ll also miss out on the beautiful, unique phase of your cycle.

So, you’ve got to embrace when you’re ovulating as that’s when you’ll see that you have this amazing glow.

You have to embrace yourself as you will attract people with the characteristics you possess.

2) Connect with your divine feminine being

When you manifest consciously, you’ll get to experience a level of joy.

And this starts by being present and authentic, doing with the right intention, and finally, having the desires you want.

This is about believing in yourself and being the person you want to be. For when you’re with your state of being, you’ll get to manifest the right way.

But what if you could change the way to manifest your soulmate through your menstruation phase.

The truth is, most of us never realize the power and potential that lies within us.

We get stuck and entangled by continuous conditioning from society, the media, our education system, and more.

The result?

The reality we create gets disconnected from the reality that lives within our consciousness.

I learned this information (and much more) from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandé. In this excellent free video, Rudá explains how you can get back to the core of your being by lifting those mental chains.

A word of caution – he isn’t your typical shaman. He doesn’t even paint a pretty picture or pushes toxic positivity as so many other gurus do.

Instead, Rudá will be going to force you to look inwards so you can confront the demons within. It’s a powerful approach that truly works.

So if you’re ready to take this first step, align your dreams with your reality, and manifest your soulmate – there’s no better place to start than with Rudá’s unique technique.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

3) Respect your feminine energy

This isn’t about your looks or behavior, but it’s about connecting with the innate part of your being.

It means using your strength and every aspect of your cyclical nature to benefit you. This allows you to manifest and achieve your personal, professional, romantic, and spiritual goals.

While it seems vague and mysterious, when your hormones are balanced, you can get to align your activities with the magic and wisdom in your cycle.

Here’s the thing:

Manifesting your soulmate is keeping your vibrations high enough to send a message to the Universe that, yes, I want my soulmate to be part of my life.

4) Practice self-love

Loving yourself might sound cliché but it’s the fundamental way of attracting genuine love in your life.

Self-love is a beautiful journey of self-discovery, acceptance, healing, and trust in your authentic self.

When you love yourself deeply, you become more deserving and worthy of receiving love – and this opens your heart to receiving true love from your soulmate.

5) Don’t obsess with being in a relationship

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Finding your soulmate shouldn’t be stressful. And you shouldn’t get in a relationship with anyone who comes along just to feel loved.

When you worry about finding someone, you’re giving off a negative vibration that creates more loneliness in your life.

Try to practice positive love affirmations daily to raise your vibrations. Believe that love is coming into your life.

You have to believe in your ability to manifest your soulmate and trust that the Universe is working it out for you.

6) Write and visualize your ideal relationship

You can make the “ask and you shall receive” quote work for you.

The key here is to be clear about what you want from the Universe to manifest your soulmate.

It’s not about writing the physical characteristics of the person, but it’s about these important things:

  • The kind of relationship you want
  • The reason why you want this relationship
  • How do you want the relationship to make you feel

Here’s a tip: Instead of using “I want” or “I wish,” write in the present tense as if you’re already with your soulmate.

For example, my soulmate loves me unconditionally and with him, I feel happy and fulfilled. Our relationship is filled with warmth, joy, and passion.

7) Focus on the feelings of your relationship

Here’s a secret.

When you’re visualizing, you have to feel all the emotions in your body. While doing this is the hardest part, it’s one where you become a vibrational match to love.

It’s about making believe with your mind.

This makes your subconscious believe that what you are feeling is already a reality for you.

The key here is to raise your vibrations to the frequency of love and happiness. By doing this, you’ll get to attract your soulmate as you’re sharing that same frequency.

8) Move on from your past relationships

If you’ve been in toxic relationships in the past, you could be holding on to the pain, anger, sadness, guilt, or heartache that comes with it.

It’s time that you let go of emotions and people that no longer serve you well. For when you keep holding on to that negativity, you’ll find yourself experiencing the same patterns over and over again.

Don’t allow anything to hold you back from manifesting your soulmate.

The key here is to practice forgiveness.

Forgive yourself and those who have wronged you. By forgiving, you’re freeing yourself from all the emotional baggage that keeps you stuck.

9) Let nothing distract you

If you want to manifest your soulmate successfully, accept that you can’t settle for anything less.

When you fall for physical attraction, it can hurt your self-worth and might leave you feeling more lonely.

Make sure you’re not busy wasting your time and energy over the wrong ones.

Here’s the thing: what you tolerate is what you manifest more of.

So make sure to stay focused on your soulmate and the relationship you seek to manifest.

10) Keep track of your cycle

ability2 How to manifest your soulmate during menstruation

Not every woman tracks their monthly cycles.

But since it’s part of our physical experience, try keeping track of your cycle from Day 1 of your last bleed to the last day before your bleed.

For it’s through cyclical body awareness that you’ll get to be in tune with higher wisdom and take aligned action.

This helps you manifest your intentions as it gives you the power to create whatever you desire.

11) Get into the right relationship with your monthly phase

Society labels the menstruation phase as hormonal and unstable. No wonder, most of us have this complicated relationship with our bleed.

But the thing is, our menstrual phase is the strongest time for intuition. And it’s the most sacred time for creating a powerful connection with the Earth and the cosmos.

During your menstruation phase, it’s when you can be in tune more easily with the Divine nature. And you can take time to get your inner world right.

12) Embrace the sacred power of your menstrual cycle

Most women feel at a loss around their cycle.

Here’s an important thing you have to know:

Our womb is the most mystical, magical, and sacred space where we can manifest and co-create anything we want in our lives.

Yes, that includes manifesting your soulmate!

That’s when the soul meets the body, and consciousness moves into physical form.

Having this wisdom lets you connect with being vulnerable. And this vulnerability gives you the manifesting energy of the Divine Feminine.

The key to manifesting your soulmate lies in your cycle. This menstrual cycle maps us to move from intention to goal, and conscious creation with the Universe.

Here are the phases of our cycle:

  • The Menstrual Phase (bleeding)
  • The Follicular Phase (the body produces more estrogen)
  • Ovulation Phase (fertile window and release of the mature egg)
  • Luteal Phase (after Ovulation the lining prepares for the bleed)

Understand that these four phases of our cycle help you tap into incredible powers of intuition, healing, creation, manifestation, and accomplishment.

Make manifestation work for you

With this information, you can start tapping into the manifestation power of your menstrual cycle.

Keep this in mind: Conscious manifestation begins with the energy of being or your feminine, so you must stay in check with your feelings.

Manifesting your soulmate should feel good. And you have to work in alignment to get in the flow a lot easier.

The key here is to believe in yourself and never give up – no matter what you’re manifesting. Even if it seems that nothing is working, keep going and move forward. Have unwavering faith in what’s possible for you.

Tap into the opportunity of what being a woman means.

Believe that you’re granted immense intuition – so make sure you honor it. Instead of buying into societal programming, be on your cycle.

If manifesting your soulmate through your menstrual period seems overwhelming or feels brand new, that’s fine. Just listen to your being.

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